ModificaSegui this paginaGuy Fawkes , illustration by George Cruikshank on the novel by William Harrison Ainsworth 's 1840Guy Fawkes ( York , April 13, 1570 - London , January 31, 1606 ) was a military ecospiratore inglese.Noto also under the pseudonyms of Guido Fawkes and John Johnson , Guy Fawkes (sometimes also spelled Faukes or Faux ) was a member of a group of conspirators English Catholics who attempted to assassinate an explosion with King James I of England and all members delParlamento English gathered in the House of Lords for the opening of parliamentary sessions of the year 1605.Il November 5, 1605 the plot was discovered by Thomas Knyvet , a soldier of the king , and 36 barrels of gunpowder were disinnescati.Da then, every November 5 , the United Kingdom and New Zealand children go around the country with puppets , reciting a nursery rhyme that thanks God for having saved the King by the attack , to ask for money to be given to parents to buy fireworks for the bonfire where burning the puppets in the symbolic repetition of ' execution of the conspirators ; The celebration is known as diGuy Fawkes Night or Night Guy Fawkes.Di recently the stylized face of Fawkes mask which is used as a symbol of rebellion ( mask of Guy Fawkes ) .

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