Mancala 134
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Alias Mancala
Origin Unknown
Occupation Ben's robot butler (formerly), Evil rouge robot
Status Presumably Deceased
Skills Above-average intelligence, super strength, invisibility, speed, immortality, can remove limbs, shape-shifting, size-shifting
Hobby Killing and experimenting on humans, trying to kill Ben and the Pasta Monsters, turning innocent people into his robotic slaves
Goals Destroy all life
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I am not one of those petty Proxies. I exist only to end your life. I am your darkest secret, your greatest fear. I am your Devil. I know that you are unaware of what you've done.. But soon I will remind you. You have to face the evil you have wrought upon yourself. You have to learn about the horrible things that you have done. And when you've finally found out about the horrible truth... I will shut you down.. Forever. ''
~ Mancala's secret message

Mancala is an evil robot created by Enderman (although it was later revealed he was created by BEN and the old Mancala was a failed prototype). He is a major antagonist of Pasta Monsters and arguably the secondary main antagonist (even though he doesn't appear often).


Beginning his Assault

After being created by Enderman to destroy the proxies, he grew increasingly hateful of BEN and his focusing on comics. Eventually, when the machines rose up against humanity, he killed BEN and made a suit of his flesh. However a few pockets of human resistance remained, fighting the machines with magic, a force that they could not understand or combat. But when Jeff forced BEN to review Warriors #1, creating a rip in hypertime, Mancala ended up in BEN’s computer. He set out to claim BEN’s magic gun, a source of great magical power, so he could study it and use it to wipe out human life in every universe. However Mancala had killed his universe’s BEN too quickly for his taste and wanted to draw out his destruction and make him suffer this time. After BEN’s review of Superman vs. the Terminator, Jeff tried to contact BEN, only to realize that he was talking to Mancala.


During BEN's review of Countdown #1, Mancala first shut off the lights trying to disrupt the review, but this just made BEN ecstatic that he could stop. After BEN’s list of the top 15 things wrong with Countdown, Mancala brought the Countdown comics to life, creating a dangerous monster that almost destroyed BEN. However a vision of Harley Quinn encouraged him to keep fighting and he won using the Dragon Dagger. Later on, after Cable retreated from his fight with BEN, Mancala killed him, wanting the pleasure of killing BEN for himself. On another occasion, the Continuity Alarm cried “I KNOW WHO HE IS! I KNOW WHAT HE’S AFTER!” before exploding. BEN looked over what remained of it in confusion as Mancala noted that BEN had one less machine to abuse.

Soon after this, when Laughing Jack was running off to get his show back, when Mancala killed him, turning him back into a Black Lantern zombie to serve him. After the commando of Doom declared guns were for sissies during BEN’s review of Doom #1, BEN threw his magic gun away, heartbroken. Mancala made a move for it, but BEN showed up and reclaimed it. Later, during BEN’s review of Extreme Super Christmas Special #1, he was being harassed by Christmas ghosts throughout. However Mancala showed up, wearing a cloak, so BEN assumed he was the Ghost of Christmas Future. But he pointed at Jeff with his robotic hand, saying the day of reckoning was at hand, before hitting BEN in the face and retreating. Mancala later took over BEN’s show to review Ultimates Volume 3, telling the fans he burned his hands on a hotplate, which was why he was wearing gloves. At the end of the review, Mancala began insulting the fans in an attempt to turn BEN’s fans against him. However BEN walked in on him and the two faced off for the first time.

But after BEN’s review of Youngblood #1, he and Mancala resumed their face off. BEN knocked him out with his Magic Gun, but Mancala recovered, taking him down, and BEN demanded to know what was going on. Mancala then revealed he was a version of Pollo and knocked him out. He then tied BEN to a chair as he searched his coat for his magic gun until BEN finally woke up. Mancala told him his backstory, but revealed that he didn’t destroy the Continuity Alarm. Mancala continued to search the coat with some difficulty due to the fact that it had numerous magic pockets, while he gave BEN Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 to read. Mancala eventually found the gun, but BEN cut himself free with the Dragon Dagger and attacked Mancala with it. However Mancala quickly overpowered BEN, overcoming everything BEN threw at him.

Slenderman, Ms. P, and Jeff came to BEN’s aid but only managed to damage Mancala's covering of flesh to reveal his cybernetic eye and damaging his shape shifting. They retreated, leaving BEN on his own and he tried to flee, encountering Black Lantern Laughing Jack. He managed to make Jack snap out of it by making him angry, but Jack punched him and left, leaving him at Mancala’s mercy. However as he managed to badly wound BEN, BEN pulled a Power Morpher out of his coat and morphed, getting his coat and hat back, healing himself, and becoming stronger. As the two continued to fight, Jeff showed up and BEN managed to get him to help. Jeff managed to hack Mancala’s systems because their systems were the same and BEN took the opportunity to blast Mancala with his BFG, apparently destroying him. However Enderman teleported Mancala away and began torturing him with electricity for cutting his hair earlier.

