Jenna Clawson was once one of the top inventors of Puma-Dyne, a corporation that provided the Enforcers with weapons. Jenna discovered she enjoyed developing weapons of mass destruction and that the the criminal underworld pays a large sum of money for those sort of things. Jenna quit her job at Puma Dyne and began working for Antonio Katpone in creating special weapons for him. Katpone was providing weapons to the villains of MegaKat City only if the price was right. Jenna also developed a cybernetic heart for Katpone so that the aging tom can become a full cybernetic kat. Jenna is unaware that her cousin Jake Clawson is the Swat Kat Razor. Jake and Jenna never got along with one another and rarely talk. Jenna also is attracted to several MBI agents. However, after so many rejections and bad incidents related to the MBI, she no longer holds any lovable feelings towards them and frequently avoids them.


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