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Hydriska, The Omni Predator
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Deceased
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Hydriska, the ultimate predatory animal from Ultimoria, is well renowned for being able to hunt down and subdue practically any other creature that exists, even if it seems it shouldn't be capable of such feats. Once an ordinary Tyrannosaurus in the ancient past, a brief contact with a primal Dragora had corrupted Hydriska's former form to gradually mutate into the form seen here. With this form, Hydriska is virtually alien in nature when compared to animals that exist on other planets, to the point that Hydriska's scales have become so dangerously sharp that the only place he can normally stay without damaging anything is on a black hole, from which Hydriska serves as the ultimate patrol to Ultimoria's borders, ensuring that nobody barges in without being warned of ahead of time.


Only bits and pieces remain of Hydriska's former self, such as the fact that Hydriska's front limbs don't directly touch the ground on their palms, which still face each other like a normal Theropod's hand structure. Instead, Hydriska's hands had evolved to form fingers that point outwards to give the illusion of front legs, with the addition of having evolved a hidden wing membrane for flight. All over Hydriska's body is a layout of spikes, and in addition to that, various magenta markings, with one particular marking being a pitch black instead located on Hydriska's left eye. Hydriska's head, compared to his body, isn't very huge, but is still capable of performing extremely powerful biting attacks.


Hydriska has a reason for being sealed away on a black hole; his scales and other sharp parts of his body are sharp enough to shred apart the flow of space itself, meaning being present anywhere else could easily cause massive damage to the whole Ultimorian Universe, though apparently this universe had adjusted to Hydriska's existence properly. Hydriska, as a whole, is an odd entity, in that it's biochemistry is not that of a being originally from an Earth-like planet, but something completely different altogether. His blood is formed from a highly toxic substance called "Black Matter", which can poison carbon based lifeforms if they come into contact with it, and to make matters worse, Hydriska can willingly vomit up his own blood to damage his enemies if this is the only means to do so.


No sign of intelligence is present among Hydriska, at least, not to the knowledge of the Ultimorian Deities. If Hydriska is sentient, it doesn't showcase it very often. In terms of behavior, Hydriska is essentially a highly loyal, if not insanely aggressive, guard dog. Apparently Hydriska has a history with the Parasite Eve universe, in that it apparently knows about the Neo-Mitochondria Creatures, and does not like any of them, to the point he has a desire to prove to them that they are in fact an evolutionary dead end, whereas a being such as Hydriska himself is the superior evolutionary line, as he survived and adapted to extremely harsh conditions over many eons with relative ease.


Hydriska was the first Ultimorian Deity that Grandis came into direct contact with, since Grandis knew that if he had control of Hydriska, that no other Ultimorian Deity would dare question his growing leadership of the entirety of them all. Hydriska did not take part in many battles during Grandis's rise to power, but he did in fact fight Grandis himself at the very beginning, but the match wasn't in Hydriska's favor since Grandis was fully aware of Hydriska's only weakspot; his left eye which didn't glow magenta like the other markings on his body.

VS Ultimate Being (Parasite Eve)

In an AU timeline of the first Parasite Eve game, the NMCs have taken full control of Earth and the Ultimate Being reigns supreme. However, little do they realize is that Hydriska had been gradually clawing at the barrier between their universe and Ultimoria, and that Hydriska quickly broke loose of his normal behavior to enter their domain, in which Hydriska made short work of the Ultimate Being by poisoning it with Black Matter, before promptly tearing the creature apart limb from limb, and promptly devouring what remained.

Mitochondria Eve, shocked by how easily Hydriska made a mockery of her own spawn, has the other Ultimate Being which was spawned show up to deal with Hydriska, while she herself aide it in battle against the Omni Predator. This did not exactly go too well, as Hydriska again utilized his Black Matter blood to poison the second Ultimate Being, and swallows the thing whole, after which Eve is furious and demands Hydriska to cease and die out like the rest of the lifeforms on this planet... which prompted the following showcase of intelligence from Hydriska.

