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In this promotional artwork, the army of Hades Empire attacking SVR (Star Voyager Resistant).

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The Hades Empire is an evil extraterrestrial empire descended from the dark planet called Hereticus (Hereticons in later appearances). It is served as a group of main antagonists you face in Aegius series of horizontal side-scrolling shooter games, originally throughout their original appearance of SVR as the first installment.


The entire menacing alien race of Hereticus was not much known or where they currently live, but it was stated by the mysterious aliens that the citizens of Xenoria (a.k.a. Xenoworld, Xenoverse or Xenopolis) have fallen due to their difficulties and changed into corruption. In the actual event, long time ago after the meteorite disaster, Aegians have discovered an alien artifact called Space Nemesis. It was found elsewhere in the hellish planet Hereticus and try to capture it. However, people are still researching the artifact in harder way for their cosmic mastery. Before the events of galactic war, later on, a group of evil aliens is usually infiltrating their artifact anywhere in Hereticus but it was no longer found when it was taken by Aegians. Then they begin to invade Aegius in order to re-capture an artifact from their enemies and regroup a new organization (which is led by the supreme mastermind named Belker) until they dominate our solar system and bring only destruction, but their headquarters is impossible. Meanwhile, Earth has received a help for those earthlings who want to save the universe and make them as their allies during galactic invasion, but they decided the space military organization, known Planetary Alliance. Now it is ready to launch the defense against them during the enormous space war.


The Hades Empire made their appearance mainly in many SVR titles, the prequel timeline series of Aegius. They would seemingly rely on the orange crystals (which are mysteriously harvested from Xenoria) as their source of imperial army units, but in spite of the advance weaponry they built, the Planetary Alliance builds the defensive, powerful star fighter, which is modified the combination between Earth's most powerful technology and some parts of machinery from alien invaders. However, it was considerably resulted in a powerful weapon the aliens would not stand a chance against.

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