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Granjia, the Overseer of Scapegoats.
Alias The Golden Man
Origin Unknown
Occupation  ???
Status Status unconfirmed
Skills Shapeshifting into variable forms of variable power and skills of virtually any kind until it's stamina fully depletes (currently disputed whether or not Granjia has this at all nowadays).
Hobby  ???
Goals  ???

(Note: More Info Here on the recent retcon.)

Granjia, the third of the Primordial Deities, is the one everyone knows the absolute least about. However, recent studies showcased a huge misunderstanding with Granjia's existence; it is nothing more than a puppet entity for other Deities to control. In fact, ever since it's body got accidentally lodged into the mainframe of another universe, it had been the very cause of the "SAO Curse", which caused the Ultimorians to be very hostile to other universes. While Granjia has no actual mind and is thus considered a truly neutral party, it's controlled status by Kagubot often leads to Granjia being a villain; in reality, it is neither a villain nor a hero.

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