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FOOLS! I have the crystal now.. And every last being in this universe will be consumed in darkness! HAAHAHAHA!! I am the supreme leader of the universe and you will bow down before me!
~ Malitch now possessing the crystal.

Malitch is a major antagonist in the webcomic Pastamonsters. He is the false antagonist in "The Chain Mail" and the main antagonist of the series finale, "Jeff and the Darkness". He is an immensely powerful wizard who means to bring about never-ending darkness by stealing the Umbra Crystal. 

He used to be partners with Zalgo, but Malitch attempted to betray him by killing him and taking over his army. His plan backfired when he was driven insane by the mere sight of Zalgo. From that day forward, Malitch lost all memory of who he was and his powers, and ended up living in a swamp. Following Zalgo's defeat, the memory spell put on Malitch was lifted and Malitch continued to pursue his dark goals and desires



Malitch (then named Mitch Blackheart) was born into an abusive family, with his father being the emperor of a planet-destroying organization. Malitch grew up with no friends or anyone to keep him company aside from the guards that patrolled his family's huge starship. As a child, he killed his abusive father's pet dog with a power drill; tortured his otherwise protective big sister; and had his girlfriend executed because she rejected him. Eventually however, Malitch had enough his his family's abuse and killed them all and took vengeance on his planet by destroying it and everyone within it. Thirsty for more destruction, Malitch took his parent's mantel and grew to be a feared wizard with a reputation of destroying planets.

Sometime after, Malitch became partners with the legendary demon Zalgo, who recently escaped banishment with the inadvertent help of the Unwanted House Guest. However, Malitch grew power hungry and eventually attempted to betray the demon by killing him and taking over his army. His plan backfired when he was driven insane by the mere sight of Zalgo. Zalgo laughed in victory as Shadowlurker asks Zalgo if he wants to have Malitch killed, but Zalgo decided to let Malitch live, as seeing him lose his sanity was satisfying enough. From that day forward, Malitch lost all memory of who he was and his powers, and ended up living in a swamp.

Time in the swamp

Malitch settled in a hut in a swamp with only a camel as his companion. During his years in the swamp, he lived off tree sap and tree sap only, but due to his insane personality, Malitch didn't seem to mind the poor conditions.

Sometime later, Malitch came into contact with the Proxies, a group of Slenderman's personally trained students. Led by Jeff the Killer, he and the gang prepare to fight Malitch, as they believe the prophecy of him destroying the universe will come true, but discover he is nothing but a tone-deaf, stupid old man. After a comedic display of antics, Malitch tells the Proxies that he was going to destroy Earth, but suddenly forgot who he was and gave up. Malitch does say that his memories are within the soup he is making in his bathtub. Although unwilling at first, Jeff sticks his head in the soup and discovers what had happened. Back in his prime days, Malitch used to be partners with Lord Zalgo, but Malitch attempted to betray him by killing him and taking over his army. His plan backfired when he was driven insane by the mere sight of Zalgo. From that day forward, Malitch lost all memory of who he was and his powers, and ended up living in a swamp. However, The prophecy still needed a person to cast the world into darkness and so predicted a creature of black and purple who would take Malitch's place, the creature in particular being Enderman. The Proxies, shocked by this reveal, race towards Mount Big, as Enderman is likely still out there. Malitch also reveals that Enderman can be defeated by a trophy atop Mount Big, which he also might be headed for and gives BEN mistletoe arrows and only says they will come in handy for later.

Return to Power

Years later, following the defeat of Lord Zalgo at the hands of Jeff and his allies, Malitch regained his memory as the curse Zalgo put on him had worn off. Along with his memory returned Malitch's insatiable lust for power and destruction. Malitch managed to round up all of his henchmen, get his ship back, and return to destroying planets.

Sometime later, Malitch sent his rhino guards to force a race of dwarfs to forge a magical staff for Malitch in order to use it to hold the Umbra Crystal. After the dwarfs presented the staff to Malitch himself, Malitch tested the staffs power by massacring them all, even after promising the dwarfs he wouldn't kill any of them. After slaughtering them, Malitch destroyed their planet using the staff before turning his attention to the Umbra Crystal.

Manipulating Sally Williams

Later, Malitch (dressed in dark robes with his face concealed), confronted a 10-year-old Proxy named Sally Williams, who recently has been upset with having to eventually leave all her friends. After sitting down against a tree, Sally wished for her time with the Proxies to last forever. Almost on cue, Malitch appears, telling Sally to follow him. She follows him into his small space shuttle. Once they are there, Malitch offers to help her make a "time bubble" that will make time stop, letting her time with the Proxies last as long as Sally wants it to. All she needs to do for him is retrieve the Umbra Crystal and gives her a compass to the crystal. At the prospect of more time with her friends, Sally agrees to this mission, unaware of the crystals importance. He tells her he will let her borrow his spaceship to get there quicker. Sally says that she will bring back "his" crystal and that he can count on her. As Sally drives away, Malitch says, "Be careful, dear! Be safe!" Then he says softly with an evil grin "while you can", and chuckles sinisterly.

Confronted by the Proxies

While on his massive Dreadnought, Malitch was informed by his commander that there were a group of people with the intention to overthrow him. Curious, Malitch ordered them to be brought into his throne room. After a very long trek across the starship, the Proxies and their friends are lead into a throne room guarded by stone rhino guards. Just as the rhinos walk towards them, they are called off by a figure in the shadows, who doesn't reveal himself as of yet. Ms. P wants to know who he is, but he says she will know in due time and questions why they have been interfering with his plans. Rick Bernstein says that the man is under arrest for the assassination of Princess Atta and attempted thievery of the Umbra Crystal. The man steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than Malitch, who shocks the other Proxies. Masky asks Malitch how he got his memory back since he lost it in his fight with Zalgo. Malitch tells them of how he regained his memory after Zalgo was killed. The Proxies object and say they are going to stop Malitch, but Mayor Bigmouth is welcoming of Malitch's tyranny and asks to be one of Malitch's henchmen, but Malitch uses magic to rip Bigmouth's face off and mount it on the wall, causing Bigmouth to panic. Malitch then tells the others that now that Zalgo is dead, he has returned arrived to take back what was rightfully his. He also told them that he had used most of his magic to create a magical barrier to keep Slenderman and his cohorts from interfering. Ms. P, however, fires a blast at Malitch, who created a shield to defend himself. In the skirmish that followed, Malitch easily held his own against Ms. P and the others, including President Bush and Rick. When all else seemed to fail, Ms. P tries to mind control Malitch, but his mind was too powerful to be broken through.

Malitch then casually demanded to know where Slenderman's apprentice was, and laughed as Ms. P implied that it was her. Malitch had heard rumors of Slenderman's apprentices' appearance and past feats, saying he was the one who destroyed the Squoomian galaxy, defeated Zalgo, and killed several of Malitch's highly trained guards. BEN accidentally let slip that the identity of Slenderman's apprentices name was Jeff and intrigued, Malitch declared he would finally have a worthy opponent for a legendary battle. Malitch demanded to know where Jeff was, but the Proxies said they didn't know. Despite this Malitch didn't believe him and arranged the torture and interrogation of Ticci Tobey and the imprisonment of the others.

Torturing the Proxies

Later, Ticci Tobey and Eyeless Jack are being brutally beaten by Malitch's rhino guards to get information out of them, but they both remain loyal to Jeff and refuse to talk. In response, Malitch has Clockwork (whom Tobey has feelings for) tortured, which angers Tobey. At this moment, a messenger comes in and says they have spotted Jeff on Earth. Malitch is pleased with his news and sends a group of his rhinos to kill Jeff, but he continues torturing Eyeless Jack in case this happens to be a ruse.