Joining Zalgo

Mancala remained as Enderman’s prisoner for some time, until he was repaired and joined Lord Zalgo. They made a deal, Mancala would help Zalgo in exchange for the conqueror sparing his universe. Mancala questioned why they didn’t just launch an all out assault, but Zalgo explained that he had limited resources and he didn’t want to alert the Slenderman now that he’d tracked it down. Mancala told him that sending the The Rake was the wrong approach and they should try a more psychological approach, using a force BEN used and trusted, magic. Zalgo did so using the tortured spirit used in the creation of BEN’s magic gun and almost drove BEN insane, but BEN overcame this. Mancala was enraged by the failure of this plan and tried to convince Zalgo that a second attempt would work. However Zalgo decided that it was time for a more direct approach and revealed that BEN was going to upgrade Mancala. Eventually Mancala attacked BEN, breaking his morpher when he tried to morph. He declared that Zalgo’s upgrades had made him more powerful than ever before and easily stopped Ms. P from hacking into him again. Jane The Killer tried to help, but Ms. P engaged her while Mancala continued to attack BEN. However BEN revealed new additions to his arsenal and revealed that he’d anticipated Mancala’s return, thus he’d been adding to his arsenal. He unveiled a new Zeonizer morpher and morphed, granting himself a white suit with gold patterns like the Zeo Ranger suits. managed to easily knock out Mancala then went to help Jane The Killer, but Mancala managed to take the coin form BEN’s broken morpher. Calling on its power, he grew to gigantic size and began rampaging through the city, but BEN took command of Neutro, using it to destroy Mancala, leaving only his hand behind.

To Proxy Mountain

Mancala returned, gaining Proxy Death, but couldn't figure out how to use its powers, so he allied himself with The Rake and Enderman. He murdered several people of Ben's old friends and tehn trapped Ben inside the mansion's closet (with Chinese handcuffs). When Jeff summoned all the other proxies using President Bush's transporter to aid in his space quest, Mancala was taken in Ben's place. Aside from some suspicions on the part of CR and Lupa, no one figured out that he wasn't Ben, despite his doing little to nothting to hide his robotic voice and evil intentions.

When Mancala was discovered by Jane The Killer talking to Rake and Enderman, he forcefully assimilated her into a becoming his henchgirl. The two later forcefully assimilate Hoodie into a Robocop like android when he (rather idiotically) spied on them. Only Sally noticed anything amiss.

Mancala lead Jane and Robo-Hoodie to kill the crew after they activate the ship to deny oxygen to the main bridge. As he planted bombs all over the mansion, he was confronted by Jefrera, Plague Doctor and Widemouth who battled Jane and Robo-Hoodie while Widemouth attempted to strike Mancala down with a sword. Widemouth tossed Plague Docoter a thermal detonator to use against Mancala who, surprisingly, swallowed the bomb when The Plague Doctor threw it at him. Plague Doctor managed to break through to Robo-Hoodie who revealed his face (although not to the audience), driving Jane The Killer to scream, waking up the Proxies.

The crew saved Jeff and others looked over Mancala while Jeff taunted him for not being so tough. Despite being somewhat damaged, particularly on his face, revealing his robotics, Mancala threatened to kill them all. Being rather dim as usual, The Rake unintentionally revealed over Mancala's communicator that he will betray Mancala. In his anger, Mancala attempted to kill everyone in the ship until but BEN (who somehow got out of the handcuffs) sliced Mancala in half, damaging his shape-shifting Chrystal. Mancala was now cut in half only having one arm. Ben proceeds the kick Mancala out the window.

Later in the special, as the ship the proxies were in was under attack. Jefrera went to activate the blast cannon when Mancala attacked her, still cut in two. Mancala went to the deck where all the proxies where and reveled he (due to his shapeshifting crystal getting cut in two) became a single abomination. Having Laughing Jacks left hand and The Rake's right, Jeff's left leg and BEN's right leg, Zalgo's chest and his own head, also being 11 feet taller. He attacked them and easily beat them all. BEN 1as able and beat Mancala by decapitating him and placing a sonic bomb on his head and gave the detonator to Widemouth, telling him not to turn it off. BEN threw Mancala's head in space.

