Lord Transyl (Character What)0001

Lord Transyl is a minor villain in the Character What series, Lord Transyl is also a character from Ben 10: Omniverse.

Character What: Friendship is Magic

Shadow Aaron travel to the Anur System and remove Lord Transyl from the Anur System's sun while Lord Transyl was still in his coffin-like containment unti.

Shadow Aaron took Lord Transyl to a mansion where the villains were waiting. Shadow Aaron then released Lord Transyl from his prison.

Lord Transyl remember and recognize Shadow Aaron when he saw him, Shadow Aaron tell Lord Transyl what his plans were and Lord Transyl agree to help him.

Later at night time, Shadow Aaron, Sunset Shimmer, Lord Transyl, and Shadow Aaron's team mates came to Ponyville, Lord Transyl went spitting Corrupturas on Ponies' heads, and once the Corrupturas were attache to the Ponies' heads, Lord Transyl can control the Ponies against their will.

Powers and Abilities

  • Vampire Physiology: Lord Transyl possesses the abilities and traits of a vampire.
  • Enhanced Strength: Lord has enhanced strength, as shown holding Discord and Cruella De Vil.
  • Corruptura Projectiles: Lord Transyl can spit either Corrupturas at his enemies' heads, and they are attache to their heads, Lord Transyl can control them.