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Yuanpu (Hyoga)
Hyoga, the Seer of Fate
Alias The Seer of Fate
Origin Unknown
Occupation Foreseer of the Future
Frigid Hermit
Status Alive
Skills Ability to see into the future.
Body burns so hot in temperature it's freezing to the touch.
Very fast on the ground when it chooses to be.
Hobby Unknown
Goals To be proven wrong about fate.
... Right on time. Here you are, expecting me to give some kind of speech about your arrival... that is not how I talk. Instead I simply advise you tread with caution in my palace of ice; a false step will easily ignite your body so much that you'll freeze to the core immediately after the flames settle.
~ Hyoga.

Hyoga, a mysterious, frigid Qilin that was discovered by the main cast by accident while exploring an underground cavern that was revealed during a partial cave-in underneath a barren tundra, is a distant relative of the Ultimorian Deity known as Zaalim, as in, they share the exact same ancestors, but not the same exact powers... sort of. Like Zaalim, Hyoga is technically NOT an actual Ultimorian despite having the common traits of one, in that Hyoga's overall appearance is very beastly and out of place when compared to the more cutesier main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, to the point even the other characters are terrified of what kind of creature Hyoga even is since they've never seen anything like it. Also like Zaalim, Hyoga has a degree of Time Affinity, but only enough to simply allow Hyoga to see into the future, so much frequently that Hyoga strictly believes fate is the absolute law of history, and that everything is already set in stone before it even happens. Hyoga's exact intentions are rather vague, and Hyoga seems to do more to deliberately warn any intruders in it's palace about the various hazards of simply walking through the place than Hyoga does try to actually attack somebody. However, if you manage to stay within Hyoga's palace of ice for a very long time and never leave, Hyoga will get very nervous and attack like a savage animal out of panic since whoever had stayed for that long had overstayed their welcome long prior to this...


Hyoga originated from a second attempt by Shiramu-Kuromu to design a Qilin that didn't fully take on the appearance of a Unicorn, and thus similar to how his first attempt was a hybrid between a Giraffe and a Tiger, Hyoga's design is a cross between a Unicorn, Eastern Dragon, Wolf, and various Eels for it's overall looks. However, it is not certain why Hyoga has a third eye in-universe since Qilins would be close relatives to Unicorns due to how Qilin are very commonly depicted in Chinese Mythology as being an Asian species of Unicorn. However, since the Qilin was also described as being a chimeric animal, the idea for Hyoga being a hybrid of the animals mentioned above was what resulted in the final design for Hyoga. In addition, just as mentioned above, Hyoga possesses stereotypical Ultimorian traits in it's design, such as the Ultimorian Insignia as it's third eye's iris design. Aside from Hyoga and Zaalim sharing the same ancestor, there is no further meaning behind why Hyoga possesses the Ultimorian Insignia in it's third eye. It is believed that gazing into the future so many times in it's life had altered Hyoga's eyes indirectly altered Hyoga's eye design due to the fact several Ultimorians would later appear in the much distant future of this particular universe.


It is difficult to engage in a proper conversation with Hyoga for two reasons. The first being it has no actual gender, and thus normal mannerisms would not work on it. The fact it's voice sounds completely androgynous does not help matters. The second detail is that Hyoga is always in an incredibly isolated location that is hard to access to how hazardous the simultaneously freezing and burning environment it lives in is like compared to other lifeforms in Equestria. It had designed it's own palace to be inaccessible to the outside world, with anybody who actually manages to find it usually not living to tell others of what they had found within the deep caverns below the tundra.

The funny thing about Hyoga's role, though, is that even with it's stubborn insistence on fate being something that is unavoidable, and seeing it's own future seeing vision as nothing but absolute fact due to how long it's lived to see every single event it foresaw play out exactly as it had seen much earlier than when it had actually happened. It had foreseen many events in it's lifetime, such as predicting that Nightmare Moon would return, and predicting that Discord's second imprisonment was not going to be permanent, and even to more obscure predictions that will in fact happen later, but depending on which Season the fanfic takes place in, will not have actually happened yet.

