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I am your replacement, in the future not promised to you, my dear uninvited guest.
~ Grandis
Think of it this way, gentlemen. I can either be a painful sword to your side or your most powerful ally.
~ Grandis, regarding his true alignment

Grandis (Also known as Martin, and nowadays categorized as Mal-Grandis) is a deity from an unknown universe known as Ultimoria. As one of the few humans left alive ever since a destructive event, he was granted extraordinary abilities, but as a deity, he was sub-par to even the other human deities until relatively recently. In recent years, he's more infamous for his insane abilities, and now leads a rebellion cult against the Top God known as Oblivion, who wants to prevent the Ultimorian Deities from causing chaos like they had done eons ago, despite having been one of those same Deities. Once Oblivion was dethroned, Grandis took it upon himself to lead Ultimoria to conquer other dimensions as the first real plan of action as their leader. While Grandis is by far the most powerful Ultimorian Deity due to his youth, he is by no means the best of them in terms of skills and combat prowess, as he lacks in actual combat skill and aim, but makes up for it in sheer raw power alone, which is what allowed him to become leader in the first place.

In the Neo Ultimorian Canon, he is replaced by a good aligned version of his character with different physical appearances, but the same basic idea in mind.


With only his head remaining, his only known organic features are pale skin, blackish brown hair, a shaggy goatee, and cyan eyes. His cybernetic body is formed out of an armor set he both used to wear and gets his current "Grandis" from, which prominently features shoulder pads based on the planets Uranus and Neptune on his right and left shoulder respectively, and his torso is given the impression that is heavily ripped, but before this body became permanent, it was simply for appearances only rather than to showcase actual strength. His gauntlets are clawed at the tips of the fingers, and his boots have three toed sections, and another remnant of his former self is the tail that his armor required to move around properly with. He is equipped with two weapons called the "Matter Destroyer Cannon" and "Frigid Sword" Statistically, Grandis is 5'08" feet tall, and weighs about 220 pounds give or take. His armor, depending on the situation, can make him weigh as heavy as 70 million tons. On his back, when viewed from the front, it appears as if he has wings of a sapphire color, but in actuality they are a collection of millions of metallic quills gathered together to form a mane of sorts. In addition, Grandis used to wear a helmet with his armor, but his identity as a villainous conqueror didn't warrant the need for it anymore, as without his helmet, his head was virtually indestructible as if he had the helmet on to begin with. As a side note, Grandis, depending on the universe he enters, can either emerge as his normal 5'08" height, or be as tall as a 255 foot (77.724 meter) tall colossus, or alternatively Grandis himself can modify whether or not he emerges as this size at all. It simply depends on his requirement for the size in question. His weight, oddly enough, doesn't change when he changes in height.


Grandis has the ability to withstand practically every attack, as evident with how he declared himself leader of a group called "Clan Ultimoria", in which he withstands a massive burst of Gamma Radiation and doesn't even flinch, to the point he simply continues walking forward in the direction of the attack. In terms of offensive abilities, Grandis has extremely superhuman strengths and the ability to bring even Gods older than himself into submission, as Grandis claimed that if he so much as needed to, he would've done the same trick with Hydriska to win everyone over to his side before leading everyone against Oblivion, their mortal enemy and only God to never join Clan Ultimoria. Grandis, as a God, has the ability to fly and directly communicate with his generals and soldiers through simple thoughts that can be heard all throughout space and time. In addition to being able to perform these great feats, Grandis is equipped with two weapons that can break the laws of physics with how they work, in that they destroy matter, which allows Grandis to absorb the shattered pieces of it to allow him to create matter if he is charged with the ability to do so. In addition to these powers, Grandis has a crucial ability to absorb the powers of slain enemies and claim them as his own, but he rarely uses said abilities due to preferring to use what he's more familiar with instead. As stated above, he's the strongest of the Ultimorian Deities in terms of raw power alone, but he is by no means the most skilled, despite having every skill needed to lead the others into battle, with himself mostly preferring a more behind the scenes approach instead.


Grandis (Mouth Plate)

Grandis as depicted with a mouth plate, making him look almost identical to his robotic copies.