Later on, Ms. P being forced to watch as Malitch tortures Eyeless Jack. Malitch pauses the torture and says all he wants them to be is tell him where Jeff is. When Ms. P says they don't know, Malitch drags her to him using his mind and threatens the rip the information out of her head. When she challenges him to do so, he puts his hand on her head and enters her mind as she screams in pain, BEN and Eyeless Jack watching in fear. After a while, Malitch dropped her to the ground and laughed, musing over the fact that she actually doesn't know where Jeff is, and musing over the fact that Jeff had been "so wise" as to hide from him. He decided that once he finished executing his friends, he would command his forces to hunt down Jeff until they caught him and give him the death he desired. In response to this, Ms. P used telekinesis to steal Malitch's staff and arm herself, believing it to be the source of his power. Malitch then says that if Ms. P kills him, "they" might get her name from then on. Malitch then revealed that when he saw into Ms. P's mind he also felt her jealousness of Jeff getting more attention than she does. Malitch then goes on a long speech about how Ms. P is nearly a cog (or supporting character) in the life of Jeff the Killer and belittles her as nothing more than Jeff's sidekick. Ms. P drops his and breaks down in tears. In response, Malitch takes his staff back and has her dragged off.

Malitch then shows Ticci Tobey his weapons collection, detailing that Malitch is a deadly planet destroyer and that he collects weapons from the warriors of the planets he conquers. Malitch details his favorite weapon, the Sword of Infernus, a flame sword from the fire planet Muspelheim. A blade so hot it can catch things on fire without direct contact. Malitch then says he plans on killing Jeff and a taking his knife for his collection, and then muses over skinning Smile Dog with it and using his fur as a rug. Despite this clear intimidation tactic, Tobey insists he doesn't know where Jeff is. Malitch only responds with "That's too bad" and casually walks away as his minions brutally beat Tobey.

Later, Malitch decided to sing a song in front of his minions. While playing a piano in front of a large crowd of minions, Malitch sang a twisted and warped version of "What a Wonderful World". After singing, Malitch emotionlessly told his minions to try the veal.

Later, Malitch visited the Proxies and their allies in their jail cells. He attempts to "cheer" them up by telling them what he plans for them. He plans to let them all free only once they are driven mentally mad from all the torture he plans to inflict on them, but also to have Jeff tortured and killed in front of their eyes before laughing in their faces.

First fight with Jeff the Killer

Jeff and his friends then finally arrived to Malitch's ship, where Malitch's soldiers spotted him and warned Malitch that Jeff had arrived. Malitch was in the middle of torturing Eyeless Jack and Ticci Tobey, asking Eyeless Jack if he was ready to talk, but Eyeless Jack still refused to. Malitch recommended making the torture worse, but then said that Jeff was likely already killed by his minions. Just then, Malitch's commander runs in to tell Malitch that all of the rhino minions had been killed, dumbfounding Malitch and causing Ticci Tobey to laugh. The commander then gave Malitch the other news; Jeff had arrived to personally face Malitch. Malitch grinned at this and told his men to bring Jeff's friends out to have "front row seats to the main event" As Jeff exits, Jeff tells the others to stay in the ship and wait for his signal before running off to confront Malitch.

In Malitch's throne room, Jeff friends are taken to the room as Malitch waits at the entrance for Jeff to arrive. Malitch grew nervous as he hears large stomping noises grow louder, only to see it was one of his last rhino guards carrying an exhausted Jeff up the stairs, Smile Dog quickly behind them. Jeff casually says Malitch should do something about the long stairs, recommending he install an elevator system. Jeff then casually says hi to the other Proxies, President Bush, and Rick. As the two converse, Malitch was taken aback by Jeff's casual behavior of not being intimidated by him or the situation. After Jeff does a series of battle poses as Malitch watches in utter disbelief. After Jeff finally chooses a pose, Malitch bursts out in a lengthy laughter, laughing at the Proxies for believing a "clown" like Jeff could defeat him, which makes Jeff turn around and frantically yell "CLOWNS?! WHERE?!". Having enough of Jeff's foolish behavior, Malitch uppercutted Jeff into the ceiling. Jeff fell back down and rose back up, pulling out his knife and challenging Malitch to a fight. Malitch arrogantly asked if Jeff could even keep up with him until Jeff cut Malitch's face with his knife. Malitch and Jeff then engaged in a fight, where the two were fairly evenly matched, with Malitch at an advantage with his magic and superior speed. During the fight, Malitch knocks Jeff into a wall and says he should have never confronted him, before healing himself in front of Jeff. During the fight, Jeff is able to put a beatdown on Malitch, throw him to the floor, and bring a gigantic statue on top of him, presumably killing him and causing a massive crack to form in the ground.

At that moment, Sally, Tip, and Dash walked in, Sally holding the Umbra Crystal in hand. Sally was shocked to see Jeff and the others there as well. Suddenly, Malitch threw the statue off of him and was ready to fight Jeff again until he sees Sally with the crystal. Reverting to his affable nature, Malitch encourages her to give him the crystal so he can fulfill his end of the deal. Just as Sally is about to give Malitch the crystal, Jeff punches Malitch to the ground frantically. Sally is still angry and shocked about Jeff saying he didn't care about her. Malitch and Jeff are trying to convince Sally to give the crystal to each other. But Sally, angry at Jeff, gives it to Malitch. Malitch puts the crystal in his staff and cackles maniacally and claims that the universe was now his to command. He reveals that Jeff and the Proxies were only trying to protect her from him. Malitch confesses that he himself tricked Sally into giving the crystal to him. Sally realizes the truth and Malitch blames Sally for the theft after the girl expresses her anger over the deception stating she brought this upon her herself through her pursuit of her personal desires. During this, Jeff tackles Malitch, only for Malitch to counter and throw Jeff into a wall, where he impales Jeff in the stomach using the sharp end of his staff. Jeff tells Sally to run away, but Sally is angry over being manipulated and attacks Malitch with her arrows she gained from the space ship. The arrows have no effect on Malitch, who simply smacks Sally away. Malitch then pummels Jeff and dismisses Jeff as "just meat" and that Sally turned out to be the brains of the duo. Jeff then headbutts Malitch, rips the staff out, and slams Malitch into the side of the ship, causing the crack the statue created to get bigger. Sally tries to fight Malitch, feeling that she is ready for the confrontation. Jeff yanks Sally back, trying to defend her, but Sally betrays Jeff and shoots him with an arrow. Malitch grows amused upon seeing Sally strike Jeff when he attempted to keep her out of the fight. An overconfident Sally steals Jeff's knife and stabs Malitch in the shoulder, to which he picks her up by the neck and stabs her back, which knocks her unconscious. Malitch then used his staff to send Sally to an unknown location as Tip and Dash attempt to fight Malitch, but get knocked back. Jeff gets back up and has a test of raw strength with Malitch, leaving a progressively larger and deeper fissure beneath them that almost splits the mammoth ship in half. During this, Smile Dog bites the chains off all the Proxies, who run to help Jeff. Malitch throws Jeff off and knocks them all back, when all of a sudden Jeff's team drives their spaceship through Malitch's throne room and arriving to help Jeff. Malitch yells "ENOUGH!!" and sends them all back again. The commander runs in and tells Malitch that the ship is splitting in half due to Jeff and Malitch opening the crack. Malitch realizes he has what he wants and teleports out, leaving everyone to die.

