Lord Boiyoing is the false commander of the Complex Colonies, the leader of the Bunnitan Army and the main antagonist of several Netflix Smash Bros. video games and their TV show adaptations.

Netflix Smash Bros. (original game)

In the very first game which started the whole series, Lord Boiyoing was first thought to be the leader of the Complex Colonies. The player would often hear his voice depending on the mode, the selected character, the results and other times. However in Single Player mode, he is revealed to be the main antagonist and final boss. Before the player battles him, he explains to the selected character that he's been making each other fight, so he can bring eternal chaos to the Colonies unopposed. After Boiyoing is defeated, Princess Celestia becomes the true commander of the Complex Colonies.

Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure

Lord Boiyoing takes his role as one of the main antagonists of Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure. He removes the Diamond Fruit from the Tree of Peace, which is used to keep the Complex Colonies together and prevent them from separating and this results in him creating the Boingsday Device, which he will use to eliminate the Tree of Peace. After SpongeBob collected all of the Diamond Fruit and transforms into DiamondBob ShinePants, he confronts the Device and eventually defeats it, sending it back into its imprisonment under the Tree of Peace, along with Lord Boiyoing himself.

Netflix Smash Bros.: Flutter Island

Boiyoing captures Fluttershy and takes her to the perilous Flutter Island and transforms her into her half pony-half bat form, Flutterbat. He sends her out to hunt down SpongeBob and kill him, so he doesn't interfere with what his true plan. When Flutterbat reveals her true harmless nature in front of SpongeBob and explains to him about Lord Boiyoing, she said that he's planning to wipe out the entire island. When Boiyoing is defeated, he is sent into his imprisonment at the Complex Colonies Asylum.

Netflix Smash Bros.: Boingsday Reborn

Lord Boiyoing makes an appearance in Netflix Smash Bros.: Boingsday Reborn as a minor antagonist. He is seen in the Complex Colonies Asylum, where he was sent after the events of Netflix Smash Bros.: Flutter Island. He is confronted by SpongeBob as he asks him questions if he was the one who reawakened the Boingsday Device. Boiyoing tells SpongeBob that he didn't do it; the Device reactivated itself and now it's planning to destroy the Tree of Peace on its own.

Netflix Smash Bros.: Twilight Unbound

Boiyoing makes another appearance in Netflix Smash Bros.: Twilight Unbound as a minor antagonist yet again. Twilight Sparkle and Spike ask him if he knows anything about Windigo spirits. He tells them that if every last of the Complex Colonies are affected by them and all of the Mane Six are Wereponies, the Colonies will become a frozen wasteland.

Netflix Smash Bros.: The Desolation of Lord Boiyoing

Lord Boiyoing makes his final appearance in the final game. He plans to start his own amusement park in the middle of the Complex Colonies and open a destructive black hole that will suck up the Colonies and turn them into his own Bunnitan wasteland. SpongeBob does this with the help of the sword Extra-caliber and he uses it tear down the park and Lord Boiyoing gets sucked into vortex, which is the sign that he is forever gone.

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