~ Hydriska's only known line of dialogue

With that, Eve was slowly but quickly backed into a corner by the menacing Hydriska, who was completely immune to Eve attempting to awaken his Mitochondria, as Hydriska completely lacked any such form within his cells, so whatever Eve did do was simply piss off Hydriska even more. As a result, Eve herself became a quick meal to Hydriska after she herself became poisoned by Black Matter, as Hydriska goes absolutely berserk and begins hunting down every NMC in this universe and either slaughtering or devouring them in his path until they're all extinct. Within 7 days, all of them perish at Hydriska's wrath, and Hydriska leaves the AU timeline in an absolutely wrecked state to where by the time Hydriska returns to Ultimoria, the AU timeline is destroyed from the instability of the fabric of space that got shredded apart by Hydriska.

VS The Thing/Activating Supernova Mode (The Thing)

Upon destroying everything NMC to exist in this alternate dimension, Hydriska's intelligence was rolling as many, many thoughts had suddenly hit his mind at once, and he was deciding what plan to enact next. Hydriska, being a creature of evolution through mysterious methods, has a natural hatred of parasite type creatures, which the NMC body count should easily prove, as the Mitochondria in the universe that he's currently in is capable of revolting and taking over the host organism, all the while killing them in the process of mutation.

Hydriska knew, however, that the NMCs were tame by comparison to another parasite he knew existed. He was specifically targeting a species of alien simply called "The Thing", and would savagely demonstrate that Hydriska was hiding some powers that were previously unseen. Why? Because at the time, Hydriska had no use or was incapable of utilizing these hidden powers due to location. With that, Hydriska wrecks the remainder of Earth, and flies off to the nearest barrier of The Thing universe, and barges through the barrier seemingly unnoticed just like before...

...Or so he thinks, as Captain Sirryu had recently taken notice of Hydriska's break out from Ultimoria's border, and the damages that Hydriska had caused to the AU Parasite Eve universe, and has an armada of ships slowly pursue Hydriska as to study what exactly Hydriska is hiding from them all. In truth, Hydriska isn't hiding anything; he's just now beginning to show how intelligent he actually is.

When Hydriska arrives in The Thing universe, he ignites his body into a burning flare of plasma and intense heat as he dive-bombs right towards the homeworld of The Thing parasite, completely incinerating the planet's surface and core to the point the planet explodes in a fiery blaze. Captain Sirryu doesn't yet know of Hydriska's location, since he didn't anticipate Hydriska's attack was actually Hydriska and not a flaming asteroid. With Hydriska now off of the radar, they begin their search for Hydriska, but since they know what planet they're on, they activate every heat generator on the ship to the point the inside of the ship of a giant oven; the Spicivores inside are unharmed, but any traces of the parasite would be destroyed in an instant in case any cells got on board.

Hydriska slowly begins to make his way towards Earth, specifically Antarctica, but Captain Sirryu manages to catch up with Hydriska and use Grandis's Black Hole Spawner to try and attack Hydriska to vaporize it; Hydriska's intense living conditions means he's immune to the weapon, so no Black Holes spawn at all, and if they did, they'd be torn apart by Hydriska's spines upon contact. Realizing their ultimate weapon was ineffective, they call Grandis for back up, which Grandis responds by beginning to make his travel to that world.

Hydriska lands in Antarctica, but finds himself unable to ignite his body again since the "Supernova Mode", as it's referred to, can only last a specific amount of time and requires a cooldown to use again. With that, Hydriska, instead tries to tear apart all of Antarctica, just as Captain Sirryu beams himself to the planet's surface, as Grandis violently crashes into the ground, not in a very jolly mood and ready to kill just about anything that he sees. All three beings are in a course towards Outpost 31, meaning conflict between the three is inevitable, as if The Thing won't already be a source of conflict...

The Thing is eventually flushed out of hiding by Captain Sirryu, who spots it easily with his bizarre visual senses being able to track parasites such as The Thing with ease. Raiding a storage and draining several tanks of gasoline with his saber teeth, The Thing tries to approach Sirryu to assimilate him, but Cap's tail weapon, "The Taipen's Blade", poisons The Thing and is delayed from attacking, until the poison alone reveals to be capable of causing victims to burn up in flames if the poison doesn't stop, though perhaps it was intended that was since Cap was swallowing vast amounts of Gasoline to trigger such an effect.

