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Gresho, Necessary Evil
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

(More information can be found here on Hero Fanon Wiki about Gresho!)

Gresho is a "villain" from an upcoming Klonoa fanfic by Shiramu-Kuromu in which Gresho serves as both a protagonist and an antagonist at the same time, although he is NOT the true villain of the story despite that. The story focuses around a crystal ball which contains "The Scale of Balance", which allows Gresho to see if the universe has too much good or too much evil. If the universe has too much good, he takes it upon himself to play the role of the villain. If the universe has too much evil, he takes the role of a hero to ensure the scale is back in balance. As a whole, Gresho is not so much of a villain as he is simply obsessed with trying to make sure the world isn't destroyed by the forces of good or evil becoming too powerful than what they should naturally be.

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