Agent Kitsune or pyro kitsune is the second strongest member of the order of the black sun. He stole and modified the outfits of psycho and screaming mantis for his own purposes. He wears the masks to hide his horrible scar on his left eye. his abilities a
re brain control, pyrokinesis, and the ability to fly.

  • Suit

He modified the suits of both the mantises to fit his needs. They are completely fireproof and the arms on the screaming mantis suit have been modified by lazercorps to be anti-gravity devices.

  • History

It is believed that him and the Boss are close friends. Kitsune first discovered his powers after his second trip to juvie. after the first time, he became very depressed and even cut open the left side of his face and burnt it closed with a stove. During his second trip he blew a hole in his cell with his mind and escaped. he was arrested 3 more times and each time he got better at pyrokinesis until finally he burnt the prison down. He later joined black sun at the request of his old friend.

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