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~ Grandis Elite Corp individual upon spotting a new target.
~ Grandis Elite Corp Individual upon attacking a target.

Grandis Elite Corps are a legion of robotic duplicates of Grandis in which Grandis has personal control of in-order to fool enemies into a false sense of security. They are generally only utilized when Grandis is out for a personal kill that doesn't relate to the overall invasion of a universe, or if the cases does call for them, they are used as swarming back up units for both himself and the Ultimorian Deities who have been injured in a battle. The Grandis Elite Corps robots have no actual intelligence, but despite that, they can in fact speak two words in differing tones, most of which being aggressive in nature. The words are "Terminate!" and "Obliterate!", the first being used when they first spot a target, and the second being used when they're about to launch a direct attack on a target. The real Grandis speaks just like them when they're first summoned for use, and until Grandis decides to drop the ruse, they speak like this. If the ruse is dropped, they become dead silent and don't utter a sound. They only direct combat abilities they've inherited from Grandis are his cannon and sword, in addition to powerful melee abilities and durability. They have a few other abilities that Grandis himself currently doesn't have, but they're not very important.

Known Uses

Battle testing against Kyubey

Grandis, sometime after gaining leadership of the Ultimorian Deities, orchestrated a secret service for other universes in which they can hire a single Ultimorian Deity to utilize to kill a specific target. The first job they got was to kill Kyubey, and the one they hired to do so was Grandis. With that, Grandis was already aware Kyubey was a very difficult to opponent to face, not because he was offensively powerful, but it was allegedly impossible to kill him. With that in mind, Grandis finished the new ammo he acquired for his cannon, and he and at least 100 drones were transported the Madoka Magica Universe.

Upon spotting Kyubey in front of Madoka, the two of them heard laughter approaching from behind them, and Grandis himself showed up, floating in the air as he yells "Terminate!" before firing a mock shot to scare off a panicked Madoka so that she can stay out of the way, as Kyubey doesn't seem to be angered by Grandis until Grandis tests his new weapon directly on him; the Black Hole Spawner, a weapon designed to heavily negate the Incubator's Regeneration ability, by making it so that each time they try and revive themselves, a Black Hole generates right where they stand and quickly begins to expand. Kyubey foolishly takes several shots from this weapon and doesn't realize the effect of the weapon until he tries to move around, and notices he's having trouble trying to simply stay alive, at this point he decides to flat out flee Grandis, who promptly gives chase and is joined by 10 drones in the process.

Chasing Kyubey all the way to a four way intersection in the middle of a city, 25 drones on each street in perfect line-up as which to fire upon Kyubey with, Kyubey is taken by surprise when Grandis himself appears and reveals the entire trick was a ruse, and that soon Kyubey will perish, as the weapon is still heavily effecting Kyubey's body to the point it'll become difficult for him to try and regenerate. As Kyubey still tries to regenerate, Grandis orders his 100 drones to open fire on Kyubey with the same exact weapon he used to begin with, and within mere minutes, Kyubey is (allegedly) completely destroyed as a result.

With their first mission done, Grandis collects his payment after he shows the footage of himself and his drones killing Kyubey, and uses the reward from he gained in addition to the video evidence to improve his henchmen's combat abilities and AI. Apparently Kyubey later DID somehow return from the dead, but that was apparently solely because somebody was dumb enough to wish the Black Hole Spawner seed implanted in him by Grandis to be removed, which gave Kyubey the chance to regenerate his body and live on again. However, Kyubey now knows to not mess with Grandis, as he is informed that if he ever tries anything sneaky with Madoka again, he will return yet again, pointing out that Grandis is either fully aware that Kyubey is alive, or was always aware that Kyubey didn't die to begin with even in the final assault.

Dogma's Damnation

All remaining Grandis Elite Corps unites were destroyed by Dogma.