Harrison Provost appeared in the original script of Batman Returns where he is a member of the Five Families, an organization of people who became rich after a large theft was performed on Gotham City. Provost tried to escape with his raven after the death of Randall Shave and ended up being killed by Penguin as he was going up the elevator. Provost was even ruthless to Vicki Vale when he refused to print her story on homeless men being attacked and wanted to print how Batman was murdering the corrupt members of Gotham City when it was actually Cat Woman impersonating him.

In Batman Continues, Provost is the new head of Gotham's underworld after Max Shreck died. Provost is described by Commissioner Gordon to be too wild to lead a criminal underworld. Provost is the publisher of the Gotham Globe and is known to be charismatic to the public except for Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent. Provost saw Dent as a constant thorn on his side and tried to use his alternate personality to blackmail him. However Dent led his Big Bad Harv personality take over him and a huge battle happened at Axis Chemicals causing half of Harvey's face to horribly damaged. Harvey later killed him after Provost exposed Harvey's secret on the media.

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