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After making machine was destroyed by 9, he lost in the dead world, thanks to the talisman that possessed the soul of the scientist who was seperated into different dolls that possessed numbers to highlight them making machine got a bit armazenas those souls within him, because of this, he managed to create the own soul borrowed while he was in the underworld, he found the memories of him going through his brain that also included the memories of how it was created, as the scientist said, the fabrication machine had serious psychological problems because he had no human soul, however, the machine received his first emotions while he was managing to create souls with emotions he could store inside of himself.

After this he was managing to adapt to the emotions of the soul of the scientist get up to speak and think for himself, however, as expected making machine not owned kindness, he realized that he was born to destroy worlds and universes, he thought in the way that all worlds would be better without organic forms inhabiting this world that only lived to pollute and destroy, this kind of thinking awoke the true dark side of the human soul that he got left inside, as well as also by the desire for revenge he had been manipulated by the humans.


The RematchEdit

Hive Mind's fateEdit


Hive Mind is a big difference between his true form, he has a giant body made of rusted steel with large dark aura around him, he has up to 10 feet tall with giant claws made all kinds of old materials possible, it is a mix iron, steel and darkness, his appearance is almost impossible to explain because it appeared to be completely inexplicable and his parts are completely disorganized.

Trivial in some parts he has 2 big huge tanks in which it is always coming in and fire just as ancient form of it, he has the eye in the middle of the body, but different from his old version, his is eye surrounded by small plates and also his eye that was formerly a eye of a robot now was a eye of a demon that whose red light was pure demonic energy.

Psychological description

Powers and skills

Thanks to the talisman and another dark unknown force, Hive Mind has won several powers that also included not only tecnology of war equipment inside of his body, but also possessed great skills cosmic powers.


WeaponLarge claws, weapons of mass destruction


  • Extreme Artificial Intelligence: One of the weapons used by him, this ability is also the most common in himself before he died, the artificial intelligence was already far more capable and powerful than before, with the dark energy and the great ability he has built an army in a small period of time. This hablidade also allow a super intelligence, giving a great capacity for manipulation and strategy.
  • Magi-Tech: The magic of the talisman and tecnoligia permaceu still being manufactured inside the machine when he died, he used this small amount to espandir with the evil force that he managed to get the underworld uses own magic, giving a great capacity for destruction, strength including much more powerful weapons.
  • Cosmic Powers: The most powerful skill of him, with the power of the demonic underworld and magic talisman he has managed to combine two things that should never ever be united according to physics, he turned into a double entity with cosmic powers of an unimaginable source of power cosmic and divine, almost becoming a god. He possessed control over space and time, he could easily travel between dimensions to destroy them with a massive power of cosmic destruction, becoming also the apocalypse in a machine that would bring chaos to all universes.
  • Dark Shadow: The dark shadow was his own body, a dark and evil aura that surrounded the metal body that it was now a dark void that appeared to be a large gap, he could use this shadow as a way to pursue, he could put a little shadow of his soul that makes him a part of the mind and he could separate a small part of his shadow so he can use this shade as a third eye (in his case would be a second eye). He could also use it to turn into a mass of black smoke to move through the air with great speed.
  • Flamethrower: He owned several iron pipes in his claws shoot that allowed a powerful flamethrower leaving a large pipe smoke from his back.
  • Missiles:  The missiles were magical, and were not anywhere in his body, the missiles were formed through the energy coming from his eye, was made of black magic missile power, however, they possessed a devastating power of destruction.
  • Lasers: The lasers were also formed through the magic of energy from his eyes, they did not have a power equivalent to fire the missiles, but they could be shot thousands of times in a row as a minigun.

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