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Lady Tremaine is a major villain in the Character What franchise, Lady Tremaine is also a character from Disney's Cinderella.

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Powers and Abilities

Lady Tremaine possesses no natural powers, but she shown to be high intelligence and sometime possesses the Fairy Godmother's Magic Wand.

  • High Intelligence:
  • Fairy Godmother's Magic Wand:
    • Past Manipulation: Lady Tremaine use the Magic Wand to destroy Cinderella's happy ever after times with Prince Charning by separated them.
    • Time Travel:
    • Object Manipulation:
    • Memory Manipulation:
    • Teleportation:
    • Vegetable Manipulation:
    • Animal Transformation: Lady Tremaine can the Magic Wand to turn any character into any animal such as; Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, and also Toads.