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Madness (The Blue Tri)
Madness, The Final Enemy
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive (Imprisoned)
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown
Gods... Beings who claim to have created everything, whereas the Elders were the ones to truly create all life... I, on the other hand, am a force of nature itself, who simply wishes to end the lies that sapient lifeforms are spreading with their religious ilk, and prove to them once and for that the so called Gods they believe in were nothing short of mere appetizers for my own growing hunger all those eons ago..... A path you are dangerously treading on as well, Priest... Do you dare jump into the jaws of Madness itself?
~ Madness.

1.6 billion years ago, creatures called "The Elders", who are god's in the role of Life's Evolutionary phases, and each of them represented an animal from a differing time period of Earth... all except for one. Madness, given the name shortly after having been born, chose to instead represent the most basic form of all life itself on a molecular level, and was driven bat-shit insane as a result. It indirectly gained the ability to shift into whatever it pleased, and could utilize any attack as long as the adaptation had access to it. As an Eldritch Abomination from the ancient past, Madness is currently sealed away in a weapon called the "Staff of Madness", and hasn't been seen since this ancient time. Nevertheless, those who even so much approach Madness are given tempting thoughts to grab the weapon from which it is imprisoned in, and utilize it to seek out whatever destructive purposes the wielder secretly has, and in the results, drive them absolutely insane to the point dropping the weapon will result in the death of the wielder had they been driven mindless as a result of wielding it.

The power of Madness is terrifying to say the least, but most lifeforms alive in the present do not know of Madness's existence, and thus nothing is stopping the far younger Elders from seeking out the weapon, nor is anything stopping humanity or the Dinoids from seeking the weapon for themselves as well. All in all, EVERYONE is after it so that they can wield Madness's power over their foes and destroy them completely, but none of them are aware that this is EXACTLY what Madness is anticipating on.....


Technically being able to take on the form of just about everything, one could say that Madness has no true form. However, he actually does have a "Default" form from which he uses as a personal avatar prior to shifting his body parts into those of other animals, and he always wears a fake head as a hood over his read head, which is pitch black with two red eyes. The false head always has a set of eyes typical to an Ultimorian, which involves a special iris shape compared to other lifeforms. Whether or not Madness is actually from Ultimoria, however, is not known.

When imprisoned within the Staff of Madness, the weapon takes on a very spike covered form, with a gemstone similar to his false head's eyes being present at the top of the weapon, and is used to channel Madness's energy towards a target.


Madness, both before and after he became bat-shit insane from gaining infinite power, is an absolute bigoted asshole who generally never shows his nice side to anybody. Even when taking into consideration the other Elders, Madness is confused as to why they try to free him if they know fully well he's going to immediately kill them if freed. Not only that, but when Plio was forced to wield the Staff of Madness for a while, Madness's own manipulation made it impossible for any of Plio's allies to try and interrupt the possession, as Madness fully anticipated on using Plio's body to harm his own friends and family, even getting the just plain wrong idea of raping Chioma (although it's simply implied instead of outright stated) while having Plio's body be the one to violate her.

As a Deity of Life's Evolution, he heavily opposes Creator Deities who do all the work of evolution within mere days of time or, rather, claim to do so. His reasoning for slaughtering and devouring the Creators when he gained infinite power is still because of his original views on them, and has nothing to do with acquiring their powers for his own use.


Staff of Madness

The Staff of Madness, from which Madness is currently sealed within. Note the similarity of the gemstone to Madness's false eyes...

Madness wasn't always a rage and wrath driven maniac. Prior to 1.6 billion years into the past, he was actually a much more tolerable deity to be around. However, he hated the various Creator deities that humanity and several other alien races that would eventually evolve for trying to steal all the glory of the gift of evolution, the REAL method in which life all began and took shape, and while heavily advised against doing anything about it from his fellow Elders, he openly attacked the Christian God to no real effect, and while Madness was far too stubborn to stop attacking God, this same exact stubborn behavior would soon lead to Madness's own victory many years later...