Despite this, Jeff and Ms. P were able to close the gap, although Jeff fainted by exertion. Malitch immediately appears, asking his men to hand Jeff over. The men refuse and fire at Malitch as the Proxies and Jeff escape. Before leaving, Ticci Tobey turns around and says "Thanks, Malitch's unnamed guards!"

Conquering the Universe

With Jeff and BEN out trying to save Sally from the Nightmare Realm, Malitch uses the crystal's power to spread Black Breath across the entire universe. Back with Shadowlurker, Splendorman, and Slenderman, Shadowlurker warns them off the Black Breath spreading and the trio goes to confront Malitch at the other side of the shield. Slenderman demands Malitch turn over the crystal or risk being killed. Malitch, protected by his ship's shield, dares Slenderman to hurt him, mocking his threats and then cackles.

Meanwhile, President Bush navigates the others through the vent. During the venture, Tip and Dash introduce themselves to the others, explaining why they are there. Bush then ties a rope to everyone and leads them up the elevator shaft with his grappling hook on his new utility belt, despite Tips growing more suspicious of his cocky attitude ("I'm President Bush! I'm always sure!"). During the climb, B.O.B pushes the others to the bottom of the line and causes President Bush's strength to give out, prompting him to activate his "anti-gravity servos" (which in reality is just an energy shield that extends only to him). Despite protests from the others, President Bush lets go of the wall, and the other miraculously land on a rising elevator that takes them up to level 23, where their ship is. Bush stupidly thinks that his anti-gravity servos are really working, however, and tells the team their "anti-gravity sickness" will ware off in a moment before running on. Tip tells Laughing Jack to "remind me to glue a helmet on him when we get back". After the others get to the ship, Malitch is waiting for them and transforms a nearby rhino into a gigantic rhino and sends the others fleeing as he chases them to the shield generator.

Enderman is navigating the ship through Malitch's dreadnought in an attempt to find the shield generator. After a short chase, the team loses the gigantic rhino and seem to be in the clear until Malitch used the crystal to send Black Breath towards them in an attempt to have the Black Breath swallow the team in the darkness. Enderman was able to lead them away as Skeet and President Bush used the ship's guns to chip away at the pursuing darkness.

Eventually, Enderman has finally navigated the crew to the shield generator. Ticci Tobey excitedly claps and celebrates, only to see hundreds of rhino guards guarding the bridge to the generator and Malitch himself standing to the side with Black Breath tentacles at his sides. The team looks in despair as Hoodie says "We are so fucked."

Final Battle with Jeff/Death

The Proxies (minus Jeff, Sally, and BEN) and their friends are now faced with all of Malitch's rhino guards and Malitch himself standing between them and the shield generator. The Rake talks to himself and says "Never thought I'd die fighting by side with Proxies", to which Hoodie says "How about side by side with friends?", to which the Rake responds with "... Aye. I could do that." Just when all seemed lost, Jeff, BEN, and Sally appeared, and saw their friends and the opposition they had to face, which was just in front of the shield generator keeping Slenderman, Shadowlurker, and Splendorman away. Malitch noticed the three and ordered his rhinos to fire at them. Jeff and BEN made it on the ship and attacked the rhino, giving his allies time to get out of their ship and fight alongside them.

During the battle, Sally asked Ms. P in the heat of battle if she could fight someone, but Ms. P said no. After Sally gave her the puppy dog face, Ms. P said she could fight, but not against someone bigger than her, to which Sally excitedly ran off to do. Later in the battle, Jeff was saved by Mr. Mandavi, Skeet, Nick the Endoskeleton, and Sheriff Wayne, who have all happily dubbed themselves "Syndicate of Supporting Characters".

During this battle, it quickly became apparent that the Proxies and their allies were winning. Jeff and his allies fought through the men with relative ease. It was during this that Malitch surrounded the bridge with Black Breath tentacles, which the team chipped away at using their weapons. Fearful of being defeated, Malitch ordered his commander to fire at the bridge in order to kill the opposition. The commandeer hesitated, arguing how some of their own men would be killed as a result. But Malitch grew increasingly erratic had no concern over any loss of his soldiers, and ordered the commander to fire. Realizing that Malitch took no regard of the lives of his own army, the commander refused, and for his defiance, Malitch blasted the man to ashes, striking the commander without a second thought. Malitch then took his staff and aimed it at Jeff. Before he fired, however, Smile Dog pushed Jeff out of the way, taking most of the impact of the magical attack, and Smile Dog and the other of Jeff's allies were blasted into the out into the loading bay.

The Proxies and their allies are injured from the attack as Malitch's forces approached to finish them off. Sally is devastated after seeing the wreckage but is comforted by Ms. P, who has suffered damages to her face. Sally notices this, but Ms. P calms her by saying that sometimes people get hurt in a fight. Ms. P then sings Sally a song, singing that even though the Proxies will eventually graduate and go their separate ways, they will always be back together in due time.

After surveying the rest of his friends, who were weak and exhausted as they hung on to the wreckage, Jeff saw to the injured Smile Dog and BEN, and held his paw in concern. Angered at Malitch, Jeff walked and stood before the entire fleet as the others watched. Unfazed by this, Malitch fired at him once more, and Jeff evaded the blast, redirecting it with ease similarly to the water droplet technique. Malitch ordered to fire at him again and again, but Jeff continued to evade and throw the blasts elsewhere, until he caught one of the laser bolts and struggled with its force. Before releasing the blast, he said "Fuckin' A," then threw it at Malitch, and it collided with staff, the resulting blast destroying the entire fleet of soldiers, leaving Malitch and a few other battleships the only ones left.

Reinvigorated with Jeff's destruction of the fleet, the heroes come together and begin a new plan; Enderman, B.O.B, and the Rake are to fight off any resisting forces while the Proxies destroy the shield generator, Jeff and BEN are going to personally fight Malitch, and the Syndicate of Supporting Characters do whatever. They then split up to do their separate duties. Along the way, BEN grabs a soldiers nearby bow and arrow, planning to use it in their battle with Malitch, having learned from skill from the Proxies adventure from "The Chain Mail".

Jeff and BEN run into Malitch's throne room to confront him, spotting the dark lord powering the Umbra Crystal. Seeing the two come in, Malitch notes how surprised he is the two have come this far. Malitch turn around and boasts that Jeff has at last been offered up to him by the universe as an act of providence. A tired Jeff says their fight is not necessary, and that Malitch has the power to stop destroying the universe. Malitch declares he has all the power in the world and threateningly unleashes a fury of Black Breath energy, beginning the battle. During the fight, Jeff was the primary offense against Malitch, with BEN staying at the side and firing at Malitch with his arrows. Malitch utilized the Umbra Crystal to use Black Breath tentacles to his advantage, at one point knocking Jeff into a wall, but BEN managed to knock his concentration off by firing an arrow at his neck, angering Malitch, who then sent the tentacles after BEN.

Watching the fight from a monitor, Sally cheers Jeff on. Masky wonders if they should help him, but Laughing Jack believes they should not interfere, instead concentrate on stopping the other ships from destroying defending the shield generator. As the fleet begins to rain fire down upon the land, Enderman crashes their ship into the others, but it falls short of crashing into all of them. Masky and Hoodie are separated from the others as their ship begins to break apart, and they are forced to continue without her. The shield generator becomes covered by another shield as the team wonders what to do. During this, Masky discovers a passage to the shield generator, but the passage is too small for any of them, except for Sally. Masky acknowledges that sending Sally is a terrible idea, but Laughing Jack says it's the only idea they have left.

