HP: ???? Lv. 99 Strong vs. All, Null Mystic - 1st & 2nd Form Strong vs. All, Null Mystic, Drain Elec, Repel Phys - 3rd Form1st Form: Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, Mighty Hit, Attack All, Phys Jump, Pierce, Tyranny 2nd Form: Megidolaon, Mighty Hit, Hassohappa, Attack All, Phys Jump, Dragon Eye, Tyranny 2nd Form: Megidolaon, Drain, Maziodyne, Attack All, Elec Jump, Dragon Eye, Tyranny, (Megidoladyne) Special Optional Boss that's only seen on a New Game+. He'll show up before fighting Belberith, with a special mission. You'll want to level to at least Level 80 to have a remote chance of winning. Lucifer is extremely powerful and can easily annihilate you quickly. Also, he's got that silly infinite attack range. Quite simply, he's the hardest boss in the game.Lucifer himself has three different forms that require a different strategy for each to take down. All three forms have a lot of HP to burn through, so it won't be a quick fight.It starts out with just your team vs. him, but shortly into the fight, enemy demons will pop up (about Lv.70-80). Great place to level since you can escape any you want. Lucifer hits VERY HARD, so you'll definitely want high-leveled demons with them close to max stats as possible. Using Physical-based demons and Almighty attacks are your only realistic options of hurting him. Upon defeating his 1st form, Lucifer will fully recover and his moves will change, prompting his 2nd form. His 2nd form introduces Dragon Eye into the mix, giving him three attacks per turn (six if given an Extra Turn), and making the fight that much harder. After getting his HP low enough, Lucifer will fully recover again, and go into his 3rd form. His 3rd form enhances his already dangerous moveset, and gives him Megidoladyne, which hits everyone on the map for extreme Almighty damage.The 3rd form requires a different strategy since Physical attacks are now useless. One strategy involves using the Revival Trick, which abuses the turn priority a character has when they're revived. Simply put, a character can attack and get killed, have someone else revive them, and they can attack again immediately.

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