This safe and awesome stuff is really starting to bother me Scaredy! And by Lumberjack sauce jars, I will kill you for it.
~ Jefferson getting ready to kill Scaredy
It was me, all along Austin! (?)

Jefferson "Bob" Mac, known as Jefferson, or Bob,is a fan character created by XxDinoFlamerxx and is considered the true main antagonist of the Scaredy Squirrel series.


According to XxDinoFlamerxx, he was mentioned by Nestor when he fired him years ago. Bob said something dark whilst saying he would return. He was responsible for having Sue acting crazy, Nester being mean to Scaredy, and The Coaster of Horrible Death. He was also known for such multiple crimes as: sending his mutant minions starting The Balsa Battle of 67, murdering innocent animals, and destroying houses.

Did you know...?

  • He is based on The Lizard from most Spider-Man culture, T-800 from the terminator franchise, and such real-life serial killers for example Charles Manson.
  • The reason he is an OC is because there was no character called Jefferson. Thus, XxDinoFlamerxx created him.
  • He could be considered the true villain, putting the blame on Nester's Mom, Nester himself, and Paddy.
  • Charlie, The Anti-Paddleball camp snake, The Stackinator, and the evil-clone of the Stash n' Hoard were created by him.
  • He is somewhat similar to Jangles from the 2015 Pixar film Inside Out. Considering the fact that they both terrorize living minds of both animals and humans.
  • The reason his middle name is Bob, the octopus was named after him. But the octopus was totally unrelated to the monster.

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