One by One, They all will Die in Disgrace...
~ Spyro Doomfire when she goes insane

Insane Spyro Doomfire is a Insane, Evil, Dark Form Of Spyro Doomfire, and an minor antagonist in "Margra Batto & Kyra Verbeten."


Insane Spyro has red eyes with Demon Pupils, Sharp Teeth, And Blood all over her clothes.


Insane Spyro has the exact same way With Insane Margra Batto, but Spyro rips guts out when Insane and Spyro uses an axe.


  • Bloody Axe
  • Bloody Knife
  • Bombs
  • AK-47
  • Desert Eagle
  • Machine Gun
  • Claws

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