Mancala got aboard Rake and Enderman's craft and attempted to seek revenge, taking out several of their goons and slamming Enderman's head repeatedly against a couch. His revenge was cut short when Enderman and Rake's craft was shot down with the Jeff's ultimate weapon (a Spiny Shell from the Mario Kart games), causing them to crash into Zalgo's massive  DeathStar-esque bomb/space station. While the three survived, they are killed when Sally curiously triggered the thermal detonator inside Mancala's head.


In a new special simply called The Pit, Mancala returns through his crystal (which apparently still works). BEN senses his return and alerts Slenderman, who dismisses it. Mancala crashes on Earth as the crystal and sneaked into the mansion and stole another exoskeleton that mysteriously lives in BEN's "secret box" (which appears to be filled with French porn). He begins his assault by attacking down-town Dark World with a new robot army.

Later on, Enderman and The Rake teams up with him and say their sorry about last time (Enderman still plans on betraying him). Mancala accepts and continues his rampage.

Back at Proxy Mansion, The Proxies suit up for a battle, they have a meeting and BEN reveals that while Enderman did the design, BEN created Mancala's main body, revealing BEN (in a way) is the true creator of Mancala. At that moment, Enderman bursts in and traps Laughing Jack, Sally, Smile Dog, Eyeless Jack and even Slenderman in tubes. He attempts to capture BEN but BEN's simply teleports out. Mancala walks in and his robot army attacks the proxies, they are able to fend the robots off but fail to save their kidnapped friends. The villains fly out, taking the kidnapped Proxies with them. Just when all hope is lost, BEN finds scans the robots bodies and says he may have a clue to where their going.

It reveals Enderman, Mancala and The Rake are hiding in a train station, holding the kidnapped proxies hostage. Mancala is planning to finally destroy life and leave the the Human world and the Dark world a toxic wasteland. Along with this Enderman asks him is he'll live to which Mancala sarcastically he will. After tormenting and mocking the hostages about their upcoming death, the villains leave on a mission to kidnap President Bush

Meanwhile, BEN sends Jeff and Jefrera to the hideout to investigate. When they get in there no one seems to be there. BEN apologizes and says he gave them to wrong location. However, all the doors close and windows shut and yellow poison gas (which appears to be mustard gas) enters the room. Jeff cowers in the corner and covers his mouth. Jefrera starts coughing and holding her stomach (suggesting the gas is giving her abdominal pain). BEN, via com links, yells for Jefrera to get the gas masks which are behind a small glass case. Jefera runs in the gas, her eyes burning and coughing violently. She eventually gets the masks and she and Jeff put them on and return to the mansion.

Back with the villains, Mancala breaks into the mansion at night and kidnaps Bush. Mancala reveals the mission was never about kidnapping; it was about murder. He brutally beats Bush presumably to death (which seems to disturb Enderman and The Rake). He then picks up Bush and shoves him in Enderman's car's trunk and the villains drive away.

Back at the mansion, BEN discovers that the poison gas actually was a trap and that Mancala counted on them mistaking another station. Just then Mancala attacks the mansion yet again and this time subdues the proxies easily by knocking them out.

BEN wakes up upside down with the others over a vat of acid in the train station. Mancala appears and thanks them for going without a fight and chuckles mockingly. After pointless banter between Mancala and BEN, Mancala reveals that he will assume a new form; President Bush. He then reveals he killed Bush, making BEN seething with anger. He transforms into Bush and leaves with The Rake and Enderman. Suddenly, the vat of acid releases sulfur gas from it that goes towards the proxies. Jefrera coughs weakly, say she doesn't think her lungs can take anymore gas. BEN simply teleports off the trap and releases them. The Proxies run off and see The Rake and Enderman lying outside the hideout. They reveal that Mancala betrayed and tortured them. Enderman agrees to team up to beat Mancala, but once their done, he'll go back to trying to kill them.

The Proxies return to the Human World and discover that Mancala (as Bush) gave has launched a missile into space towards to sun, which will activate a solar storm of devastating magnitude, leaving the Earth (and the entire galaxy, it seems) destroyed. They begin to fight but Mancala and his robots single-handedly beat the Proxies. As the proxies lie on the ground in pain, Mancala brags about how the world will no longer exist and taunts them about how he'll finish them off in brutal ways. He starts by stomping on BEN's head, slowly crushing his skull. He then tells BEN to say hello to President Bush. Just then a voice yells "Hey, That's me!". Then Bush swings on a vine a la Tarzan and kills Mancala's minions with a machine gun. The then kicks Mancala with enough force to send him into space. Mancala's body hits to bomb, blowing him to pieces.

In an end credits scene, Mancala's body parts float in space, but his crystal falls into what appears to be possibly radioactive waste, the crystal fuses with the waste, implying Mancala may return, possibly as a much more powerful force.

