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Led Storm Gang is a destructive street gang of skinheads that features prominentally in an upcoming beat 'em up video game titled Street Fist. The gang itself also serves as only antagonists who are going to plague the entire citizens of Tycoon City and take the control anywhere if the police government has failed to investigate. As an inspiration, Led Storm Gang was named after a classic unrelated Capcom racing game titled LED Storm, also referred to as Mad Gear in Japan. Probably, the acronym "LED" stands for "Laser Enhanced Destruction".



  • Bully and Fled - A pair of typical Led Storm thugs who can perform either punch or kick. 
  • James and Jesse - A pair of grippers, who are capable of draining health.
  • Jack and Han - A pair of acrobatic gangsters.
  • Shenell - A gun-wielding thug who can shoot with a big amount of damage.
  • Crow - A thug who wields crowbar as his weapon.
  • Blum - A thug who wields pipe as his weapon.
  • Chain So - A chain-wielding thug.
  • Jay and Toopy - A pair of fast-attacking thugs.
  • Belly Billy, Graham and Hoo - A group of obese men who can perform headbutting.
  • Howl and Slim - Both are knifemen who sported goatees, wore beige suits and bandannas on their heads but the other one can throw a knife.
  • Bon Wood - He came dressed in red and brandishes molotov cocktail.
  • Ellis and Ello - A pair of club-wielding thugs.
  • Mad and Danger - A pair of bikers.
  • Slick and Rex - A pair of bad guys who wield their electrified tuning forks.
  • Althas and Johnny - A pair of muscle-bound men with strong defense.
  • Andrew - A small thug who spits fire.
  • Thug and Thug Jr. - Both are muscular men who are able to defend oncoming attacks.
  • Andre the Brute and Andre Jr. - A pair of wrestlers.


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