a few months after the tragic news event, who told the killing of both parents (Maria and Michael Covino Famiglietti), slaughtered with an ax by a young Frigento, by the name of Ivano Famiglietti, you can speak again right of the latter. The 25 year old has spent Christmas locked in his cell in the prison of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi and spends his days in silence, led to a recovery path by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists. Therapies, however, are leading to improvements and attempts by specialists to resurface in the boy's memory that tragic November 12, the day the magistrate was vented on the bodies of the mother and father, they are going in circles. The Ivano mind has completely erased the trail of the day and in the meantime after continuano.Il pm Cecilia De Angelis investigations has requested the psychiatric report, notified the defense lawyer of the young man, Gerardo Head. The evaluations will share in legal proceedings, eligibility and dangerousness of the 25 year old. The aim then is to check the mental condition of Ivano Famiglietti both current and relevant to the day of the massacre, also you will have to determine whether the boy will be able to participate consciously in the process. The overall assessment of the specialist will be vetted by Antonio Sicuranza, judge for preliminary investigations. ivano killing from father and mother

  • Its meaning is there famiglietti means killer families. Ivano from greek means sadic
Ivano famiglietti (csi miami the movie)

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