Tip grabbed a time bomb from his pocket and instructed Sally of how to activate the bomb and which button to push, but when he got Sally to repeat back what she had to do, Sally continuously believed he had to push the button that would set off the bomb instantly, which would kill her. Dash checked up on the two saying that Tip was making her nervous. Tip asked Dash to get tape to put over the button Sally shouldn't press. Dash then ran to everyone asking them if they had tape and after a while, returned to say that no one did. As they argued, Sally took the bomb when Tip's back was turned and slid down the passage to the bomb. Tip noticed she and the bomb were gone and sadly said "We're all gonna died".

Back with Malitch, Jeff and BEN, Malitch has begun using the tentacles to restrain Jeff to give himself easy shots at the killer, but Jeff breaks free using pure strength and resolve to continue the battle. Malitch parried Jeff knife strike and hit him with an uppercut into the air, to which he restrained Jeff again using the tentacles. This time, BEN got in front of Jeff to protect him. Malitch warned BEN to turn away before things got ugly, but BEN was determined to defend Jeff. Malitch was unfazed by this and hit BEN with a devastating punch, sending him into Jeff with enough force to break Jeff from the tentacles. BEN was devastated and winded from the attack as Jeff begged BEN to breath. BEN eventually caught his breathe and the fight briefly continued as the two managed to push Malitch into a stairwell. At this moment, the gigantic rhino Malitch has transformed earlier rises up to disrupt the fight, catching Jeff and BEN in his hand.

Meanwhile, Enderman continuously blasts away at the incoming forces, with B.O.B and the Rake laughing and cheering along the way. Meanwhile, on an airship within the fleet, Ms. P manipulates the rudder to make the ship spiral into the others. A rhino soldier on the ship spots them and tries to blast both Masky and Hoodie. They evade his attack only to fall off the side of the airship. Hoodie tries to break the fall using his sword, but instead lands on a platform which breaks his leg. Masky is left dangling off the edge, holding Hoodie's hand. Two rhinos approach to attack them on either side, so he uses his gun and sword to ward them off, losing them both. Even so, more rhinos come, and Masky and Hoodie are seemingly doomed. They are saved, however, by another incoming airship, piloted by the Syndicate of Supporting Characters as well as Tip and Dash, on which they land.

Meanwhile, Sally is inside a maze of vents, one of which leads to the shield generator, She decides to follow the bright light which leads the the generator.

Back with Jeff and BEN, they are being transported in the giant rhinos hand. BEN wonders why the rhino isn't killing them and Jeff says Malitch must want to fight in a preferred territory as the rhino drops them on a large platform in the middle of the ship. Malitch eventually teleported in and the three resumed fighting. During the fight, Malitch used his speed and magic to fight against Jeff, who narrowly evaded most of the attacks, while BEN stayed at the side trying to cripple Malitch with his arrows. Malitch became excited and bloodthirsty from the ensuing battle, begging Jeff to hurt him and make him feel pain. Shortly after, Jeff caught Malitch's punch and stabs him in the shoulder with his knife. Malitch did not react to the stab and pulled it out of his shoulder, punching Jeff away and declaring all he feels is darkness before summoning a whirlwind of darkness around them. Malitch then absorbed all the darkness, becoming a being a pure darkness and using it to fight Jeff. Malitch used his dark abilities to fight the two, even creating a shockwave attack. Jeff was able to continuously parry Malitch's physical attacks, until Malitch created a barrier made of the Black Breath he absorbed, which BEN used an arrow to disrupt, sending Malitch back to normal. Malitch rushed at Jeff, who quickly stabbed Malitch in the neck and then again in the side of the hip before tossing the dark lord into a nearby wall. Jeff and BEN ran at Malitch, but the giant rhino guard used his hand to block their path. Jeff tried to push the rhino's hand away, but to no avail. Jeff resorted to lifting the rhino's hand up, which he succeeded in. While Jeff was busy lifting it, Malitch took the opportunity to try and stab Jeff with his staff, but BEN used an explosive arrow on Malitch, sending him and Jeff tumbling off the platform and down below.

While they were fighting off minions, Masky yelled for Sally to hurry with the bomb just as Sally reached the bomb. Sally made her way to the core and placed the bomb on the centre and then activating the bomb as Masky instructed. Sally then went to push the button that would set off the bomb immediately but stopped and decided to push the other button giving her time to escape. Masky then pulled Sally out as the team retreated to wait for the bomb to go off.

Meanwhile, Jeff recovered from the fall and asked where BEN was. BEN had landed on a watching tower above and was unharmed, just as Malitch leaped down to Jeff and claimed he never felt so alive. Jeff and Malitch continued the fight, with Malitch constantly morphing into a being of skin and Black Break, which could only be hit by a knife and physical attacks respectively; which BEN helped Jeff by pointing out. After Jeff figured this out, Malitch attempted to do another dash kick, only for Jeff to catch him and throw him away, also disarming Malitch of his staff at the same time. While Malitch was dazed, Jeff speared Malitch through the abdomen with the staff, pinning the dark lord against the wall. As Jeff rushes to finish Malitch off, the rhino guard removes the chisel from his head in an attempt to separate Jeff from Malitch. Malitch recovered and scaled the chisel to destroy Jeff's friends, with Jeff in quick pursuit. BEN then leaped to Jeff, who narrowly caught BEN's hand and helped him up as the two leaped on the rhino's arm. BEN spotted Malitch and shot an arrow at his ankle, sending him to the ground. Jeff then ran at Malitch just as the dark lord recovered, and Malitch was able to bring Jeff to the ground and unleash a flurry of punches, which Jeff blocked with his arms. During this, BEN shot Malitch win the shoulder blade with an arrow, giving Jeff time to grab Malitch and bring him to the ground. Jeff began strangling Malitch, who almost knocked Jeff off of the rhino with a punch. As the rhino's arm shifted, BEN almost fell until Jeff caught him. As BEN dangled from the arm, Malitch began punching and kicking Jeff to make Jeff drop BEN, but BEN shot Malitch in the chest with an arrow, stunning him. Jeff then threw BEN overhead, giving BEN the opportunity the shoot Malitch in the head before landing safely back on the arm. Jeff grabbed Malitch in a headlock until the dark lord jumped off the arm, with BEN jumping off as well. During the free-fall, BEN fired multiple arrows into Malitch until Jeff turned Malitch over, using Malitch's body to cushion his own fall. The now blood-soaked Malitch recovered and tossed Jeff to the ground and began strangling him until BEN used his bow to strangle Malitch to stop him from hurting Jeff. Malitch then grabbed BEN by the neck, strangling him in on hand and Jeff in the other. During this, Malitch questioned Jeff by he kept fighting a playing the hero, asking the serial killer what life has to offer other than than destroying what others old dear. However, from BEN's encouragement and the bond he had with his friends, even Laughing Jack, was so strong it helped Jeff power through and stab Malitch in the chest before throwing Malitch off the rhino and back on the platform, where Jeff joined in to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, the Proxies and their allies finish off the rest of Malitch's men. While they celebrated, the shield generator was destroyed by the bomb Sally had placed, causing the shield around Malitch's starship to dissolve. Seeing this, Splendorman put his top hat on and said "I believe that's our cue".

