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It is the showtime for my show of FEAR!
~ Lord Night of Halloween
Lord Night of Halloween (aka Lord Night) is one the main antagonists of The All-Hallow Era series created by NGC fan, alongside Crimson Wraith, King Andrew the Third and Mr. Lock. He is a sadistic vampire who was the ruler of the Vania, one of the countries on Harolvia Continent.

Early History

No one knows any details of the early life of Lord Night or his real name, not even his former best friend Franz Whitehall. All we know is that he was previously imprisoned in a tomb some time ago, but is released by the devious Pyromancers of Maegera in 2019.

In The All-Soul War series, while the Danse Macabre Order and rebels fighting the evil deity Norsa the Snowstorm, his allies and the dictatorship of the All-Soul City, some Pyromancers of Maegera under command of Andrew the third seize the chance and released the vampire monster out from his prison. He soon begins his evil plot he had wanted to achieve years ago.

In The All-Hallow Era

One year after Lord Night's release, Grand Duke Jack Penance accused the Lord for murdering the former ruler, King Marcus days ago. However, he was captured and executed by the Lord's men secretly and became a souless zombie the Lord controlled.

Then, Lord Night locked Jack's daughter Margaret Penance in the cell. He did not tell her anything about Jack's posthumous transformation and lied to her that her father was a bad man who committed treachery and his death served him right. He also told Margaret that he locked her for she was the "treason"'s child, and she will stay there until the end of her days. He said he would find the girl's mother, too. After that, Margaret was forced to stay in the prison and lived a terrible childhood, while the Lord felt pleased to torment her with this.

A Family's Tragedy

After imprisoning Margaret, later that day, Lord Night and his minions cheered for Jack Penance's execution, and then the Lord started his "show of fear" and slayed the three executioners who executed Mr. Penance, and then he threatened everyone to keep this consparicy as a secret. A human soldier felt horrifying asked why, but was killed by Stanford Menace, the orc general who was loyal to Lord Night. Lord Night calmly said the soldier was a stupid man who ask a stupid question for a stupid reason. Then, he asked his other minions whether someone wanted to speak out and get killed. No one dared to speak a single word, even six of them fainted in a fit of fear. Lord Night ordered Menace to slay all of the fainted people for he did not tolerate any cowards.

After killing eleven people in one night, the Lord left the celebration and visit Margaret under the pretence of compassions. He gave Margaret the blood of his victims, which she refused to drink. The vampire was angry and poured the blood on Margaret's right hand. Then, he casted a spell, making the blood turned into acid to burn Margaret. While the girl screaming in horror and pain, the Lord laughed and mocked her as a coward.

Suddenly, a light wizard named Warren the Blanc appeared in the cell and said he came to save Margaret for comforting Lady Penance, who moaned her husband and daughter's missing (she did not know that Jack was killed) day and night. Then, he blinded Lord Night with strong lights. Before Margaret could ask the reason why the wizard helped her family, Warren hugged her and took her away through teleportation. When Lord Night's sight came back, he laughed with insanity that the wizard was about to got into his trap. Then, he thought about how the girl would live with her hand burned by acid.

Hunt the Crimson Wraith

Two months after Jack's execution, the Crimson Wraith strikes in a forest of Vania, killing 300 people living in the forest in process. Lord Night thought the Crimson Wraith would be a good tool for him, so he ordered his minions to capture it. Meanwhile, he planned to form an alliance to the horrid Sirk Royalty with a bribe of gold and assistance in hunting escaping "sacrifices" for the Spider Lady. However, the Wraith was proved too strong to be captured, and the prisoners of Sirk was released by Vulcan and Vultina. The plan was soon spoiled thanks to Evan Black, Warren the Blanc, the Order of Whirlpool and some Sirkish rebels.

Soon afterwards, hoping to use the Cult of Doomsday Flame and the Cult of Windy Sorrow as his pawns for his plans, Lord Night sent letters to the two elemental cults in the Fiery Vania and the Spinning Rise, respectively, in order to seek their assistance. However, the plan failed again after the Cult of Doomsday Flame disbanded after Vulcan banished the soul of Inos Zarc to hell, and the Lord soon recieved a caustic refusal from Berokaye the Storm.

The Murderous Scorpion

He is something hideous, right? I met vampires before, but rarely met a monster like this. He's gonna kill us all!
~ Ferro Lock expressed his fear of the Lord Night to Evan Black

The Butterfly Hollow

The Execution Tree

King in White

Ooh, King Pizzaro, Samhain, Mr. Lock... insteresting. I will form an alliance with them, and it shall be a great, great partnership for bloodbath.
~ Lord Night, thinking to form an unholy alliance

Crimson Wraith


Lord Night is a twisted, sadistic and psychopathic vampire. He likes to see his enemies suffering torture and made fun with it. He also hates cowards and idiots. According to Franz Whitehall, Lord Night likes to tell cruel and twisted jokes and dislikes to see people feared for his sick sense of humor.

Lord Night is hyporcritical and deceptive, so he loathes happiness, cowardice and dumbness. He lied to make Franz his friend. However, as soon as Lord Night became the ruler of Vania and began his bloodthirsty rule, Franz saw the Lord's true nature and became his enemy ever since.


  • Umbrakinetic Powers
  • Speed
  • Immortality
  • Pyrotic Powers
  • Invisibility
  • Necromancy


  • I am the evil... and the unholy! Furthermore, I'm free! Arise, my deathly army of THE EVIL GREATNESS!
  • You are a much too stupid man, for you asked a stupid question for a stupid reason. I loathe idiots. Now, who want to speak out and die?
  • I don't like cowards, either. Slay the fainted people, Menace, and let the world see this bloodshed.
  • It is the showtime for my show of FEAR!
  • The Execution Tree is ready! I am so glad! Now, prepare to say your prayers, humans! You will fear and bow befroe us, knowing that everything you saw for decades are all under control of HIS hand - THE ONE TRUE KING'S HAND! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
  • I just transformed your father to a better state, but it is YOU who murdered him, you girl!
  • [Evil Laughter] Ah, well, the Wizard is not that clever. He will be in my trap! Oh, that girl must be hard to live with her hand burned! Her pain is my joy!
  • You destroyed the tree, but you will never wipe the executions.
  • All of these... are all constructed for a great plan and they did work. Now, it is time to purge the useless ones who begged me for help. *paused* Retreat.