"Heesh neesh quiche. Kidmos, A Study In Fear.

Kidmos is the sister of Atmos the Addict. She is an anti-villain from the fairly unknown web-series A Study In Fear. She is also a primary member of the Asylumverse.


Atmos's Sister
Alias Kidmos the Quiche
Origin Unknown
Occupation None
Status Living
Skills Magical powers, transfiguration, hydrokinesis
Hobby Picking on Atmos
Goals Unknown

Kidmos is a young girl of about 12 years old. She has plaited hair for the majority of appearances, and is an uncanny lookalike to E.T., and also has a similar voice. She made an appearance in the Finding Nemo episode of A Study In Fear, in which she turned Atmos into a fish. However, he returned from this form a week afterwards.


"Heesh neesh."

"Nid nid."

"Heesh neesh kleeshes."


"Ye and ye."

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