Juga is a Juma - Qumi member member voiced by Vladimir Ponomarev and is the main antagonist of the Qumi - Qumi Pop! series.


He is lazy and somewhat rude, which causes him to strongly focus on his magic very easily, and Gale lose her patience with him if he takes his skills too far. Even trying to put her on edge may be a dangerous situation. Some of his special powers is a lightning-fast transparency ability that lets him turn into smoke and moves rapidly, rivalling Gale's ability! He may use this to prank her in other times. Oh, you have your own food and decide to hide it? Don’t bother, he’ll find it! With Juga, what he sees is what he gets. Once thick as thieves with the rest of his friends, no one quite knows what he will do next. He often uses dirty tricks to succeed through life, and he is dangerously cunning. Thanks to believing he's more powerful than he really is, he can cause much trouble around the area.


Juga is blue and rectangular with three ear-like extensions in various shades of blue coming out of the back of his head. He often wears a red, black, green, and orange skullcap. He has black legs, and blue arms with black fingers.

In the second sequel, most of his body except his jaws are all blue, and he is transparent.

However, in the third sequel, he wears a blue cape with a hood and can disappear with it.

Powers and Abilities

Juga is dangerously cunning and he is strongly skilled with magic, and in every spell he casts. As revealed in the second sequel, he tries to stop you from clearing the level by casting a shadow or freezing some bubbles in the game.

As Juga is a prideful, greedy and powerful wizard, he possesses a wide range and knowledge of magic that varies from episode to episode as the series demands. His powers , as shown thus far in the series include:

  • Fire Magic: Along with being capable of magic fire Juga has also been shown creating it by using his own hands. As seen in the third sequel, he also uses blue fire magic when combined with the three elements.
  • 'Immunity:' Juga has this ability thanks to his magic. He cannot be harmed by any other attack except for Gale's ability
  • Teleportation: Juga uses this quite often to appear in mist form, but it is only seen in the lightning - fast transparency ability.
  • Air Magic: Juga is capable of making strong winds and storms through will.
  • Ice Magic: As seen in the second sequel, Juga is capable of using ice magic on his right hand.
  • Dark Magic: As also seen in the second sequel, Juga is capable of using dark magic only on his left hand.
  • Lightning - Fast Transparency: As seen in most sequels, Juga is capable of doing this ability which rivals Gale's ability.
  • Dispel Magic: Juga has this ability to dispel others' ability, leaving Gale alone in the battle.
  • Ability Imitator: He also uses this ability when he steals one's ability and uses it along with his power.
  • Immortality: Juga also has this ability thanks to his magic. This causes him to have an endless life. Without it, he will die.


  • Like other characters, Juga is the only antagonist to have an endless life, causing the series to move on.
    • Thanks to his magic, he always comes back to life, and uses forbidden magic which are not taught in his own tribe. Without it, he will die.
  • He is the only most prideful and greedy character of the bunch, and the baddest of them all.
    • However, his personality does not use the word "Narcissistic", because of the female name Narcissa.
  • Juga is the only character to break the fourth wall several times, and the only character to have an evil laugh.
  • In the second sequel, Juga uses only his hands to cast his spells.
    • This is because only to contrast his first sequel.
  • Like Gale, he the second character to be taken in a serious situation.
  • In the second sequel, since there's no red character, Juga takes the color red as his lighting shade.
    • This is because he is the antagonist of the series, and in every image containing him he always appears in a red background.
    • In the Winter Season special, he takes another shade of blue instead of red.
  • In the first sequel, Juga is said to be good at heart, and will help his friends whenever they're in need
    • However, in the second sequel, he is dangerously cunning and very powerful.

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