First becoming a God at human age of 20, he was a social outcast due to his autism as a human, an impairment which effects even his modern form of Grandis. His speech can initially appear like he's an idiot or something similar, but it's not the way he speaks that matters, it's WHAT he speaks about, as he knows far more than the other Ultimorian Deities due to having secretly had a hand in creating each and every one of them, and not realizing it until he had heard that Oblivion had actually existed in the present. Taking advantage of the fact every other God was effectively imprisoned thanks to Oblivion's sloppy rule, to the point Oblivion made absolutely no effort at all to try and stop Grandis from acquiring himself an army and dethrone Oblivion with haste. As a God, he is a hero among the Ultimorians for having freed them from Oblivion's rule, but to others he can have the personality of a sadistic monster, but when you look at the actions he had done for his fellow Ultimorian Deities, he is a hero to them, making it an extreme case of cultural differences that define who is. When he was still human, he used to have love interests, but now that effectively all of them are dead, he is effectively widowed before he ever got a chance to even propose to them, as he had genuinely cared for all of them, but it was the absolute fury and rage he felt with his third love interest effectively betraying him that drove him to kill her in the end, and forever tie himself to his fellow deities in the process, in that each of them were once heroes or innocent, but now all of them are evildoers who have an insane urge for conquest. When sighted in other universes, there's a myth that so much as making direct eye contact with Grandis without even knowing it means instant death, and that they would be forcefully transformed into monstrous demons that would become slaves for Grandis to summon for his own attacks.

In terms of times in which he does have to rely on himself for combat, he typically prefers a "Leeroy Jenkins" type of approach, as while he can easily make entire strategies against enemies, all of those strategies only benefit the other Ultimorian Deities, whereas a simple move in to attack directly approach actually better suits Grandis than one would realize. However, he does have his own "strategy" to the mix. When he confronts an enemy personally, his only vocals are laughter and the words "Terminate!" (His word for ordering a target to be destroyed) and "Obliterate!" (His calling of his own attacks). This is purposefully done to lure his targets into a false sense of security by making them believe that Grandis is but a mindless cyborg among many others that look like him. They're typically dead long before they can figure out that it's a ruse. In terms of dialogue, he very frequently uses either direct or modified quotes from other characters in fiction, which is to imply that Grandis either knows of their existences of have met them before (The aforemented Terminate and Obliterate lines are copied from Strika and Obsidian from Transformers Beast Machines, who utilized a virtually identical tactic in their debut battle to prove themselves as high level threats). His arc line that he presents to both his love rival and Oblivion is taken both directly from Cichol and modified in the latter time it's used. As suggest by both this and future lines, Grandis is known to either simply copy or flat out steal strategies employed for his own usage, apparently to watch as his targets get demolished by their own strategies but with a much greater back-up force applied to them. Given how he apparently knew about them when he was younger and indirectly created the other Ultimorian Deities based off of a select few individuals that inspired him in his youth, it is unclear if Grandis shows any hatred or respect towards the characters that assited in helping him indirectly create his own generals and armies.

An odd note about Grandis is strangely hypocritical he is when encountering other characters classified as highly monstrous in nature, as Grandis will personally storm down their entire universes they're from, not even caring for whatever rules normally apply to that universe, and will begin flat out demolishing everything in his path until the villain that triggered his rage drops dead from his own cold, clawed hands. A certain character from the Sword Art Online universe had learned of Grandis's existence the hard way, as his personality and motives as a villain had led to Grandis simply flat out obliterating the universe rather than simply killing off the targetted villain, and by destroying that universe, he sent his fellow Deities on an endless search of nearby universes to hunt down and exterminate any survivors from the event. Why exactly Grandis behaves like this at times is unclear, but he apparently dislikes villains who are highly abusive in nature towards women and children, possibly reflecting Grandis's youth as a mortal with his ultimate dream at the time was to become successful and be married with kids of his own. An odd quirk is that Grandis CAN be bargained with, in that at least two clients had deliberately commissioned for two specific Complete Monsters to be slain by his own hands, and that he apparently has a very respectful connection with a BLU Medic from TF2, frequently exchanging information about various biological weapons while Grandis regularly pays Medic with a high sum of money if he is involved in assisting him with a scheme, regardless of whether the request didn't even require such a high reward since most of his victims to suffer wrath from both Grandis and Medic tend to already be dead before their "true" demise even begins, hinting Grandis gleefully enjoys seeing enemies he had thought were fictional before becoming a god suffer by his own accord once he had discovered their actual existences.

Given the most extreme of circumstances, Grandis, oddly enough, can easily be the hero of the story if there's an actual reason for him to be put into such a role. In Kagugora's case, it was because no other being alive past, present, or future was capable of flat out being immune to Kagugora's intense radiation and pressure fields, whereas even Ultima and Hydriska were almost killed by the same area of effect radius that Kagugora had. So far, unless the situation is just as extreme as with Kagugora, Grandis is almost never the hero of a story unless he's the only character intended as a protagonist of any kind. If depicted in a more heroic light, Grandis is more than likely an Anti-Hero type of character with a Chaotic Neutral alignment. Never venturing into Good since Grandis usually does at least one major thing in the story to warrant avoiding such a role in the spotlight. Ironically enough, Grandis was more concerned with killing Kagugora that this type of event never got to happen, thus he crossed into Chaotic Good in the multiverses that witnessed the battle between him and Kagugora.