Jeff continued the fight, now solely using his bare hands to viciously beat down against Malitch. A blood-soaked Malitch smugly noted how tired Jeff began to look, but Jeff insisted he could fight Malitch all day if he wanted. During the second round, Jeff stabbed Malitch in the side of the neck, to which Malitch punched Jeff to the ground and fell down himself. The two are now on the ground, with Malitch struggling to get up and Jeff coughing up blood and trying to breathe. Malitch manages to heal himself back to full power and gets back up as Jeff still struggles to stand. Malitch mocked Jeff for being weak and punched him with enough force to send him flying into a wall. While Jeff was dazed, Malitch flies towards him and pins Jeff against the wall by brutally impaling him with his staff. Malitch then took the time to mockingly thank Jeff for bringing him closer to his goals. Malitch arrogantly stated that Jeff cannot defeat him. Jeff agreed with Malitch that he couldn't defeat him, but then responded that "they" could. At that moment, Slenderman (as a huge tentacle monster), Shadowlurker and Splendorman blasted through Malitch's ship, slaughtering all of Malitch's goons in the process, with Slenderman killing the giant rhino by effortlessly crushing his head. While Malitch stared in disbelief, Jeff took the opportunity the stabbed Malitch in the back of the neck before kicking him down the throne room below. Jeff then painfully ripped the staff from his chest, taking the Umbra Crystal out in the process.

Once Slenderman, Shadowlurker and Splendorman finished clearing the entire ship, Jeff and the others met up in Malitch's throne room to celebrate, with even Laughing Jack admitting Jeff is pretty cool before high-fiving him. However, the celebration was cut short as Malitch rose up, demanding the crystal back. Jeff told Malitch he was never getting the crystal back, to which Malitch threatened to kill Sally and BEN if he didn't get it. Jeff remarked he had one more idea before taping the Umbra Crystal to his chest. Malitch then fired a magical beam at Sally and BEN and just as it was about to kill the two, Jeff took the blast for them, blocking the beam with his chest which also destroyed the Umbra Crystal in the process. As everyone looked in disbelief, Jeff layed on the floor with a gaping hole in his chest, asking everyone to tell him "they" got his sacrifice in slow motion. With the crystal destroyed, the Black Breath across the universe dissipated as Malitch punched the ground in rage, angrily declaring today was supposed to be his "happily-ever-after". Masky then said that Malitch better keep looking for his, because they aren't giving up there's. Just then, Ms. P uses her magic to manipulate the Sword of Infernus to pierce through Malitch's side. She then pulled forward as the blade cut through the dark lord's waist, cutting him in half and catching his body on fire. His upper torso then collapsed heavily to the floor at the base of his throne, leaving his body to burn from the flames. Malitch's corpse was reduced to melted skin and ash in just under two minutes.


It's magic to watch a planet shrivel up and die...Oh, it's thrillin' to be a villain! I destroy their homes and then I watch them cry...Because I'm the bad guy!!
~ Malitch singing his villain song.

Malitch is an extremely cruel, ruthless and sadistic sociopath. He has enslaved and slaughtered many for untold years, causing as much destruction and suffering as possible. 

After being driven insane by Zalgo, Malitch has gone increasingly mellow and senile. Now living in a tree, Malitch spends his days drinking tree sap and laying in the sun. He appears to have sunk into something of a depression due to losing his army and the planets he owned, causing him to stop caring about being the ruler of the universe, having a more noticeably annoyed and fed up expression on his face, with his attitude reflecting this, where once before he would have killed whoever displeased him, in this state of annoyance he instead got annoyed that the Proxies busted down his door and intended to kill him, telling them he 'just had it nailed down!' and angrily told them to leave.

His old age appears to have caused a degree of apathy in Malitch, or at least unhappy resignation, as Malitch apparently still desires universal conquest and the destruction of life, but is either unable or unwilling to do much about it personally due to having lost contact with his army. His senile behavior also makes him avoid contact with others beings from outside his tree in which he makes the giant voice recorder in his likeliness that record his message said that he doesn't want to meet anyone and ask them to go away. At the same time, he also cares less about enslaving life.

After his sanity returned, Malitch's sadistic tendencies were largely intact, as he planned to use the Umbra Crystal to drown the entire universe and everyone in it in Black Breath, except for his faction of army loyalists who will be blindly obedient to him. He tortures Jeff's best friends Ticci Tobey and Eyeless Jack in order to find where Jeff is, threatens to kill Tobey's girlfriend Natalie if he doesn't comply, then orders Jeff to be killed seconds after he promised not to do so and arranges Tobey's death as well.

Malitch later demonstrated his cruelty when he mocked Ms. P for her parents' abandoning her, sending Sally to be used as a child slave in the Nightmare Realm, trying to drown BEN again, and considers skinning Smile Dog and turning his hide into a rug. He also plans to let Jeff's allies free only once they are driven mentally mad from all the torture he plans to inflict on them, but also to have Jeff tortured and killed in front of their eyes before laughing in their faces.

Malitch was also willing to both manipulate, hurt, and kill children to further his goals. He pretended to be a caring, father-like figure to Sally, but is only manipulating the young girl so he can use her to betray Jeff. When Sally stabs him with a knife, he just giggles, mocks her for her foolishness and takes the knife and stabs Sally back, in the shoulder. He later tries to kill BEN and Sally together for getting involved in what was supposed to be a showdown between Malitch and Jeff.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super-Strength:  Despite lacking muscle and looking fairly scrawny, Malitch's strength was at immense superhuman levels, far surpassing that of any mortal or monster, with only Jeff having the strength to surpass him, while Zalgo presumably was on the same level of strength. He had enough physical aptitude to severely harm and cripple Jeff, easily throw and smash a giant boulder, and, despite his skinny and shorter body, proved quite a challenge for Jeff: In their first battle, when Jeff and Malitch have a test of raw strength, Malitch's starship begins to collapse, leaving a progressively larger and deeper fissure beneath them that almost split the mammoth ship in half.
  • Super-Speed:  Malitch can move at extremely high speeds much faster than Jeff. He uses this to effect in combat, darting around enemies before striking them.
  • Telekinesis: Malitch was very proficient in Telekinesis, his telekinesis was far more powerful than even Ms. P's telekinetic abilities. Malitch can also throw and call back his staff similar to Thor's Mjölnir.
  • Resistance to Mind Control: Malitch's mind was so powerful that mind control attacks proved useless against him, as Ms. P found out when she tried to invade his mind.
  • Durability: Malitch was extremely durable, even without his invulnerability. He walked off Ms. P's magical blasts with ease, which is notable because Ms. P's magical attacks were able to hold down Zalgo for a brief moment. Additionally, Ms. P's Mind Control doesn't work on him. Later, he laughs when Sally stabs him in the shoulder and shrugs off Jeff's punches, crushed by a gigantic statue of himself, and reacted BEN's arrows like they were nothing. He also survived being chopped in the shoulder by Jeff's knife, being stabbed in the stomach by Jeff and getting shot multiple times by BEN's arrows, even so continuing to fight seemingly unhindered. It was only upon Ms. P stabbing him with the Sword of Infernus that he finally succumbed.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Malitch was capable of using darkness in combat. His eyes will usually go black when he uses his power. He could use darkness to render his opponents unable to see, block suns from planets, and to cloak himself.
    • Black Breath Manipulation: After gaining the Umbra Crystal, Malitch gained the ability to harness Black Breath, with was a smoke-like cloud of magical darkness. Black Breath could be used to weaken opponents, trap them in never-ending, lightless darkness, and keep them at bay. Those who find themselves in Black Breath could also suffer from dizziness, nausea, coughing, horrific hallucinations, severe depression (or as Sally Williams described "the feeling of never being happy again), vomiting a black substance, difficulty swallowing or breathing, and a sore throat. Prolonged exposure to Black Breath will eventually kill people. Malitch could also manipulate Black Breath to spread across entire planets as part of his ultimate plan.
  • Levitation: Malitch can "fly" several feet off the ground and slowly descend back to the ground with ease. And while doing this he can dash upward and he will gain altitude quickly before descending.
  • Master of hand-to-hand combat Most likely because of his physical abilities and invulnerability, Malitch does not use or need weapons in combat. He favors his own physical fighting capabilities above all else and is extremely skilled. He can quickly strike, utilizing punches and kicks. He also uses his elbows, knees and even some grappling techniques, including suplexing Jeff in their first fight. His skill in pure hand-to-hand combat is almost unmatched, capable of easily fighting against and even at times overwhelming Jeff in martial arts despite the latter's immense training, experience, and prowess, losing only due to Jeff's superior strength and weapons and still being able to fight him almost evenly.
  • Healing/Regeneration: Malitch can heal himself form seemingly any form of attack. During his fights with Jeff, he cut across his arms, face, and shoulders during his fight with Jeff and not only doesn't even react to them, but said cuts are gone in seconds.
  • Energy manipulation: Malitch can manipulate magical energy, using to to fire magical blasts at his opponents. He could also create energy shields using his staff and even freeze people in place.


