Helsanna, or classically known as Evil Elsa, was a one-time villain in the deviantart fanfiction Surprised Patrick: The Series and a recurring villain in it's sequel Burning Flesh. She was also the scrapped version of Elsa that was originally meant to be the main antagonist in Disney's Frozen.

Surprised Patrick: The Series

In The Tale of Two Elsas, Helsanna was created by Surprised Patrick Star, who happened to be tampering around inside David Rust's lab, trying to help out the Elsa. She was made out of Elsa's hair, a teal chemical, and salt. Upon her creation, she had named herself Helsanna after gaining sudden personality and turned her own hair black. As far as freezing Vincent and Juliet, Helsanna flew on a snowflake platform and set out to take over Chesfolk. Rather than listening to Elsa, David, Surprised Patrick, and Clara Barnes had set out to defeat her. Upon Surprised Patrick doing so with chemical-tainted blades, Helsanna had "perished" and turned into blue goop. At the end, it was mysteriously taken off the street.

Burning Flesh

With the blue goop, a dead woman, and the base's technology, the Black Cog had ressurrected her to check tabs on David whether he was alive or not. Later, she went back and informed Clara and the Black Cog that David had gotten fire powers thanks to Clara's previous bio-experiment. Helsanna was then told to bring David to the base alive for personal reasons and goes as far as trying to take Hal and Cal as frozen hostages.

After David faced Clara on his own and tried to flee the base under Bikini Bottom Island, Helsanna engages David into her final showdown both in and on the ocean. By the time Wreck-it-Ralph and Elsa arrived, Helsanna summoned and connected herself to an ice demon. After being exposed to the same weakness from before, David had evaporated the blue goop, thus killing her for good.


  • The name "Helsanna" is a combination of three words: Hell, Elsa, and Anna.

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