Grandis, in terms of dialogue, is already known to copy or modify lines that characters from other universes utilize, but another odd thing is that some terms normally commonplace are often swapped for others, particularly when Grandis says "I can either be a painful sword to your side or your most powerful ally.", in which he swaps out thorn and uses sword instead. In such lines, he may often swap out a specific detail to reference one of his own personal weapons he has on hand, or reference one of his own abilities or armor modifications. That said, Grandis is by no means invincible as he may initially appear to be, but even then, the only being that even came remotely close to killing Grandis was Kagugora, though that was mostly due to how extreme Kagugora's powers were. According to data analysis in his fight with Kagugora, he is extremely vulnerable to intense amounts of pressure that surpasses a black hole, extreme amounts of radiation that not even a single galaxy alone can rival, and also blunt based weaponry, as cutting weapons have no effect on Grandis at all. However, all three of these weaknesses have to be played up to the extreme to even remotely effect Grandis; when Kagugora first showed signs of awakening, Grandis was completely immune to the weaker energy field that Dragora was unleashing.

Prelude to Godhood

Oh? This? That's an easy question. First I'd kill off the entirety of humankind since they can't even get along and advance into space like I've long dreamed, then I'd kill off my prior ex-girlfriend out of sheer spite from the revelation in that she basically exploited me. After that I'd go into space and seek out other gods, do battle with them or turn them into allies, and then I'd fly with my own Big Bad Ensemble faster than light itself to the center of the universe, in which I'll face the most powerful being and seal him away in a glass bottle just to see how long it'll take for the bastard to snap in how he ain't the king anymore. And that's what I'd do if I became a God. I mean, don't get me wrong, to be honest, I'm basing that entire answer off of every single Spore playthrough I've ever done since 2008.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu describing how he answered somebody's question on what he'd do if he became a God.

Originally an ordinary human with Autism, even after he became a Deity during the extinction of all but a few humans in his universe, he was a lovesick person who always believed in things such as "Love at first sight" or "True Love". When he first got a girlfriend when it was merely 15 years old, she broke up with him after a few months due to a nasty trick done to him by her older brother that fooled his first love into thinking Martin was five years younger than he was at the time. Due to how new of an experience this was for him, he was shattered and broken emotionally, to the point the next following year had turned him into a complete social outcast out of wanting to avoid another situation like what he had experienced, and this is where he gains a respect for cold, freezing weather. Sometime towards his 16th birthday, he met another girl who at first was just simple friends with him, before very frequent appearances from her had began to occur.

Martin waited months for her to meet him at the spot they confessed to each other, and each passing day, he felt his own heart break piece by piece. When his second love returned, she was with another suitor and Martin was too late to even realize it, since his former partner could've ditched him much earlier during his wait for her. Broken from a second relationship attempt, Martin tries to isolate himself, believing himself to be some kind of freak to everyone in the real world. True, he did have this highly murderous tendencies, but he never carried them out to the fullest extent since he was afraid of being killed himself, and the fact he was already in no position to put up a fight in such a criminal act. He felt jealousy and anger towards people he used to know when he was with his first love, or even his second, and Martin started sleeping frequently, to the point he dreamed of a future where he lived happily with a wife and two adorable kids, and wished nothing more for such a reality to come to be.

When he turned 17, and nearly turning 18 in the next few months, he met his third girlfriend, who he believed would be his third and only chance for a romantic relationship to continue in his life before he lost complete faith in the human mind. By this point, Martin had been driven partially mad from his self isolation crisis, as this time he isolated himself due to the nasty looks he was getting from his classmates as a result of his relationship break up with the second girl he allowed to enter his life. Desperate for social contact, Martin sought to his next girlfriend, who as stated earlier, was his third lover, and who he personally considered his last chance for a successful life.

They officially got together as a couple on May 4th, and for the next few years long into Martin's 20th birthday, he couldn't have felt happier than he had ever been ever since he had become a teenager. He was attending college after he graduated high school, and he had frequent hobbies he shared with his love, and unlike his prior two exes, they kissed very frequently. He couldn't have been a happier person even if he tried... Which is when one fateful phone call occurred on August 29th, in which his girlfriend was talking oddly, asking to speak with his mom rather than him. Then the revelation hit him that she was breaking up with him had effectively made him feel like shattered glass, and compared to his prior two love interests, he was so visibly depressed by it that he never left his bedroom for a week, only moving to another room to prepare food for himself, and ate only once in a while.

