Armored Lord Andros Version 2-1-

Andros in Armor.

The evil darkest unicorn power house and the new antagonist
Armored Lord Andros Version 2-1-

"Equestria will be at our knees!"

on My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic Season 6 episode 3.


When constantly mesh together by the dark matter energy and strand of hair(Shining Armor's) and insert into the computerized box. Thanks to Flash sentry, he's hurtling the firework rocket that Doctor Whooves invented, toward backward into the sun, which in result, reconfigure the mixture of Shining Armor's DNA which can transform into an evil ponified being.


He shown no remorse to Svengallop's proposal and so does Apple Jack and the Mane 7.8   when he'd seen his last forerunner with RaRa's concert(which Svengallop had failed).

He's sarcastic, cold-hearted, vicious and mean-spirited. And always erratic towards at [Svengallop] when he firsthand learnt that Svengallop's rouge operation on Rara's singing was officially been terminated by Twilight Sparkles and Apple Jacks.

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