Izumi Akazawa (voiced by Jessica Boone in the American English dub and Madoka Yonezawa in the original Japanese dub) is a villain from Another anime series episode 11 and 12 and Another manga chapter 18. She is the widow wife of Tadashi Hamada and also the sister-in-law of Tadashi's younger brother Hiro Hamada. Most importantly, she is also the widow mother of Irene Akazawa.


She wears the school's standard uniform and has two long reddish brown and wavy pigtails tied with blue ribbons. Her eyes have the same color. In the manga, she has the same hairstyle, but with shorter hair. Also, her hair isn't as wavy as in the anime. In the manga, at the end of the series, Izumi chops her hair shorter. In episode 6, Izumi was wearing white ribbons and a pale pink with white dress. In episode 8, she was seen wearing a casual outfit which consist in a reddish blouse and a white mini skirt.


Izumi is the straightforward, unabashed and strong leader of the Countermeasures at Yomiyama Middle School's 3rd year class. She has a bit of a tsundere personality. Izumi is impulsive, irascible and sometimes really mischievous. She also seems to resent Mei (Monica Rial) and even goes as far as to blame her for the deaths of the students. Early in the series, she disliked Kouichi (Gregory Ayres), but in the end, it was revealed that she was fond of him.


In episode 11, Izumi is going to kill Mei instead of Kouichi, April O'Neil (Mae Whitman), Casey Jones (Joshua Peck), Leonardo (Seth Green), Donatello (Rob Paulsen), Michelangelo (Gregory Cipes), and Raphael (Sean Astin) for trying to survive in the burning hotel room. In episode 18, Izumi attempt to kill Mei because she was though Mei was the dead one. Most importantly, she was eventually feels saddened over the loss of her husband Tadashi Hamada during a huge explosions. During her husband's funeral, she resent on her brother-in-law Hiro, including his friends Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Bay Max, Frederick, and Wasabi, but in the end, after Callaghan was taken away by the authorities, it was revealed that she was fond of them. Before her death, she told her brother-in-law Hiro to take care of their newborn daughter Irene Akazawa, and she decide to apologizes to him and his friends for what she did to them.

Character relationships

  • Wife of Tadashi Hamada
  • Sister-in-law of Hiro Hamada
  • Mother of Irene Akazawa


  • (to Hiro Hamada) You think I don't know what they're capable of? You didn't just lose your older brother during that huge explosions, Hiro, but I also lost a husband.
  • Sorry I'm late Kouichi. Schoolwork was murder.
  • (last words) Hiro, I'm sorry.
  • (After blocking Hiro Hamada's punch) Impressive! I hope you have no problem getting beat up by a woman.
  • Misery, misery, misery, that's what you have chosen. I offered you to be my brother-in-law, but you just spat on my face! (angrily punches Hiro by the jaw)
  • Can Hiro Hamda come out to play?
  • A word to the not-so-wise about your friends; do what you need to do with them, then broom them fast!
  • You fire your last shot, Hiro Hamada. Had you not been so selfish, the deaths of your friends would have been so quick and painless, but now that you're starting to pissed me off, I'm going to kill them nice and slow. Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Bay Max, Frederick and I we're going to have a hell of a time!
  • God bless you, Hiro Hamada.
  • The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, and die trying. In spite of everything you have done for your friends, eventually, they will hate you forever.
  • Wake up, Hiro Hamada, wake up. No, you're not dead... yet, just knocked out, that's all. You're an amazing fighter, huh, Hiro? You and I are not so different after all.
  • Well, to each her own, I chose my path, and you chose the way of the hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. But the one thing they love more then a to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you. So, why bother?
  • Here's the real truth, Hiro: There are many innocent lives in this city, and those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose, of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders. You and me - we're exceptional. I could squash you like a bug right now. But I'm offering you a choice: Join me and imagine what we could accomplish together, what we could create...or we could destroy, cause the deaths of countless innocents in selfish battle, again and again and again until we're both dead as well! Is that what you want? (she stood above him) Think about it, Hiro!
  • Hiro, This is why only fools are heroes - because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice!