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~ Kagubot
Kagubot, The Origin of Chaos
Alias Confusing Beast (by the Incubators)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Eldritch Abomination, Fusees, Bigger Bads, Ambiguous Fates
Status Alive

Kagubot is the first Ultimorian Deity... but nobody can confirm whether it actually is native to Ultimoria or not, as it's been deceased long before Dragora was born. What exactly it's goals are as a villain, nobody knows. All that people do know about Kagubot is that Dragora is apparently it's reincarnation, meaning bits of Kagubot still potentially exist. The original entity, however, cannot be revived due to the fact all of existence itself used a massive wave motion burst to obliterate Kagubot from ever being able to exist at all. In the process, what very few energy remained of Kagubot reforged itself into a Dragon egg which would hatch into the juvenile Dragora, who will basically inherit most of Kagubot's powers. This does raise a few questions, though. What exactly did Kagubot do to warrant all of existence wanting it destroyed? No evidence exists that Kagubot did anything major, and Dragora's memories do not contain anything relating to Kagubot, as Dragora doesn't seem to remember how it first came to be to begin with. With this, Kagubot's existence is the ultimate mystery of Ultimoria.


Kagubot's main body consists of four, tower-like legs, and a large triangular head with 7 spikes jutting from the back, with a tiny spike emerging from the front. It has three eyes, always seeming to have a pissed off look to them. It's surrounded by various monitors that allow Kagubot to observe and scan every tiny detail that exists. It's only form of hands or grasping type limbs are in the form of various shadows that emerge above and below it's monitors, and it is capable of spawning thousands of them at a single time, and is constantly capable of replacing them.


Kagubot's name comes from Cebuano for "Chaos", which is essentially what Kagubot is the living incarnation of. Kagubot's mere existence alone was enough to send all of existence into complete turmoil all the way until it finally perished after being erased from history by every being to exist past, present, or future. What exactly Kagubot's motives were is never identified, but whatever they were seem to be programmed into Dragora's mind to the point he still remembers them. Either way, Kagubot's insane amount of power was enough to warrant being destroyed permanently the moment the chance was provided, and apparently Kagubot deliberately allowed for this to happen so that it could create Dragora in the process.


Little information is known about Kagubot. However, what little IS known, is that lifeforms from Ultimoria, in addition to various types of Matter from every universe to exist, appear to contain 0.000000001% of Kagubot's full power. By taping into this tiny reserve of power, one is capable of immense feats that would seem to be impossible to anyone else. For instance, Grandis utilized this hidden power to deflect every attack from Oblivion in order to seal Oblivion in a glass box. Dragora and Ultima both appeared to unintentionally use this power as well, but only Grandis and Dragora are capable of understanding that this power is not normally part of their abilities.

How exactly Kagubot influences every other lifeform outside of Ultimoria remains to be seen. Though, apparently, bits and pieces of it's personality can be discovered from Captain Sirryu's studies on the mysterious energy; apparently, Kagubot deliberately decides who lives and who dies in an invasion of another universe from the Ultimorian Deities. When asked by Grandis, Cap stated that Sugou was deliberately delayed from dying just to allow Grandis to torture him as much as he pleased. However, Grandis believes that this energy is simply adapting to whoever uses it, and that Grandis's normal means of killing someone in such a manner would cause the energy to work in his own way.

In a recent discovery, however, a being called "Dogma" appeared to be the very cause of Kagubot's destruction, and would later move on to mass scale reset all of existence to erase or reincarnate every Ultimorian that was either too dangerous to keep alive or still worthy of enough to continue to exist, just not in the malevolent ways they once were.

Neo Ultimorian Canon

In part of a method to cure Ultimoria of the "Sword Art Online Curse", which is the reason why Ultimorians are aggressive to other universes as a whole, Kagubot was brought back to life as a test to see what it would do. Eventually, it's role in helping alongside Dogma revealed the Primordial Deity known as Granjia into knowledge. Little else was known about Granjia at the time save for myths about a "Golden Man", but studies still persisted. Eventually, it was also deemed that Kagubot had stabilized into no longer being the same threat it had originally been.

Ever since, Kagubot's power was tapped into by Dragora Galaxia to become the previous Dragora Galaxia's Kagugora form whenever it was necessary.


When Chronicler and Zaalim went back in time to Ultima's creation of Ultimoria, they learned that Granjia was frequently mind controlled by Kagubot, and that Granjia actually had no mind of it's own; it was literally nothing more than a puppet for Kagubot to play around with and experiment with.

Project Multiverse

Eventually, Kagubot, alongside the late Zenith, were placed into blame of having caused the SAO Curse, but the Winds of Existence, having had enough intervention, simply ordered Kagubot to relocate Granjia's body, which had been lodged into the SAO Universe for trillions of years, back into Ultimoria, and thus this allowed for Ultimoria to transform into a full blown multiverse like how every other universe had been part of one for much longer.

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