Part One

It's ironic the very beings who freed me from Zalgo's spell now are the only ones who oppose me. Oh, you can't imagine the depths of my suffering there. I spent most of my days collecting tree sap from leaves with an ungrateful camel by my side. Living in a tree instead of my luxurious chateau of a ship. The birds screeching their lungs out no matter how many times I poisoned them! Instead of ruling the universe with an iron fist, I was LIVING OFF FUCKING TREE-SAP!!!! (lightning bolts fly from his staff)
~ Malitch expressing his anger over losing his memory.
Ms. P: There are people on those planets... Who didn't do anything to you!
Malitch: There were other people on my planet before it was destroyed!
Ms. P: Look, I'm sorry your planet got destroyed...
Malitch: Oh, don't be. I was the one who destroyed it.
~ Malitch revealing to Ms. P that he was the one who destroyed his planet.
Malitch: It is an honor to meet you, Witch. Or should I call you Ms. Prudence instead? I am Malitch, head of the Malitch Empire. (Ms. P growls at him; Malitch looks at his rhino guard) I wonder why she doesn't like me.
Laughing Jack: Hey, retard. You probably shouldn't have kidnapped her if you wanted her approval.
Ms. P: So, you're the one behind this? What do you want from us?
Malitch: My goons have informed me you and your friends plan to stop me. I always warned myself that as I grew to power, my enemies would rise against me. Jeff, (chuckles) I assumed... Wrongly. Instead, a nameless orphan stans before me, seeking to put an end to the unstoppable power bearing down on her. I think you'll find that impossible soon enough. I want to harness the power of the Umbra Crystal; I'm planning to use it to create complete darkness and cloud the entire universe within it.
Ms. P: What? You can't do that!
Malitch: Ooooh, I can, as it seems.
Ms. P: How could you?
Malitch: (sigh) You seem like a smart girl. Why don't you just tell me where this "Jeff" is and I'll release you immediately. Your friends must stay, of course. Trophies of my victory.
Ms. P: I'll NEVER tell you where Jeff is!
Malitch: ..... (sigh) Very well. Don't say I didn't give you this chance. (turns to his rhino minions) Where should we start, men? Physical pain is probably the fastest way, wouldn't you agree? Let's start off with electrocution. And then decrease the oxygen concentration in the room, and observe their reaction. Maybe we can also try changing the air pressure. If those fail, ripping their nails off might work. Maybe we can chip her teeth too. The pain felt by the nervous system will be unbearable by then. In the witch's case, her body is much more resilient than a human… try feeding her poison. And then, yes, you're a virgin? How do you feel about your own chastity? The pain you will feel when we completely destroy whatever dignity you have as a woman. In the long time you've spent in this world, have you had any friends or lovers? If we were to kill a loved one in front of you, how would you feel? (Ms. P growls in disgust; Malitch begins to telekinetically bring Ms. P closer to him) Oh.... are you mad? Is Jeff the one you care for? Is that why defend him? (laughs) Young fool. You're care for this Chosen One will be your downfall. And now that you have foolishly let your emotions get the better of you, you will give me Jeff. I will rip your memory of him from your mind. Then I will kill you with the cruelest stroke. (puts his staff against her head) Give....Me....Everything.
~ Malitch threatening Jeff's allies (Extended Edition only scene)
Yes... Yes!! I can see it all so clearly. The pitiful Jeff the Killer hiding in fear. A broken castaway doomed to perish on his very own. Such a shame. The killer of Zalgo, the creator of his own demise. The spark that lit the flame of the resistance against Zalgo, reduced to nothing. Shut out from his friends, awaiting death. Too cowardly to even face me to enemy he once stood against. I see a lot of you as well, Ms. P. I see it wavering, tempted by the power you know to be in your grasp. The potential to ascend beyond your misguided attempts at philanthropy. And to fully embrace what could so easily be yours, but that would take time, I suspect. Time that I cannot be bothered to waste. And so now, with the location of Jeff so easily taken from your feeble mind, it's time to put an end to your insufferable brand of ambition.
~ Malitch breaching Ms. P's mind and reading her thoughts.
(laughs) Looks like your friend was smarter than I thought; hiding from me. I did not expect Jeff to be so wise! I will give him the death he desires. After I'm through with you and your pitiful little band, I will travel to Earth and kill your friend in front of the whole planet. Oh, and while I'm at it, since you have neglected to use your full potential to destroy Earth, I think I'll go over there and give it a shot myself.
~ Malitch to Ms. P
Malitch: So go ahead, kill me, witch. Perhaps they'll even get your name right this time.
Ms. P: ...What?
Malitch: Oh, no need to pretend around me, Miss P. I've read your mind. Some over-eager young wannabe Proxy wants to be his favorite Proxy only to see it's you and not Jeff.
Ms. P: Enough with this.
Malitch: And I can only imagine how awkward it must get when that wannabe Proxy asks for your autograph, then gets all sad and dejected when he realizes it's not Jeff the Killer's.
Ms. P: I said stop it.
Malitch: How nice of your serial killer boy-toy to repay you like that. I can't blame him, after your father skipped out on you you've never had anytime to care about his needs, and what do you have to show for it? Friends who don't care for you? Friends who steals your thunder by finding more hidden treasures than you ever could and getting credit for the ones you find?
Ms. P: STOP IT!!
Malitch: But I honestly can't blame your father for that. What father would want to waste his time with a child with a neck like that? Little Pencilneck, trying to hide herself being a freak around the other children. Never letting on that, deep down, she's nothing but a scared little child who doesn't want to be left all alone. What a disappointment you must have been to him. And do you know why, you whining brat?
Ms. P: (on the verge of tears) Please... stop it.
Malitch: It's because you aren't main character material. In the great big stage play that is Jeff's life, you're nothing but a supporting character. You're a cog in the machine. A footnote in history. You're not your own person, you're a sheep that thinks it's a wolf. And you can never change that, no matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you try to impress others, bad guys you stop, or lives you save, you will never be anything more than "Jeff the Killer's sidegirl." How does that feel, Pretty Princess. (Ms. P slumps to the ground, sobbing into her hands) Awww. Boo-hooo. Pathetic. Slenderman's wannabe student reduced to a pile of tears. All your years of training and you lay there crying like a child. Worthless.
~ Malitch tormenting Ms. P.
I see dying trees, flesh that rots, death and disease, crispy fried scots. And I think to myself. What a wonderful world. I see turds that float. Poisonous gas. Bodies that float. They smell like...ass. And I think to myself.... What a wonderful world. Don't even beg for mercy. I'll just pretend I'm deaf. And strangling a kitty. Is always O.K. I'll send planets ablaze. And their people too. Each scream is pain. Begging for death. I see babies smile... It makes me SICK! And when I'm sick... People DIE! And I think to myself... What a wonderful world. And I think to myself.. What a wonderful word. (minions clap as the song ends) You're a great crowd. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
~ Malitch singing a twisted version of What a Wonderful World in front of his goons (Extended Edition only scene).
Malitch: I'll brief you on the coordinates. And as for Jeff... kill him.
Eyeless Jack: But you said he didn't matter!
Malitch: It's for the good of my empire. You made the right decision, Jack. Gentlemen, Proxies... now you can see how dangerous protecting your friends can be. It makes us... vulnerable. I'll make you talk, Jack. It's only a matter of time.
~ Malitch before brutally torturing Eyeless Jack.
Ya see this, Tobey? This little knife comes from a little girl on the planet Forgana. The youngest queen of this beautiful, peaceful planet. Took me 3 days to destroy that miserable forest of a planet. And this spear, king of the Sixer galaxy; Six days flat. Then there's this old guy in the planet Philly. I killed him, destroyed his planet, and took this beautiful little power gun of his. And this one... Might be my best weapon of all. The Sword of Infernus. I found this when I destroyed the fire planet Muspelheim. A young prince tried to kill me with this, but I set him straight and took this from him. The blade is so hot that it doesn't even need to touch something to cause a massive fire. After I'm finished killing your friend I'll take his knife from his corpse and add it to my collection. Maybe use it to flay that dog of his.... and use his skin as a nice rug.
~ Malitch showing Ticci Tobey his weapon collection, as well as threatening to kill Jeff and Smile Dog.
Oh come now, guys. Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you - you, the destined so-called heroes of the multiverse. Behold - my ship. And in said ship, dreaming of release, lies the great Slenderman's students. But see the gracious whim of fate - why, 'tis the self-same peasant "heroes", who set off to defeat the wizard but yesterday. They are indeed, most wondrous fair. Waiting their friends imminent rescue. Ah, yes. The wizard kills their friend before their eyes, and his little dog too. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part, and our heroes are free to go their way. Driven mad from all the torture, never the same, mad as a goose. To go back home and hang the noose. And prove that "true love" conquers all!
~ Malitch mockingly revealing his intentions to torture Jeff's friends to suicidal insanity.

