Lt. Felina Feral is Commander Feral's niece. Unlike Feral, she is more competent than her Enforcers and fearlessly employs tactics that are viewed to be reckless and gives the Swat Kats the benefit of the doubt like when she discovered the "accident" that Dark Kat engineered to shatter Razor's confidence. Lt. Felina is an expert pilot and is capable of flying both an Enforcer chopper and jet as well as knowing martial arts and how to good at shooting. In many situations she seems to have an underlying disrespect for authority, and doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone. Feral would not want to kick her off the force since Felina's father would never speak to her again. Felina is an enemy to the Swat Kats since she, Steele, and Feral tried to arrest them as well as the Enforcers in "Friend or Foe?" Fortunately, CIA Agent James McClaw came to the Swat Kats' aid and ordered the Enforcers to leave after threatening Feral.


-People think she should be the lieutenant commander instead of Steele

-People say she should be Chance Furlong's girlfriend


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