Even before he became known as Madness, he was an bigoted asshole to just about everybody that existed at the time. Many claim he did have a soft side, but it was never seen at all during these times. When the Elders seeked to reclaim the creation of Earth as theirs before God could interfere, each of them chose to take on the form of an animal that would exist within a different time period of Earth. Madness, in this scenario, showcased a heavy greed, but it wasn't noticed at first. Madness chose one creature all right; the amino acids that would birth all of life itself on Earth or any other Carbon planet, and as a result, Madness suddenly acquired so many different forms all at once he slowly mutated from a more humanoid being, gaining the mutated pelt of an interstellar beast of sorts, while his face became concealed in shadow and two red eyes, thus transforming him into his "default mode" in regards to his shapeshifting abilities.

Feeling absolutely drunk with an overload of power, Madness headed directly towards the Celestial plane, no longer the more tolerable jerk he was before, but now a rage driven behemoth that would slay every single Creator deity within his universe, and leave both heaven and hell burning in flames and frozen solid respectively, God and Satan's bodies devoured by massive jaws that Madness had adapted. All the other gods of religion would soon meet the same fate at Madness's jaws, and consuming their remains simply made him even more psychotic, to the point all of the Elders alive at the time had to imprison Madness within a weapon that would be able to fully contain all of Madness's overwhelming power. It worked, but not without Madness's letting loose a foul poisonous cloud that subsequently killed the Elders that had betrayed him.

Still remaining sealed away on Earth in 2209, he is currently buried in the now frozen over landmass that is Antarctica... Or, at least, used to be frozen over. Tyrannox had caused severe desolation to Earth's surface 50 years prior, and as a result, most of Antarctica's core had thawed out in a massive inner ocean, with tiny portions of land exposed from the actual continent itself. On the tallest portion of this thawed out land, lay the very weapon that Madness was sealed in. How Tyrannox failed to notice it was a mystery, but due to this, he came VERY close to accidentally freeing Madness...

...But he DID, however, manage to cause Madness to stir from his near billion and a half year slumber, and in Fall of 2210, the weapon let out a signal to attract various alien races towards it, including the naive descendants of the Elders that managed to survive Madness's massacre of the original ones known to exist in ancient times. With both human, Dinoid, and Elders after the weapon, Plio works alongside humankind to make sure the weapon stays locked away, but unintentionally causes himself to be temporarily possessed by Madness, which revealed that Madness revealing it has an absolutely disgusting way of forcing Plio's own allies into submission without having to actually fight on it's own; it used Plio to fight for him, and forced them to either back down or end up in a conflict between choices on whether to attack the Staff of Madness, or risk harming Plio while attempting to harm Madness instead. The situation eventually reaches a breaking point when Madness, using Plio's voice, all but states his rather sick, perverse interest in Chioma, and forces her to kiss him just to torture her about her own boyfriend being in the control of this ancient abomination.

Quartz, arriving on the scene fast enough to forcefully have the Staff of Madness dropped from Plio, manages to save Plio, at the cost of accidentally freeing Madness entirely. Madness, now freed, is now up against five heroic Dinoid Knights, while Quartz, Blades, and even Tyrannox Mk II all team up with their former enemies just to ensure Madness gets nowhere in it's own goals of destruction, and with a combined finisher from the energies of KeraMaster, his allies, Quartz, and Blades channeling energy from and towards Tyrannox Mk II's Omnigun, all of them unleash a powerful blast from every direction surrounding Madness and destroy him entirely by vaporizing him into nothing, and thus Madness was no more.


  • While Madness is technically genderless yet at the same time all genders at once, it's overall mental personality is that of a Male.
  • The phrase "BITCH IMMA BE SWIMMIN IN YOUR TEARS FOOL!!!!" that pops into the author's mind tends to be associated the most with Madness. Typically, the phrase is used whenever a mass swarm of overkill is inflicted solely through melee attacks alone. Since almost all of Madness's tactics involve melee combat, this phrase often pops up into mind, although in the actual comic for The Blue Tri, no swearing will be present, meaning this phrase will never be able to be spoken.
  • Madness, originally, had his mind and personality destroyed by his own sheer power overload, but later that thought was changed to avoid Madness becoming yet another Complete Monster in the author's rogues gallery, and actually give him sympathetic qualities to make him different from the Ultimorian Deities, who he may or may not be related to.
  • However, it seems the above note was discarded entirely when the scenario of Plio being possessed by Madness did not make as much sense as it did originally, and thus the storyline was re-written to where Madness showcased far more malice and disgusting behavior to where it actually did end up becoming classified as a Complete Monster.

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