Part Two

Malitch: (electrocutes Eyeless Jack) Are you ready to talk?
Eyeless Jack: No... I'll never tell you where Jeff is!
Malitch: (to his minions) What do you say, men? Another thousand volts?
~ Malitch torturing Eyeless Jack.
Malitch: (bursts into a lengthy laughter) YOU'RE the famous Jeff the Killer! This so-called savior of the universe is nothing but a blubbering fool! A- a clown! (laughs again) Tell me- tell me this is a joke. Please. No way.
Jeff the Killer: I'm Jeff the Killer and I've to save my friends. Release them or get ready to get face-fucked!
Malitch: So it is true after all. (laughs hysterically) You're friends are just as- if not more- foolish than you are! I didn't think they were this desperate but it seems I was wrong! How incredibly funny this is! (laughs again)
Ms. P: (to Jeff) See what we've put up with for days now? This is why I hate men.
Jeff the Killer: I don't like him either, but not because he's a man. (to Malitch) Let them go or else, fuckboy!
Malitch: (with a playful expression) And if I were to say no? What would you do then? (suddenly gets a very serious expression) I should probably be afraid, right?
~ Malitch meets Jeff for the first time.
Malitch: That's right, girl. I've been using you aaaalll along. Little Sally here has been a very naughty girl. Stealing from the Arcosians.
Sally Williams: Wait... That was the Arcosians'?
Malitch: Sure was! At least until a certain someone tricked you into stealing it for me.
Sally Williams: You... You used me!
Malitch: You have no one to blame but yourself. (Sally looks down in sadness as Malitch approaches her) Tell me, girl. Has stealing that crystal for me given you all you wanted? Was it worth it? (laughs evilly).
~ Malitch revealing that he has deceived Sally.
And here I thought my friends were fucked up.
~ Malitch after he tricks Sally into betraying Jeff.
(Malitch grabs Sally by the throat, she stabs him in the shoulder with Jeff's knife; he laughs) Jeff was right about you, stupid little girl. You're not ready for the real world. How about I send you to the Nightmare Realm so you can stop playing the hero? Oh, and would you please hold this for me? (pulls the knife from his shoulder and stabs Sally in the arm)
~ Malitch before sending Sally to the Nightmare Realm.
Poor little Teddy Bear, you're gone forever.
~ Malitch after sending Sally to the Nightmare Realm (extended edition only).
You should have never gotten involved in this. I will kill you in front of all of your friends for this. I will kill you in such a way that will drive them insane just by witnessing it. And then I will torture them all to death, including that mutt and little girl of yours. Slowly. And I will enjoy every last moment of it.
~ Malitch after stabbing Jeff through the chest.
Stop right there, Chosen One! We need to talk, and I know you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if your actions caused the poor girl to die... I have a question for you. Before my arrival, this universe was drowning under a tide of filth. Had you ever considered that all this is your fault? Your presence creates these animals. Like germs they spread. You created the environment that allowed the germ to mutate, to become stronger. Look at Zalgo. Would he even had returned if not for you? It must be depressing: all your sacrifices and yet you are the one to blame! All leading up to the death of your girlfriend. Oh, this is beautiful! We have at long last defeated the "mighty" Jeff the Killer! Soon, I will take my rightful place as Master of the Universe... I will rule over this world... So thank you, Jeff, for all your help... Now... KILL HIM!
~ Malitch to Jeff.
What do you think you are doing, Jeff? I have already won. The universe is already clouded in darkness and all of it's inhabitants will be lost within it. And then, I will turn my attention to you and your allies. I will march to that mansion, I will burn it to the ground, and then I will drag your friend through the crawls of the universe, and I will make him tell the world how you have failed. I will live as a god and you... will kneel before me, begging for your life.
~ Malitch threatening Jeff.
This is a message to the Proxies and their allies! Where is your savior? I have crushed him as easily as I have crushed all who have dared to oppose me throughout the cosmos. I am power unlike any you have ever known: absolute, infinite, and unrelenting. To all those who dare oppose me: your hero is gone! Your hope is dead! I am the one true master! You have no choice but to prepare for a long dark future as my subjects and my slaves.
~ Malitch to Jeff's allies after Jeff had went to the Nightmare Realm.
Soon, Jeff, I will be the last living being alive. So STOP PISSING ME OFF!!!
~ Malitch before knocking Jeff and his friends back with a magic blast.
It doesn't need to be like this, Jeff. Why are you destroying MY CHANCE??!!! Stop pretending you aren't what you are! You still think you're a hero? HA! You are no hero. You're just like all the others; an unimportant, useless fool! One in billions, trillions, even more! Face it, you're nothing. Men like me have a duty. To destroy all that people hold dear! WHAT GREATER MEANING COULD POSSIBLY HAVE TO OFFER?!
~ Malitch taunting Jeff.
I match your strength. YOU CANNOT MATCH MY INTELLECT! You are but a puny mortal, of which I have killed BILLIONS!!
~ Malitch before his final fight with Jeff.
For a time, I considered sparing your little friends, Jeff. But now, you shall witness... their DISMEMBERMENT!
~ Malitch to Jeff.
Had I known killing your girlfriend would pain you so, I would have killed more of your friends. And kill more I shall. Carry that agony with you to oblivion, Jeff.
~ Malitch to Jeff (Extended Edition only).
Awwww. You look tired Jeff.
~ Malitch mocking the exhausted and battle damaged Jeff.
You should have stayed in your little home, pretty boy.
~ Malitch after impaling Jeff with his staff.
Before you both die, I want to thank you for bringing me closer to my goals. I have never felt more alive. Soon the universe will be clouded in darkness and I will rise from it as the supreme ruler as you suffer in the darkness with your pathetic friends. Face it, you cannot defeat me.
~ Malitch to Jeff.
NO! This was supposed to be my happily ever after!
~ Malitch's last words before being killed with the Sword of Infernus.

