Charise Carnes was the Mexican-American daughter of a history teacher who had a life of an activist who spoke out against pollution. During the attack, Charise was stabbed in the heart and got a transplant she needed to survive and was eventually sent to Arkham after experiencing a breakdown. When a massive breakout took place in which she watched the other inmates torture and kill others. After getting out of the Asylum, Carnes became a vigilante called Knightfall who torments and murders criminals.

As Knightfall, Charise saved Alfred from being mugged while shopping. With the help from Lucius Fox, Bruce and Ethan Bennett were able to draw her out. Still mourning the death of his parents, Bruce wanted to find out who attacked Alfred so he could seek revenge.

Teaming together, Bruce, Ethan, and Charise found the gang members who attacked Alfred and realized they were the same group that killed Charise's mother. Charise forced the leader Luca Falcone to tell her who had her her mother killed. After receiving the information required, she killed Luca against Bruce's protests. When Bruce and Ethan tried to stop Charise, she was able to subdue them with ease.

Charise went after William Dent for ordering her mother to be killed. However, Bruce and Ethan were able to stop her and Charise's act of grief and vegenace helped Bruce to realize his parents would never have wanted him to become a murderer. Bruce told Charise that message and she left Gotham after that.

Comparison To Bruce

  • When Charise first appears, theme music very similar to Danny Elfman's version of the Batman theme can be heard.
  • Charise's choice of mostly black clothing and a mask that covers her face.
  • She was driven to fight crime by vengeance.
  • Her mother was killed by a mugger.
  • She claims she is "blind as a bat."
  • She is a master of escaping the scene of a crime.
  • She fights crime by night.
  • She has great knowledge of the criminal underworld

Comparison To The Phantasm

  • Andrea's mother was killed by a hit man hired by William Dent, while Phantasm's father was killed by the man who would eventually be the Joker hired by gangsters.
  • Both became heroes in effort to track down their parent's killer.
  • Both are heavily influenced by the want for revenge, only to be stopped by the protagonist.

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