With his third break up, his belief in the metaphor "Third time's the charm" was nothing more than a lie to him now, and he began to grow angrier at his current situation as months passed. He had dropped out of college due to his Autism causing problems with work focus, and his inability to so much as sit still and do nothing but listen was constantly driving him to insanity with each class he attended. It wasn't that he didn't pay attention, it was that he had lost the desire to since his thoughts were flooded with images about how life had changed so much for him for the worse. His temper, over the years, had become rather fowl, but only just within this time frame was he snappy at just about everyone he spoke to on a daily basis, to the point he didn't seem to care if people saw him as a jerk, since he was already outcast as a freak by his former high school friends, so he believed humanity simply deserve to die, and his dream became increasingly more violent.

When the human extinction event occurred, he was one of the few survivors in his region. Desperate, he walked towards the home of his third ex, where he saw the dead body of what was presumably her new boyfriend, with the girl he once shared so many memories with right before his eyes after months of separation. Martin didn't feel the same as he did anymore, as ever since the mass war broke out against strange creatures he called "Ultimorians", based off of drawings and stories he made when he was younger, and somehow he had felt like he had gained powers of his own without even realizing it until just now; he didn't feel a single bit tired from walking to his ex's house, and he didn't feel any temperature around him despite it being chilling. He didn't know what kind of powers he had gained, but he had approached his ex's boyfriend, and used an incantation of sorts to believe he could bring him back to life just to see his ex happy where he could no longer be.

He not only revived him, but the boyfriend, named Nathan, did not apparently like Martin despite never having met, and the fact their was a wide age gap between the two meant the two of them having met before in the first place was unlikely. Martin heard how Nathan spoke of how happy he was with the girl, known as Sophia, when Martin had asked how their lives were like before this tragic event. He found out that he had essentially been replaced by a carbon copy of himself in terms of personality, and the fact this younger individual did not have any mental illness like he did to show that he could live up to Sophia's standards despite being younger than her. His tranquil rage having finally snapped to a breaking point, he was quick to grab this foolish youngster by the neck, using only a single hand to lift him up into the air. Speaking the words "Remember this... The future that's been promised to you is a lie, my dear uninvited guest." to his rival, he didn't hesitate to use another incantation to test another ability he believed he had gained, and he was transformed in appearance into a being known as "Grandis".

Without hesitation, Grandis brutally tore off his rival's head out of completely going mad with how much power he felt flow through him, and how much of a difference it made to him now in his future life. The fact he had effectively became a God due to his new found abilities was astonishing to him, and he made it clear to Sophia that he can easily bring everyone back from their own demises, but once he heard a voice speak in his head to kill off Sophia, lest his powers be taken from him, he felt enraged, questioning who this being was to give him such bastardized orders, and the creature responded with the name "Oblivion", as Grandis asked Sophia to join his side, seeing if he can't be a Deity, he'll at least have her.

When she responded by calling him a monster, she did not expect maniacal laughter to be heard from Grandis' trembling figure, as he floated up to face down at her and Nathan's corpse, and didn't even give time for a speech or anything towards Sophia before promptly killing her via electrocution, only afterwards saying that "It was either I became a god of death and despair, or I stayed mortal and forever by your side... You chose for me to become death, my lost love.". Hearing Oblivion's laughter in his head, he was given another order from Oblivion saying that his new role in life is not as a god, but as a prisoner because he had became one in the first place. Enraged, Martin vowed revenge towards this much older being, and given the fact he recognized it's name from his old stories, he knew exactly where to look to begin his rise to power...

Rise to Power

Grandis arrived in the far edges of space to seek out a creature called "Hydriska", a predatory animal so powerful that it could easily destroy and devour gods, but Martin was confident, as he knew Hydriska was unsuited to fighting smaller opponents, and once Hydriska showed itself in the pitch black emptiness, he waited for Hydriska to make the first move, and attack it did indeed, as Grandis was quick to show how agile he was compared to Hydriska, as he used another incantation to summon up an arm cannon onto his right arm, as he blasted at a specific spot on Hydriska's body and proved successful in not only injuring it, but killing it. He knew based on his stories, that Hydriska's only weakspot was it's left eye, and that eye alone. With Hydriska slain, Grandis waited for a moment to let the fact he had slain this creature he didn't even know actually existed so easily, and in the same exact environment that made the lifeform so powerful to begin with as well. Being quick to raise Hydriska from the dead, Hydriska asked what Grandis had in mind for trying to hunt it down, after it had effectively been left to rot thanks to Oblivion. Seeing Oblivion's blight is not only effecting human gods, but also extraterrestrial ones, Grandis decided to form a master plan to eliminate Oblivion from the picture.

