Jack Spinner was the director of the NegaKat Security Administration. Spinner did various illegal practices such as:

  • Allied with Dark Kat to gain access to alien technology in exchange for “looking the other way” while he attacked Megakat City with an army of stolen (and non-pursued) robotic infantry and vehicles.
  • Contracted Dr. Viper to develop a super soldier serum using a test group of kidnapped female civilians in Megakat City.
  • Kidnapped Mayor Manx, Commander Feral, David Litterbin and Deputy Mayor Briggs to spark a feud between the Pastmaster and Madkat in order to obtain their active magical pocket watch and kat-in-the-box respectively.
  • Contracted the demoness Swytch to assassinate MBI Director Sulfur, MBI receptionist Stormcrow Selkirk, Sprites Tansy & Assana Burmilla, Journalist Ann Gora, and NSA traitor McGrath.
  • Developed Ethereal Fusion Bomb and anti-enchantiton technology that both nullifies and destroys magical entities.
  • Used Agent Josie Lyons in a conspiracy to undermine the MBI and redistribute power throughout several positions in Megakat City.

Spinner had a lot of loopholes that kept him out of prison and made him remain an official of MegaKat City.


Josie Lyons killed Spinner in a Mexican standoff and was assigned to become the new director of the NSA as a reward for her "heroics".

Back From The Dead

Spinner returned from the dead three times in a row.

1) Spinner returned by seizing control of McGrath's mind and body due to a hidden piece of technology that the NSA scientist installed years ago. That piece of technology was an A.I program which contained Spinner's memories, personality, and genetic traits. Spinner took McGrath's memories and abilities which caused Felony to instigate a plot to destroy Mega Kat City's infrastructure to destroy the governmental system. The plan failed resulting in MBI agents getting killed. Agent Mark Sulfur managed to stop Spinner and remove the chip from McGrath.

2) Spinner’s ethereal form recently reappeared in the Realm of Fire after Swytch became the Queen of Fire. Apparently Spinner’s soul had been tied to her life-force due to an incomplete contract from several years past, and upon her ascendance to the throne his soul had re-manifested. His appearance is the same as at the time of his death, with half his face still burned. His ultimate fate is yet to be determined as Swytch has sent him to the Cave of Darkness as a part of his impending eternal punishment.

3) Swytch allowed Spinner to go back to his mortal status, however he horribly damaged his face. Spinner now vows to destroy his enemies.


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