Greenie is the secondary protagonist of Replay. However despite having morality and is good-hearted, he is more sadistic than Zach and became the main antagonist in a couple episodes.

Villainous Acts

He, along with Zach, repeatedly ticked off Oaken.

He freed Corner Store Woman from a prison to murder the "Evil Duck". The whole event caused chaos to most of Dimmsdale.

To be Gilbert's archenemy, he robbed a military base, set a trap on his enemies, and destroyed the moon.

He wanted to kill Craig for being weird.

He revealed that he knew about Mr. Krabs killing a civilian and blamed it on The Gronzes, because Mr. Krabs did not want anybody to know he killed Health Inspector.

He was involved in tricking Benny the Bully into thinking he was a wild boar and when he died, he laughed and said it was hilarious.

He robbed a bank to help Victor the Villain become a bad guy.

True Main Antagonist Role: He killed Scrat and took its heart to give it to Zach for Valentine's Day. That act horrified everybody (except Zach who said that Greenie was even worse than him). He also battled Zach in Sagano and was only defeated when Zach decked him.

He laughed at Boots for dying of a poison apple and pointed out that he feels good about laughing at people.

When Starfire's sister Blackfire appeared to have killed Zach, Greenie wanted revenge. Despite Blackfire redeeming herself, as well as apologizing, and trying to give Greenie his old doll, Greenie burned the doll, and continued to beat up Blackfire. But to be fair she did deserve it.

He messed with Batman's stuff, AND brought it into battle despite protests from Zach.

He repeatedly punches Banner every time he sees a bug.

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