Handbook Entries


Malitch was the son of decades of planet-destroying warlords seeking to make a name of themselves. His parents were abusive which might be why he grew up to be such a prick. Although I could argue Malitch was a bad apple from the start. He was very anti-social and even killed his father's dog with a drill without any provocation. Even by my standards, that's a low move. If you're trying to get back at your parents target them not defenseless animals! Funny enough... Malitch actually did end up murdering his entire family, including his own sister. All to inherit the throne.

He tried to partner up and then kill Lord Zalgo, but the idiot underestimated Zalgo's intelligence and got his memory taken away. The very sight of Zalgo was enough to drive Malitch insane. No one knows exactly what happened to Malitch afterward. He has completely vanished without a trace. Given that his last known location was in Zalgo's lair (an assassination attempt), he probably won't live too long.

What was this guy's true name anyway? (planning to find out)

...Mitch Blackheart. His name is Mitch Blackheart. What kind of a name is that? I guess that explains why he changed it to a slightly less embarrassing name. His parents really DID hate him if they gave him a name like that.

~ Malitch's entry in the Unwanted House Guest's notes.

MALITCH (again

Malitch was the person we've been looking for! It all makes sense now! After we defeated Zalgo for good, the curse he put on Malitch was lifted, and with it Malitch's desire to destroy everything.

Malitch has a new weapon in the form of a staff. I've recently discovered that he forced a race of trolls to forge it for him in exchange for their lives. Afterward (and predictably), Malitch killed them all anyway and destroyed their planets with the same staff. They were foolish to trust him...Yet I can't help but feel bad for the little guys.

President Bush took Malitch's staff after his death. I don't know what he would want with it, but it's better in his hands then someone like Malitch, I suppose. Also, the staff is worthless in the hands of a non-magical being (which Eugene doesn't appear to be), so either way, we're safe.

Malitch was defeated by Jeff, but at the cost of Jeff's life, who died saving BEN and Sally from him. While Malitch was distracted I was able to kill him with one of his own weapons: the Sword of Infernus. I was foolish to fall for Malitch's tricks, and even more foolish not to stop Jeff, but dying was what Jeff wanted, and that bastard won't hurt anyone anymore.

PS: Jeff, if you are somehow reading this beyond the the stars, I want you to know we all love and miss you. Soon the sun will shine on us both.

Love-Ms. P

~ Malitch's second entry in the Unwanted House Guest's notes, this time written by Ms. P.



  • Malitch is the final antagonist the Proxies face in the series.
  • If one looks at Malitch's eyes on the two instances his glasses are knocked off, he has milky white pupils that turn black whenever he uses the Umbra crystals.
    • According to a Pastamonsters fan poll, Malitch is the least liked main antagonist in Pastamonsters.
  • It's implied that his parents used to beat him, but if it did lead to his villainy we never get even a hint of it and his motivation to make others suffer is mainly just for fun. Before his death, it's revealed that he's somewhat lonely, but his loneliness isn't the reason why he's evil, it's just the reason why he goes about being evil by bullying and terrorizing others.
  • Malitch keeps his mother's shrunken head in his pocket which he shows to Ticci Tobey.
  • Malitch has a pet Nightmare called "Snowbell", but they are never seen on-screen.
  • Malitch's name is a play on the word "Malice", which means intention to do evil or ill will, which fits with Malitch's character.
  • According to Comickit, Malitch is asexual. He has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with anyone. Even in the presence of the lovely and beautiful Ms. P, Malitch never makes a move on her (in fact, he's quite menacing towards her).
  • Malitch seems to function as an eviler counterpart for Ms. P. Aside from the obvious gender difference, both are incredibly powerful users of black magic, enjoy donning black clothing to make themselves seem more mysterious, and are haughty and arrogant to those around them. However, Ms. P does seem to care for her friends and is willing to protect them from any incoming threat. Malitch, on the other side of the spectrum, is a complete sociopath who does not care for anyone and is willing to manipulate and murder his underlings to achieve his goals and unlike Ms. P, has no morality pets to stop him from being truly evil and outright alienates himself from potential "friends". Ms. P also tends to detach herself from others, while Malitch took it upon himself to form an empire with many henchmen at his disposal.
  • Malitch, in many ways, is the diametric opposite of Zalgo.
    • Malitch is a humanoid alien, while Zalgo is a monstrous demon.
    • Malitch's primary color is black, while Zalgo's is bright red.
    • Zalgo is loud, hammy, and somewhat flamboyant, while Malitch is cold and rarely raised his voice.
    • While Zalgo is both threatening and humorous, Malitch is just threatening.
    • Zalgo's lair is a hot, bright, and hellish throne room, while Malitch's lair is a spaceship in the middle of the cold and dark vacuum of space.
    • Malitch usually "punches up", preferring to attack planets with extensive militaries and defenses. On the opposite side, Zalgo had a habit of "punching down"; he frequently destroyed and took over planets much weaker and smaller than him and his forces.
  • Malitch had a habit of giving his enemies innocent nicknames, such as calling Ms. P "pretty princess", and Sally Williams "Teddy Bear" (similarly to what Zalgo did). These nicknames were always insincere and where just a trick on his enemies to either manipulate or antagonize them.
  • Malitch used to age like any normal human, but the curse Zalgo put on him stopped him from aging properly.
  • In concept art, Malitch was originally going to be a small alien in a human disguise.
  • There are considerable inconsistencies between how powerful Malitch is. It is implied many times he can singlehandedly destroy a planet, yet Malitch barely defeated Jeff in his first fight with him. Other times Jeff stands no chance against Malitch unless his friends aide him in the fight, but this might be cause Malitch was powered by the Umbra Crystal at the time. In some cases, Jeff is a match for Malitch even after he has gained the crystal.
  • Malitch's favorite color is purple, despite black being his signature color.
  • Comickit stated in an interview that they imagined President Bush taking Malitch's staff after he died as a sort of irony for Malitch's habit for stealing his foe's weapons.
    • In Aton's aftermath stories for the characters, the vigenere code on the side says, "[Bush] stole that Malitch fellow's staff from his burnt corpse. Ducky nearly vomited from the smell. Added it to his weapons collection when they returned to Earth. Ducky and him still think of Jeff everyday."
  • Malitch was inspired and based on by many real life people; including Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Darwin, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler.


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