Jeager and Helga Wright are minor villains in the deviantart fanfictions Surprised Patrick: The Series and the teritary antagonists in it's sequel Burning Flesh. They are Clara's cyborg parents that were brainwashed by her electric powers and thus, becoming their right-hands.


8 years ago, Jeager and Helga were trying to take their daughters, Vanerisa and Nadielle, on a family vacation to Norway. However, the plane crashed due to an incident with two bombers and were caught upon impact. They were taken to the Arendelle Research Institute and Edwin had saved their lives by turning them into cyborgs. While Xantham advised Vanerisa, Helga, and Jeager about leaving too soon, an assult by the Duke of Weselton occured inside Arendelle. They were zapped by Vanerisa out of desperation and turned them into her allies that she could order around. After saving the city, the three were not credited and then hated for being freaks. Before King Kristoff and Queen Anna had a chance to fix things, Vanerisa ordered them to fly her away.

7 years later, the two were seen with Xantham and Vanerisa (who named herself "Clara Barnes") at a hideout in West Virginia. The two had fought Xantham, Hal, and Cal; however, the villains had the upper hand and escaped just before the area blew up.

Surprised Patrick: The Series

While they had a minor role, they managed to help Clara with the experiment involving David Rust becoming a metallic dragon and burning Chesfolk. After Clara's battle with Patrick Star and the moustached assassians (Hal and Cal in disguise), they had rescued her from the ocean and took her back to their secret base.

Burning Flesh

After The Story of Clara Barnes, was made, their real names are mentioned throughout the rest of the series. Jeager and Helga were ordered by the Black Cog (under Clara's command) to rally up soldiers, making robots, and a few battleships to take control of the world; Jeager was put in charge of the human soldiers while Helga worked on the robots. What they, including The Black Cog and the robots were doing, was building a few battleships, including the massive thorneship.

During the mass invasion, Jeager and Helga were sent to kill David and then Patrick Star once and for all. During the fight, the two had summoned soldiers and drones to appear as backup while Vincent, Juliet, and Principal Hans intervened and helped. After the fight, the two came back to their normal senses after their electric brainwash was dispelled by different kinds of electricity. They mentioned to the group about Clara's past and then made their last wish about her trying to realize the error's of her crimes and then live a normal life before deactivating for good.

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