Howard van Schmidt is the main antagonist of the Halfchild series. He is the eldest brother of Katie and Zoe van Schmidt as well as the archenemy (and occasional friend) of Tammy Halfchild.


Howard started out as a disrespectful, narcissistic and unapologetic snob who would often harass students, because of their disabilities and sexuality. When he kidnapped Tammy's family to get answers of where he can find her, he is revealed to be a serial killer who would threaten them, until they answered his questions.

Howard lives in a luxurious mansion with his cheerful and sometimes clueless family. Howard's pride and narcissism makes him a lowdown, callous, greedy, self-centered, power-hungry, cold-hearted, sadistic, manipulative, cruel, near-mindless individual who would often treat his own parents like slaves, emotionally abuse his younger sisters (particularly Katie) and say that women have no right to get in shape like men, which angers Tammy. He would often pick on scrawny people and say that they are "Bony-Armed Wonders" and whatever he was given, he does not accept it because of his ungrateful attitude towards the nicest things people offer.

Howard van Schmidt has also been shown to have an intense disrespect for the law. He would frequently shoplift, vandalize the suburbs, physically abuse poor people and try to eradicate the police.

Despite being the main antagonist of the series, Howard is shown to have quite a heroic side on rare occasions, which in many ways makes him more of an anti-hero. There are times when he tends to help Tammy defeat a certain enemy who is taking his place as Tammy's archenemy. His soft side is loyal and helpful, yet clueless.

Criminal Record

Indecent Exposure: Howard often walks around in public and disgusts people by picking at his private parts. Although the police try to arrest him for doing it, they never succeed in doing it.

Copyright Infringement: Howard has shown to be hateful towards Tammy's film production company, Halfchild Films. He tends to steal their ideas and make them look stupid.

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