The Amerikata Security Service is the workplace located in Mega Kat City and operates above a candy store. It is a spy agency that performs tasks for paramilitary forces such as the Enforcers in capturing dangerous criminals and terrorism inside the city.


Rosemary Steele

Edward Steele

Lieutenant Commander Steele

Dr. Leiter Greenbox

Reasons Why The CIA Shut Down The MSA

The American CIA eventually shut down the MSA once it was discovered they were playing the scenes during season one of the Swat Kats.

- Contracted Morbulus to sabotage several oil rigs in an attempt to make Mayor Manx hire them instead of naively relying on the Enforcers to deal with the crisis.

- Contracted Dr. Viper to develop to turn Morbulus into a living bacteria so that he can acquire a chemical from MegaKat Biochemical Labs in order to complete a super soldier serum.

- Placed Katscratch in a position of power to take charge over the domestic criminal groups in Megakat City after Mac and Molly Mange had their paroles denied by Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs.

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