Maltruant is a minor villain in the Character What series, He is also a character from Ben 10: Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chronokinesis: Maltruant can manipulate and control time, by halting time, slowing down or speeding up time.
  • Time Rays: Maltruant can fire time rays from his hands
  • Time Travel: Maltruant can travel through time.
  • Time Portals: Maltruant can create time portals to anywhere in time.
  • Dowsing: Maltruant can dowse and locate powerful terms.
  • Dimension Jumping: Maltruant can travel between alternate dimensions.
  • Enhanced Strength: Maltruant is shown to be strong.
  • Space Survivability: Being robotic, Maltruant can survive in the vacuum of space.

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