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Indominus rex
Indominus rex (Neo Ultimorian Canon)
Indominus rex, the Fierce/Untamable King
Alias I. rex
Origin Unknown
Occupation  ???
Status Deceased
Skills Velociraptor-level intelligence and problem solving.

Powerful front limbs that can grab smaller prey with ease.
Very fast and also very loud.
Near perfect camouflage inherited from Cuttlefish DNA.

Hobby Hunting for sport.
Goals N/A
You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.
~ Owen.
So I take it we're not allowed to ever clone Indominus again?
Not ever since the Land Before Time incident that is.
~ A Shiramu Inc. scientist asking Grandis about Indominus rex.

Indominus rex was a cloned hybrid from Jurassic World which was attempted to be recreated in Shiramu Inc. after the blueprints for it were stolen. The egg for Indominus was likewise stolen and thrown into a dimensional vortex in which it arrives in the Land Before Time universe. As it hatches and arrives, it's introduced to the entire cast since it starts off as a hatchling for about a day as it very rapidly grows to adulthood over the course of a few days. Ever since this incident was discovered by Grandis, Grandis placed Indominus rex on the Ultimorian Black List, making it the only creature not native to Ultimoria to be placed on the Black List. Just like with Omnicron, the orders of reaction to sighting anything on the Black List is as follows; destroy and wipe clean from existence if so much as a single specimen is spotted.


Compared to the canon Indominus rex from the movie, it become a sociopath due to sheer isolation. When Shiramu Inc. clones a creature with the intention of it becoming a sociopathic complete monster, they code into it's genetics a "monster gene" that makes the developing specimen have nothing but absolute hatred and a pleasure for killing anything in their way. Thus, the Indominus rex that was created in this incident in particular was born as a Complete Monster, rather than slowly becoming one over time.
~ Rebirth Grandis on the problems with some of his untrustworthy scientists...

Indominus rex, like a typical Sharptooth from the Land Before Time series, does not speak herbivore language in the story (As in, English to the readers). However, at the same time, Indominus does not speak Sharptooth language either. As a result, almost all of Indominus's loud, booming roars are incomprehensible to the main cast entirely, which leads Grandis to speculate that if it's roars were translated into actual dialogue, this particular Indominus would be speaking Old Ultimorian, a language once used by the various mythical beasts of Ultimoria. However, nobody is able to confirm this since due to Indominus being placed on the Black List, no chances to study it were ever given as it was immediately to be destroyed on sight. However, in the opening paragraph of the story, where the early birth of I. rex is implied, it's dialogue is translated:

I was dead once, now I'm here... WHY?!?! They know what I'll grow up into... Why did these beings clone me back?! What is their intent if I am allowed to fully grow once more?! Do they not realize I am nothing but a monstrous machine of murder and not an actual animal?! WHY CAN'T THEY SEE IT?!?!?!
~ The infantile I. rex showcasing madness mantra, before it's sanity slippage fully kicks in...

It's personality, as a hatchling, is that of an outright sadist in motivations. By the time it encounters the main cast, it's already big enough to pose enough of a threat as a small Raptor Dinosaur, as it finds itself attacking Rhett using a combination of a powerful bite and it's powerful arms to strangle him to death. When it grows even larger, it finds an entire nesting site of Yellow Bellies and doesn't leave any of them alive in the aftermath. However, just like the Jurassic World incarnation of Indominus rex, it does not actually eat the victims; it kills them for sport and nearly nothing else. In fact, nearly all of Indominus's kills are not actually eaten in any sense, and almost all of Indominus's larger kills involve injuries that relied solely on it's four clawed, muscular arms to cause fatal damage.

Regardless of what exactly Indominus has in mind, it's ideal is made simple; it seeks so much thrill in killing things that it doesn't ultimately stop in it's rampage against the Dinosaurs of both the Great Valley and the Dinosaurs of the Mysterious Beyond until Grandis himself arrives and napalm bombs every fraction of land that Indominus was spotted in until finally Indominus drops dead from the fiery explosions.


Origin and History

Indominus's egg was misplaced across space-time when it was first created in the Shiramu Inc. office building, and winded up in the prehistoric world of the Land Before Time. When Indominus hatched, it a tad bit larger than most of the younger Dinosaurs in the series, and it's proportions were already designed to allow for it to begin it's killing spree. When it killed it's first victim, it acquired a very sadistic joy in the pain and suffering of others, to where it opted to inflict cold-blooded torture against other Dinosaurs before finally killing them. When Rhett was spotted alongside his herd, Indominus spotted him and murdered him by strangely him with his powerful arms.

When Rhett's herd noticed the youngling being killed, they were quick to act, but failed to realize Indominus could turn almost completely invisible and thus got away from the incident scott free. When Indominus escaped to elsewhere in the Mysterious Beyond, Indominus's size was near equal to that of a medium sized theropod, and thus it began killing other Dinosaurs that were much larger. When confronted by Littlefoot and the gang, they were soon running for their lives as Indominus began chasing after them unrelentingly, despite the fact that midway through the chase, Indominus achieved full sized adult stature while it was hiding in stealth and took the gang by surprise, which they mistook the full sized Indominus as being an adult of the earlier one.

These thoughts and reactions, heard from Shiramu Inc. by Ultima that implied more than one Indominus rex was transported to that other universe by mistake, Grandis became furious and immediately headed to that universe to deal with the problem himself. Regardless of who got harmed in the way, Indominus rex had placed itself on the Black List, and no matter the cost, must be destroyed on sight. Before Grandis would even arrive, Indominus succeeded in killing off the gang of seven, and when the adults went to attack Indominus, the hybrid monstrosity simply charged all of them head on with it's arms lunged for an attack.

Storming it's way through the parents, it kills Topsy by tearing off his neck frill and crushing his skull, used it's own superior strength to kill Kosh, a seemingly invincible Ankylosaurus, by crushing his thumb claws into his eyes to the point his skull shattered from the inside out. Indominus killed just about everything that stood in his way, even the young offspring of the other residents. Finally, when it began to charge towards Grandpa and Grandma Longneck, Grandis arrived with the Omnigun and uses the magicium ore cannon to shatter Indominus rex like glass upon impact with the beam of light, and would proceed to do the same to various areas from which Indominus was sighted in.

After the chaos, Ultima used his omnipotence to alter the timelines so that the mistake never happened, but the memories of it retained by the Ultimorians involved in the incident. Grandis, despite the fact the event no longer happened, kept Indominus rex on Ultimoria's Black List so long as the universe in question was not the Jurassic Park universe, and if it was spotted anywhere else, either Ultima or Grandis himself would arrive and cleanse the universe of the species. Out of all of the creatures to have ever made the Black List, Indominus rex is the only species from outside of the Ultimorian Universe to ever make the Black List.

Temporary Revival

Grandis, having heard the I. rex speaking in Old Ultimorian when he encountered it, temporarily allows the Indominus rex to be revived so that he can speak to it on his own. Indominus rex is rather annoyed with Grandis to the point of constantly cursing at him, which Ultima is confused as to why this is the case. Grandis, after forcing the information from Indominus, soon learns that the entire reason Indominus's egg got misplaced was because of an "old friend", and when Grandis learned all he could from the Indominus, the hybrid Dinosaur is once again destroyed after what little usefulness it had offered had faded.


  • This version of Indominus rex is noteworthy for having grown to full size at an extremely accelerated rate before it was revealed the actual movie version of it did just the same based on how else the Cuttlefish DNA was put to use in creating it in the first place.


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