Jablonsky and lyman by kooshmeister-d4647gv (1)

Jablonsky (right) and Lyman (left) were Chance and Jake's rivals during their time in the Enforcers. They first appeared in The Radical Beginning where they assist Chance, Jake, and Feral in saving Mayor Manx from Dark Kat and Commander Ashland. However, those two are really self centered people since they always start fights with Chance since they figured he could never become a pilot. The two brothers appear again in End of The Swat Kats where they mock Chance and Jake again for being vigilantes and for verbally abusing them while they were in Enforcer custody.


The uniforms that they have are based on the two incompetent Enforcer members who spot Lenny Ringtain in the Swat Kats episode Enter The Mad Kat

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