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Jason Voorhees is a major villain in the Character What series, Jason Voorhees is the rival of Freddy


Character What: Tales

Jason Voorhees is seen in flashbacks in Leatherface and Jason Voorhees, In the second flashback, Jason Voorhees along with Leatherface both encounter with Shadow Joe and start to have a battle with him.

Jason Voorhees' mask is seen in the episode Beast from the Museum, In Shadow Joe's Villain Museum.

Character What: Hero Force

In Round One, Jason appears as a opponent of Shadow Joe and lost the fight with Shadow Joe.

Powers and Abilities

Jason Voorhees possesses natural abilities and supernatural powers.

  • Super Durability: Jason Voorhees can withstand and resist injuries.
  • Super Strength: Similar to Micheal Myers, Jason Voorhees can lift people up above the ground and crush their heads.
  • Pain Immunity: Jason Voorhees doesn't feel any physical pain.
  • Stealth Tactics:
  • Machete Proficiency:
  • Feral Mind:
  • Enhanced Tracking:
  • Enhanced Marksman:
  • Speed Swimming:
  • Escape Intuition:
  • Self-Resurrection: When Jason Voorhees killed, Jason Voorhees can bring himself back to life and become powerful
  • Immortally:
  • Regenerative Durability:
  • Bullet Immunity: Jason Voorhees is completely immune to bullets.
  • Invulnerability:
  • Supernatural Survivability:
  • Hypnotizing Heart:
  • Possession:
  • Parasite Physiology:
  • Teleportation:
  • Oxygen Independence: Due to his undead state, Jason Voorhees doesn't need oxygen to survive, As he was able to survive underwater without breathing.


Character What: Tales

  • Leatherface and Jason Voorhees (flashback)
  • Beast from the Museum (mask; cameo)

Character What: Hero Force

  • Destroy Shadow Joe
  • Round One
  • Blood Control

Character What: Ultimate Hero

  • The Return of the God of War
  • Shadow Aaron Most Wanted (picture; cameo)
  • The Return of Jason Voorhees

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