Since it believes fate cannot be bargained or reasoned with, it is heavily against those who believe they can actually defy fate's path, but at the same time, Hyoga is secretly begging for at least one situation where it foresees the outcome ahead of time, and is proven dead wrong by what actually happens instead. In regards to it's actual role as a villain, however, Hyoga is more of the kind of person who simply flat out disagrees with the protagonists rather than having any true form of malice against them or anybody else. In fact, as shown in the quote above, Hyoga seems to deliberately give away each individual hazard within it's palace for those who want to escape before they lose their chance to do so. At the same time, though, it is believed that Hyoga is actually waiting for a very specific individual to storm into it's own palace and seek it out so that that Hyoga can finally meet somebody who could actually survive the hazards of the palace of ice in person.

Design Notes

Considering Kyurem (as mentioned below) is the direct influence for Hyoga's powers and role, Hyoga's original concept was an Ice Dragon, but was scrapped very quickly when considering how much of Hyoga was already being influenced by Kyurem, who is a Dragon/Ice Type Legendary Pokemon. As a result, Hyoga was instead based off of a mythological animal that has, as of the time of writing, not appeared in MLP yet; the mythological Qilin. Technically, though, another basis for Hyoga would indirectly be a Unicorn, since common depictions of Qilin describe it as an Asian species of Unicorn. However, considering Hyoga was designed to look the least bit Pony-like as possible, only the front legs bear any real resemblance to any Pony in the show itself, as the rest of Hyoga's design makes it look more like an Eldritch Abomination among the main cast in terms of specific features it has.

When further working on Hyoga's role and powers, Hyoga was given a lot of nerfs that prevented Hyoga from fully showcasing just how powerful of a creature it's species is, in addition to only appearing very late into the story when it is directly sought out by the main lead who had managed to hear about Hyoga from spreading rumors. However, during designing Hyoga, it was made clear by the second writer of the fanfic that the main protagonist would be of the story breaking power roster, but with the condition of how rapidly he ages if he constantly uses his powers. As a result, Hyoga, a much more different type of beast with a nerfed power roster despite the fact Hyoga had no real reason to be nerfed to begin with due to not having to worry about many problems an Alicorn character would've otherwise had, makes Hyoga to be considered by Shiramu-Kuromu to be the perfect foil to Midnight Moonstone (who is designed by Tobiasthelifebringer).


  • Hyoga's powers and role in the story of the fanfic makes Hyoga an expy of Kyurem's portrayal from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. However, the resemblences end there, since Kyurem is much more willing to kill anybody who gets in his way of the future he had long foreseen to happen, whereas Hyoga openly encourages anybody who can defy fate before it's vision and would rather not inflict harm on people, since it acknowledges anybody who manages to reach it's room in the palace of ice to be worthy enough to see Hyoga in person, since normally, the hazardous environment of the palace of ice is enough to indirectly be the cause of somebody's death being more likely to be the cause of injuries than Hyoga itself would ever be. There is an exception to where Hyoga actually DOES fight, but even then, despite showcasing a lot of power, it is actually using not it's fullest potential, and the only reason it's using as much power as it is happens to be due to the main protagonist of the fanfic being a very strong character due to his "otherworldly" characteristics in comparison to the other key role characters.
  • Hyoga's name is Japanese for "Glacier". Originally, Hyoga was going to utilize the Chinese translation for Glacier; "Bingchaun", but Shiramu-Kuromu did not like the flow or length of that name, and figured Hyoga had a better flow to it when spoken in a sentence as if used as a name for a specific being.
  • It was also intended that Hyoga to actually have a true name based off of it's Japanese name, but twisted around in meaning to translate into "Burning Frost Qilin", but it was too difficult to work with, so kept Hyoga as the current placeholder name, and left Hyoga's actual name a complete mystery that not even Hyoga itself knows what it's own actual name is.
  • Eventually, however, a true name was given for Hyoga; Yuanpu, which is based off of the Chinese Water Deity known as "Wang Yuanpu", the King of the Palace of the Eastern Seas. As a result, Hyoga's definition marks it as a placeholder name by Shiramu Inc. until an actual name was decided to Hyoga, much like how Aesir was originally called Dogma for a while.
  • It is also intended, at all current costs, to have no name at all stated for Hyoga when the actual fanfic begins to be made, and whenever it is referred to in the story, to further flow in with the general confusion the main protagonists get when they first see it in person.

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