John Doe, a.k.a. The Joker, is a minor anti-villain in the first season of the 2013 T.V. series Batman: The Telltale Series and the anti-heroic main antagonist of the second season Batman: The Enemy Within. At first, he was a friend of Bruce Wayne but is secretly after him. He is the incarnation of The Joker.

He is voiced by Zach Galifinakis.

Early Life

Nothing is known about him but it's revealed that he was born with chalk white skin and green hair. However, he suffered insanity so his parents took him to Arkham Asylum. He was given the name John Doe but his friends call him "The Joker".

Episode 4

He first appeared saving Bruce Wayne from abusive inmates by assaulting them. When he was checking if Bruce was alright, the doctors encounter them and questioned them. However, Bruce saves John by taking the blame for the assault but quickly warned them that they tried to kill him. The doctors let it go and John introduced himself, befriending the rich boy.

John gave Bruce a tour around Arkham and had to help save him from cannibals. Then also warned him about the forbidden phone rules.

In the rec room, they meet other inmates: Edward Nygma, Blockbuster, Arnold Wesker, and Victor Zsasz. He decides to help Bruce by first starting a prison riot while encouraging Bruce to run and call someone to get him out but first reveals Lady Arkham as Victoria Arkham and tells Bruce to ask the Vales for information. The plan succeeded.

When Bruce is being released, John warns Bruce that they'll see each other again. Alfred questions this but Bruce doesn't answer.

Episode 5

He is seen again clapping when he see's Batman and Gordon defeat Zsasz but they show annoyed looks. They leave him to be found by a guard but he escapes off-screen.

He later appears at a bar, watching the news and drinking. He plans on going after Bruce and Batman before ending the episode with an maniacal laugh.

The Enemy Within Episode 1

He appears visiting Bruce at Lucius Fox's funeral. However, he accidentally offends him by showing a get better card, much to his anger. He then offers information about The Riddler.

At the Batcave, he is sending text messages to Bruce about The Riddler.

After Riddler's defeat, it is implied that he's involved with some dangerous organization but he is later blamed for the death of the Riddler.