Remember wolf boy, your kind is only forgiven by few.
~ Luxuria reclaiming to Hummie about how wolves are treated in Onyxlyn
The Ravishing Witch
Alias the Ravishing Witch (raven shadow title)
Luxie (by Ira and Acerbity)
Origin Unknown
Occupation supreme leader of the Raven Shadows
Status Alive & Active
Skills Shadow Magic,
Hobby Unknown
Goals Terrorize all and prevent anymore "happy endings"
To get rid of the Good-Hearted Howlers
Luxuria Akuma (nee Capillum), is the main antagonist of the Good Wolf franchise. She is a beautiful yet devious and clever witch who is the main leader of the seven leaders of the Raven Shadows.


The Lost of a Loved One

Luxuria was born Luxuria Capillum in the northeastern kingdom of Azuritei. Raised by a single mother (a witch) after her father (a blacksmith) was killed in a well accident when she was only 5 years old, she would begin the attitude of a street prostitute and had problems befriending other girls (due to their ruthless cruelty). While studying Necromancy at Blue Moon Hall, she met Paŭlo Nommo, a mathematical tortoise whom all of the other students really didn't liked and treated like dirt. The two slowly but quickly became best friends, they helped each other with romance, homework, even with chores. Unfortunately for them though, popular hare student Britette Pappie and her genocidal club found disgust to see a tortoise finding happiness with a "bottom dog girl", so during the final magic tests of the school year, while Luxuria, Ramya, and Paŭlo were reading "The Two Spoiled Bears" together at the Wishing Well resturant, the rabbits barged in and invaded their privacy. Luxuria demands them to leave, but the spoiled Britette refused to listen to "someone inferior like her", then the two male hares yanked away Paŭlo's chair and Galilee held up a sacrificing orb and pulled out a rifle. Britette then resiled "Thou will not live" and ordered Galilee to shoot, Galilee did what she was told to do and shot four bullet into the floor, causing it to collapse, forcing Paŭlo fall into the boiling hot water, causing him to drown (much to Ramya's shock and Luxuria's horror). The ruthless hares then left the restaurant, obviously pleased with themselves, leaving the two human girls to mourn the lost of their dearest friend.

At Paŭlo's funeral, Luxuria swore revenge againest the hares for this injustice. During school finals, Luxuria met Raptus Akuma, a buff minotaur, and with his help, she formed the Raven Shadows and they began hunting down the members of the Hares-Only Club and killing them for what they did to Paŭlo. After 2 months, they finally hunted down Britette at her family manor estate. Now in a quiet stake, Luxuria took her near the fireplace and began to strangle her, she began asking her to look at her and she then wondered if the spoiled hare brat remembered if she looked like someone she'd killed, obviously referencing Paŭlo. For the final choke, Luxuria used her dark sprite dust on Britette's neck then slashed it with a pocket knife, quietly watching Britette scream and die in seconds as blood began to spread into the fireplace. She then spotted Galilee and Mertice who had rushed into the room to investigative, having heard their fellow hare scream. Luxuria glared at them in no expression. Now realizing the life-scaring aftereffect of their murder, the two frighten hares attempted to kill the scarred witchling. But the skilled Luxuria dodged their attacks and with her shadow control, dropped the two to the floor with her. Now obsessed with ending what her friends started, Mertice attempted to strangle Luxuria, but Luxuria's umbrakinetic magic and her inner distrust of humanity combined enough magical power to form a black pocket knife, she took this advantage and stabbed Mertice to death. She then glared Galilee lying on the floor horrified and used her magic to form a club, and blew huge blow on her head (not knowing that Galilee survived).





Skills & Abilities

Super Smash Brothers Generations

When Good Wolf




  • Acorrding to the redemption balance, she has a 68% percent possible chance of redeeming.
  • Luxuria has similarites with ____ villains from fairy tales

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