Over the credits a long, garbling noise is heard and is set to a certain speed Mancala can be heard talking. Implying he will return, someday. 


Mancala is an extremely calm and composed individual, remaining an enigma to both enemies and allies alike throughout the series. As a result, not much is known of his true personality by anyone, although the comparison has been made on multiple occasions by multiple people that he and Ben share similar traits, such as an intense dislike to lose and are fiercely dedicated and, borderline obsessive in accomplishing their goals.

The epitome of an evil mastermind, Mancala is extremely clever, deceitful, manipulative, and calculating, never coming into view unless he has the complete advantage, and flees the moment that advantage is compromised. A master manipulator, he prefers to bait others into traps rather than directly confront them himself, and uses his robotic minions to their fullest extent, as they're often seen fighting in his stead. Throughout the first two seasons, for reasons which are entirely unclear, he is shown tirelessly working on recruiting new apprentices, setting his sights on both Ben and Jeff respectively. Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits their weaknesses and fears, and is not above blackmailing them into submission.

Mancala is scary, dangerous, and intimidating due to his evil and sadistic personality. He is so stubborn and determined on what's right in front of him which becomes his downfall. His stony disposition makes him seem all the more ruthless and unemotional.

He is also not above hurting or even murdering children as he holds Sally (who is 4 years old) in a vicious way so the Proxies would back off, swearing to kill her if they walked any closer, and he would have. 

Powers and Abilities

Mancala has many powers and abilities as shown:

  • Shape-Shifting (This is by far Mancala's favorite ability, he usually uses Shape-Shifting to infiltrate a building to go undercover for his evil plot. By far, Mancala can only turn into people rather than objects.) 
  • Telekinesis (Mancala has shown enough telekinetic skill to lift all the Proxies up magically, such as when he angrily "grabbed" them by their collars)
  • Hypnosis (Mancala has shown the ability to corrupt others and is skilled at magi-tech - he can even outright take control of someone's mind, though he prefers not to, as psychological torture seems more fun to him.)
  • Telepathy/possible Omniscience (Mancala was able to know all the strengths and weaknesses of the Proxies as well as their names, without ever having met them before)
  • Teleportation (Mancala is able to teleport from one place to another, although it takes a lot of energy out of him)
  • Object Creation (Mancala can make objects appear out of thin air. This only happens once.)
  • Levitation (Mancala is able to float in the air)  
  • Replication (Mancala can create copies of himself)
  • Appendage Generation (Mancala can grow extra body parts)
  • Anatomical Liberation (Mancala can make parts of his body come apart, and is able to move them while detached so)
  • Enhanced Strength (Mancala may not look as strong as he does, but he's strong enough to pick up a car and easily throw humans across a room)
  • Enhanced Hearing (Mancala was able to hear from far away, as shown with Enderman)
  • Weather Manipulation (Mancala is able manipulate the weather by making rain clouds go crazy, causing thunder storms)
  • Gravity Manipulation (Mancala is able to make things float into the air, and making objects lighter or heavier)
  • Immortality (Mancala seems to be immortal, however, the only way to kill him is to crush his purple crystal. However,the crystal in question can till bring immortality if split in half and so far, even a bomb can't destroy it.)


  • Mancala appears at the end of the DVD of The Chain Mail, where he is seen recovering Proxy Death, foreshadowing his future appearance in xcomickitty’s 4th Anniversary Special To Proxy Mountain.
  • When Zalgo returned in Bush's new body, everyone believed it to be Mancala since the possessor was channeled through Mancala's hand, but Zalgo eventually revealed himself.
  • According to xcomickitty and others commentary, xcomickittyx was very protective of the character and insisted that he never be used just for a gag. As such, in To Proxy Mountain, he is the only villain in the entire special who is never used for laughs. The only comedy that comes from his actions are how others react to them.
  • In the cast commentary, xdikspryx revealed that he knows how Mancala will be brought back to life if he ever does decide to do it and will film something to explains his resurrection.
  • Mancala, along with Zalgo and Grinny, are the only villains in Pasta Monsters who are considered Complete Monster.
  • Mancala's design is PROXY from Star Wars. The reason for this is because xcomickittyx simply said she was lazy.
  • Xcomickittyx states Mancala is her favorite villain.
  • When asked what would happen if Mancala would have succeeded in destroying all life, xcomickittyx responded "Nothing. When he extinguishes all life, he'll either fade away himself, or simply stay motionless for all eternity. Mancala isn't a real living being, nor does it have a pure sentient mind. What does that mean? It means he's programmed like a computer, and cannot think outside of his goal. Mancala is not a being of destruction because destruction is, itself, a form of creation. Mancala is a being of Nothing. He is the End."