Konkestu is Shredder's third in command. He is loyal to the Foot and has a frenemy relationship with Mikey and has a crush on April O'Neil.

Personality Konkestu is aggressive, ruthless, cunning, sly, goofy, crazy, random, eccentric, overly-dramatic, hyper-active, and loyal. He thinks of the Foot and Mikey as his best friends. He and Mikey fight but sometimes they're friends and team up when needed.

Appearance Konkestu is a man/bat demon. He has long black hair that flows to his heels and orange cat-like eyes. He wears a Fire Lord's robe and wears his hair in various styles. He also has big bat-like wings.

Relationships Shredder: When meeting Shredder for the first time, Konkestu didn't trust him until Shredder told him the Foot needed a demon. Konkestu happily accepted it and became a loyal Foot member.

Karai: Konkestu thinks of Karai as his friend and sister. They both have one thing in common: they don't trust the Kraang.

Razhar and Fishface: Konkestu is their friend and calls them by their real names "Chris and Xever".

Baxter Stockman: Konkestu is sometimes friends with Stockman. Occasionaly threatning his life, Konkestu likes to tease him.

Donnie: Konkestu doesn't like Donnie one bit. Whenever he gets angry, he beats up Donnie and threatens his life.

Mikey: Konkestu is frenemies with Mikey. Sometimes he saves Mikey while in turn Mikey saves him.

April O'Neil: Konkestu has a crush on April. He flirts with her and tries to get her to like him and often fights Donnie over her.

Tiger Claw: Konkestu instantly befriended Tiger Claw when Shredder recruited the assassin to hunt the Turtles. They bond over their dislike of Baxter Stockman.

Casey Jones: Konkestu doesn't like Casey as much as he doesn't like Donnie. He chases Casey around sometimes.

Similarites Ty Lee: Both are hyper-active and loyal.

Ozai: Both are firebenders.

Shendu: Both are demon sorcerers.

Dr Doofenshmirtz: Both are goofy, crazy, random, eccentric, overly-dramatic, and have frenemy relationships with their nemesis's.

Hades: Both have firey tempers.

Pyro: Both love fire.

Etrigan: Both are demons.

Dark Dragon: Both can fly.

Harley Quinn: Both are bubbly and loyal and on occasion flee who they're loyal to.

Jack Frost: Both are mischievious and can't remember their pasts.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Both are cheerful and loyal to their friends.

Pinkie Pie: Both are hyper-active and like making new friends.

Starfire: Both are new to the human world.

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