Howard van Skullotto is the main antagonist of the Halfchild series. He is the founder and CEO of Skullcorp and is also the culprit responsible for taking away Tammy Halfchild's life.

Character and Traits

Howard van Skullotto is a tall, bald-headed man with a long, golden-brown beard. He wears a stereotypical black suit with a black tie and navy blue combat boots. He has olive/green-colored eyes and his suit covers his very muscular body.

Howard is depicted as the founder and CEO of Skullcorp, an evil company whose sole purpose is to make money by selling drugs to the citizens of Greenfield, which in many ways makes him similar to Gary Walker from the Appleseed Creek series. Along with Gary and HudicDark220 from the Xboxers series, he is claimed to be one of the most evil Poco TV villains of all time.

Howard can be described as abusive, diabolical, sociopathic, prejudiced, sadistic and short-tempered. He frequently bullies his employees and gives them threatening warnings whenever something goes wrong and he feels the joy of doing it. He is also self-centered and greedy, always taking the opportunity to sell drugs in order to grab people's money, so he can become president of Greenfield and live in a mansion of his own in the future.

Howard also takes great pleasure in taking away everything people loved, including their friends, family and personal belongings. This is seen when Howard sentenced Tammy to three months of everything she loved being taken away and denying her freedom of rights - this lead to Tammy constructing a transmutation serum that transformed her into Miss Hyde, so she could get revenge on him. Despite this, Howard is not highly aware that Tammy is Miss Hyde. He thinks Tammy is a normal person and Miss Hyde is just a monstrous creature out to get him. But he was wrong - he finds this out when Tammy drinks the same serum in the movie after she lost her form, but got it back once she drank it.

Rivalry with Studio Infinity

In the Poco TV crossover film, Appleseed Creek: Mission Halfchild, Aleks Hudock, the founder and CEO of Studio Infinity and the main protagonist of the Appleseed Creek series, sues Skullcorp for making deals with people for drugs, blackmailing people for money and taking away Tammy's life for three months. So Howard gets angry when he hears this from Aleks and decides to shut down Studio Infinity with the help of Gary. By the very end of the film, when Howard and Gary are defeated, Aleks and Tammy send them to the Appleseed Creek Town Hall. Howard was fined thirty-two million dollars off of his budget and Gary was sentenced to three months in federal prison.

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