The Linden City characters and people are the secondary antagonists in Myles TV and the Ridonculous Race. They come in all sizes and shapes. Despite some being goodnatured, they aren't all flawless and innocent as they committed a few evil acts themselves. They are evil and a complete disgrace to the city.

Evil Acts

  1. Max Thunderman (thinking they kidnapped his bunny) abuses the students and staff physically and socially.
  2. The iCarly Crew are convinced that Zachary has a miserable life and try to give empathy.
  3. Perry (along with the rest of O.W.C.A.) believes Zachary is Phineas Flynn and (thinking Rob, Hoss and Jerry are trying to hurt him) hunts them down with no remorse and doesn't redeem himself while doing so.
  4. SwaySway destroys Hollywood with Black Hole bread and inadvertently causes Linden City to be branded "Worst Place to Live". As for Zachary, he becomes an infamous fugitive.
  5. Alfred goes crazy and attacks the city. The angry customer from before dies in a car crash while Alfred gets away scot free.
  6. The townsfolk believe Zachary is an orphaned failure (partially confirming the crew's suspicions).
  7. Some of the townsfolk think that he is Mavin's nemesis and have Zachary try and talk to the teenager.
  8. The people bully Zachary and Tim for not realizing that Perry is the chosen one. This is their last evil act as they realized that Zachary was stressed because of the sadism they put to the teen and almost everyone redeem themselves.

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