James Nguyen was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. His father was a American man and his mother was a Vietnamese woman. James's father was arrested, leaving his mother alone to raise him. James was close with his mother, always by her side. When he showed talent in his skills, he used them to amuse his mother. Sadly, at the age of nine, James lost his mother in the Vietnam War. Before she died, she told her son to drink a formula that would permanently stop his aging once he turned 30. Blaming Nick Fury for his mother's death, James trained in martial arts and duel-wielding and became Cheshire, a silent but deadly mercenary/assassin. One night, he was approached by the Cabal who wanted to recruit him. Cheshire accepted the offer and joined the Cabal.

Cheshire is friends with Dracula.

Cheshire is voiced by Miguel Ferrer who played Shan Yu in the Disney film, Mulan.

Cheshire can manipulate shadows and protrude claws from his fingers.

Cheshire is a expert in poisons.

Cheshire's weapons are the sai, katanas, his mutant abilities, and shurikens coated with poison.

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