When Grandis arrives at the outpost, his head opens up to reveal his head is now artificial and there's no longer any organic materials of himself that remain, meaning The Thing would not target him, and even if he did, the fact whatever organs did remain were infected with plague and disease would mean anyone but Grandis himself would perish if they tried to utilize these organs. By triggering a switch, Grandis activates a highly explosive flamethrower that nearly destroys the entire base in a single shot... until The Thing seems to make a run for it in the form of a Malamute, which is where Hydriska finally takes the scene and chases down the dog wannabe with haste.

With Grandis and Cap burning every patch of area that the base occupied, Hydriska is about to finish off the Malamute until a much larger Thing emerges from the ice, having thawed enough to awaken, and takes the form of a gigantic, quadrupedal reptilian, which Hydriska's mind seems to identify as "Triceratops-Thing", and attacks it with extreme savagery, outright mauling the creature endlessly to no effect... which is when Grandis and Captain Sirryu flat out ditch the planet once they learn of the increasing heat in the area, and Hydriska activates Supernova Mode yet again and obliterates the entire Solar System in a single burst of energy, this time being a much more powerful explosion than the one he used on the alien world.

With The Thing currently deemed extinct to Hydriska's knowledge, Hydriska let's out a mighty roar before departing back to Ultimoria, heading back to the black vortex from which it's resting spot is and takes a lengthy rest after having dealt with two types of parasitic creatures in a single day. Grandis and Captain Sirryu take the time to analyze the data that Hydriska unknowingly provided them, and noted that Hydriska won't be of any unnecessary threat to the Ultimorian Deities so long as whatever universe they're invading doesn't involve the main antagonist being a parasite in nature. Ultimoria, lacking in such types of organisms, has nothing to worry about, as Hydriska simply sleeps away his fatigue after a long day...

Dogma's Damnation

Life... Life is just... so..... beautiful......
~ Hydriska's final words.

In the final days of Ultimoria as it was currently known, Hydriska's was the first victim, as he arrived on Grandis and the other Deities's doorstep in injuries so severe it looks as if entire chunks of his body got disintegrated instantly, and Hydriska soon collapsed to the ground and disintegrated into stardust. The Omnipredator, now officially extinct for good, was never reincarnated for the new plain of existence that would fallow after Dogma had completely reset all of existence to rid the many universes of Ultimoria's ilk.

Rebirth of Hydriska: Balaur Macbeth

When an attempt to revive two prehistoric alpha predators came into progress at Shiramu Inc., two species known as Terranadrosus and Harvest Dragons, the first two individuals were the most violent of their species from the past era. Hydriska, actually having been reborn as a Tyrannosaurus during the feudal age of Ultimoria, suddenly and rapidly began evolving through all of his past forms all the way until his last known final form from the old era, as he charges the lab which contains the Harvest Dragon individual and crashes through space-time and winds up in the Sailor Moon Universe.

Becoming blinded by the electric poisons that the Harvest Dragon unleashed on it, Hydriska goes into a blind fury and attacks everything in sight, all the while his own sharp scales tear apart all of hyperspace. After being defeated by Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi, the Outer Senshi go to investigate where Hydriska emerged from to get answers, while the Inner Senshi try to locate the monstrosity that was also spotted alongside Hydriska. Hydriska, for the remainder of this story, is in a comatose state and doesn't awaken again until the climax, in which Hydriska's outer body suddenly explodes like a supernova and Hydriska evolves into his most ultimate form; a humanoid avian from which Hydriska's evolution into an Ultimorian Deity is finally complete.

Utilizing the various powers of godhood he acquired, Hydriska puts up a brutal fight against all of the Senshi, including the Harvest Dragon in the form of a humanoid named Balaur Macbeth, but Hydriska fails to finish off any of them when Sailor Neptune and Uranus arrive with a highly pissed off Grandis, who immediately chases down Hydriska at intense speed and knocks him out of the sky. Afterwards, Grandis has Ultima fix all of the damages in space-time in this universe, as he leaves back for Ultimoria, unaware that Balaur Macbeth had followed him back to Ultimoria...

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