Alias The Lord of Hatred, Lord Mala, King Mala, Emperor Mala
Origin Unknown
Occupation Dark Lord
Status Presumed Deceased
Skills Swordsman, god-like powers
Hobby Mass destruction, ruling the universe
Goals To become a god
Mala, also known as King Mala, Emperor Mala or Lord Mala, is the primary antagonist of the Sailormoon fangames "Lunar Warrior/Rising of the Queen" He is known as the Lord of Hatred and although a fan character, he is a fanmade character as Princess Serenity's father from the Moon Kingdom.


Mala's age is very unknown as he has existed from the beginning of time but appears to have the look of a person between 25-35 years old as he never ages. He used to be married to the first Queen Serenity and fathered a daughter with her but only just to get his hands on the Silver Crystal, only to be discovered and was banished from the Moon Kingdom. He is actually a personification of everything evil such as murder, hatred, discrimination, genocide, breakups, sadism, violence and cruelty. He has conquered and destroyed many planets to obtain elfin crystals to meet his goals, his other goal was getting the Silver Crystal itself.


Mala has no sympathy for anybody and only cares for himself. He will use anyone as a minion just to meet his goals and will kill any minion of his, regardless if they succeed for him or not. He has no care for his daughter and wishes to murder her. He lives in hellish-looking castle which can take a disguise as a non-hellish looking place such as the Crystal Palace. Other than himself, he cares about becoming a god more than he already is.

Powers and abilities

Mala is "deity-like". This makes him nearly immortal. His main weapon of choice is his sword but he has many others like teleportation. He can also collect a person's soul after he kills them and harvest his victim's soul, making them as if they never existed.

Role in Lunar Warrior

Mala is not seen until the final fight but is referenced all throughout Lunar Warrior. His main right hand, Noom Rolias was out to get 2 candidates to compete to see who can inherit his powers, with Gladius reaching his throne room. Only then, it was only a set up just for him to get the Elfin Crystal and kill Gladius now that he no longer needed him. He went to the future to locate the Silver Crystal in the 30th century, killing everybody inside the Crystal Palace, including his own daughter. After his defeat, he was thought to have been dead and the Senshi went back to their time to live life.

Role in Rising of the Queen

In the sequal, Noom Rolias tricks Neo Queen Serenity into coming into a cave, only to find that Mala has been resurrected and orchestrated the events of Lunar Warrior, including his defeat. He battles Serenity and ultimately wins, but does not kill her this time, instead he takes her to the room of the Silver Crystal and takes it with him to become Emperor Mala, a more powerful version of himself. He sent the Sailor Senshi away, making it look like they died only to cuase emotion for Neo Queen Serenity so she wouldn't try to fight him or Noom Rolias despite that he is now completely invincible. He sent Serenity into the Elfin Realm, only to find she is mysteriously now Sailormoon again. He has 4 new generals that serve his right hand, Noom Rolias.

Mala isn't seen again until after Sailormoon is captured. After she is captured, Mala appears with one of his servants, Evil Moon and tortures her nearly to death. While this can be considered a moral event horizon, she did survive and gained an ability to transform into Chaos Moon.

He traveled to a desert to meet up with Light Venus, his 4th and most powerful general but ran into the Sailor Senshi. He fought Sailormoon for a brief moment but retreated.

Eventually, Sailormoon is able to get inside Mala's Castle and have her final confrontation with him, defeating him in a 3 phase battle with the help from Evil Moon. Mala summons his crystal, only for Sailormoon to destroy it which creates a black hole that can consume the world but Sailormoon pushes Mala into the hole, which causes the hole to close, presumably killing him.

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