Hans Lynx

Hans was born in Germany where he spent most of his life in Mew York City. During the summer, Hans went to Germany to take piloting lessons with Fritz and his grandfather. Han's grandfather took over the Reliable Bank and passed it on Fritz. Fritz was a great business leader and expanded the Bank across the states. One day, Fritz learned that the Blue Manx's great-great grandson Mayor Manx was alive and went to MegaKat City with Fritz in anger. The Lynx family harbored great feelings of hatred toward that Manx family for what the Blue Manx did to their ancestor the Red Lynx and to their family name. Hans' father Fritz organized a terrorist network against Mayor Manx called the Rote Armee (German for Red Army) to destroy Manx and reduce MegaKat City to rubble.

Fritz ordered his son Hans to join Commander Feral and the Enforcers so Hans can recruit people into the Rote Armee. Feral and Steele kicked Hans off the force for ignoring their authority. Fritz got angry at his son and Hans decided to impress him by joining the MBI so that the organization can be useful to his father.

Agent Tasha Forge learned about this and convinced Hans to drop his grudge. Fritz got angry at this and gave Hans a ring of the Red Lynx which contained the Red Lynx's soul that slowly possessed Hans. Hans started hurting the people he cared about, fortunately the MBI removed the ring from him and Hans was able to gain full control of himself. Hans decided never to associate with his father for this.

Soon, Hans and Tasha got married. Tasha would sometimes get jealous since Hans spent more time in the chopper than with her. Fritz decided to disband his terrorist group since he wanted to become a part of his son's life. However, Fritz will always hate Manx no matter what.


-The Red Lynx was an inspiration of the Red Baron who was the most evil pilot during World War II. The Red Baron was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (May 2, 1892-April 21, 1918), . The Red Baron was considered to be the top ace when it comes to war and was official credited with 80 air combat victories.

-The Red Baron also has descendants as well like Dr. Hermann von Richthofen, was German Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1989–1993, where his name made him a media favorite.


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