Hades (Character What)0001

Hades is major villain in the Character What franchise, He is the ruler of the Underworld and is Zeus's brother, Hades was the main antagonist in Disney's 1997 animated film Hercules.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Art Power, Hades was in the Underworld thinking how to defeat Hercules, Hades got angry when he could'en think a way to defeat Hercules. Shadow Aaron came to the Underworld to ask Hades to help him to defeat Shadow Joe.

In Smile Hades, Hades appear in Ponyville and Pinkie Pie saw how unhappy Hades was, Pinkie Pie went to Hades and try to happy and kind, but Hades got annoy with Pinkie Pie and lost his temper with her.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Underworld Lordship:
  • Object Creation:
  • Fire Manipulation:
  • Monster Control:
  • Darkness Control:
  • Smoke Control:
  • Teleportation:



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