With Hydriska not willing to attack Grandis, he had already earned the creature's trust after having moments before shot it dead. He explained to Hydriska that all of the gods are being kept prisoner in this dying world by Oblivion, yet what does Oblivion do? He simply hides in his nest in the center of the universe, and never does a damn thing to actually enforce his own "rules". With that, Grandis makes an offer to Hydriska for it to join his side, and overthrow Oblivion so that the gods could be free to do as they had pleased in this massive universe they all originated from. Agreeing to the terms, Hydriska recommended their first targets to employ under Grandis's command; two deities known as Dragora and Ultima, the former an Eldritch Abomination who ruled over Anti-Matter, and the latter a Creator Deity who originally created the universe to begin with, but became imprisoned thanks to Oblivion's own laws.

Arriving at the nearest of the two, Grandis and Hydriska both were quick to encounter Dragora at the very center of a galaxy composed of mostly stardust but no actual stars within it, merely dozens upon dozens of black holes all over the place, he was quick to invoke Dragora's wrath by simply intruding on his territory. Dragora speaks to them with a thousand voices from all around them, but Grandis simply orders Dragora to say his damned signature quote, as Dragora reveals itself, in addition to thousands of other copies of it nearby, under the quote "Thy name is Dragora, for we are many.". Grandis needed not to actually battle these copies, for he knew the real Dragora was not among any of them, but rather hiding still, as Grandis is immediate to call out the real Dragora, asking why a being older than all of existence itself is taking orders from a creature who didn't exist until after the Mesozoic. With this reminder of Dragora's past legacy, the copies disappear, and Dragora reveals itself, a depressed individual who used to be involved in a lot of conflict, but once Oblivion's rule had occurred, he and every other deity was ordered into exile. Since Dragora was old enough to know the location of every individual in the present, Grandis promised Dragora to become a leader of gods that even Oblivion wouldn't be able to compare to, treating his fellow gods with respect unless otherwise trying to fight back instead. Dragora, moved by Grandis's words, agrees to the terms, and reveals that Ultima had been listening in on them the entire time.

As such, Ultima swiftly appears, taking on the form of a massive giant even compared to Hydriska and Dragora, and yet again making Grandis look tiny, he was enraged yet happy to hear that somebody actually has the balls to go up against Oblivion, and when Ultima asks why, Grandis is tempted to reveal the fact that all of the creatures he had spoken to were in fact first seen as drawings and stories he made up as a kid, but hid the truth for now and simply states that Grandis simply knows the precise moment to hit Oblivion, and that time will be soon. With the three major deities he had known under his leadership, Grandis declared the existence of "Clan Ultimoria", and they would be the ones fighting against Oblivion personally to be given the freedom they deserve.

Clan Ultimoria

A year had passed since the declaration of Clan Ultimoria's existence, and Grandis had stepped right up to Oblivion's doorstep, seemingly alone, as Oblivion did not know how to respond to the lone Grandis, as Oblivion seemed unsure as to who Grandis even was. "Don't you remember me, blind idiot? It's me, Grandis, the very being who allowed you to exist, and the very one who will lead to your demise." Grandis spoke, as Oblivion simply laughed and asked how Grandis would stand a chance. When Hydriska, Dragora, and Ultima showed up, with numerous alien creatures called Ultimorians standing by Grandis's side in mere moments, the lazy god was alarmed, and threatened to kill them all with a single explosion, and summoned up his own army of Ultimorian Gods, ones who did not join Clan Ultimoria yet, in an attempt to fight back. This was all that Grandis needed to see to know that Oblivion was not the threatening creature that it believed itself to be.

"Pretty pathetic don't you think, you summon your own army and break your own rules... In that all gods would be in isolation, yet here we stand, with every God known to man right before us. What do you say to that, you pathetic Wyrm?". With this, Oblivion had gone berserk and fired a powerful black of Gamma Ray energy towards Grandis, who simply walked closer and closer to Oblivion without even feeling threatened. Oblivion ordered his own side to fight back, but they did not listen; the mere act of opposing Oblivion had made them switch sides over to that of Grandis's almost immediately, as they watched as Oblivion attempted to collapse the entire universe with it, only for Grandis to seal Oblivion with a tiny box of glass, as Oblivion tried everything to evade this fate, but it wasn't any useful since he was dealing with a God who had far much greater knowledge than he had realized.

"What are you?!" Oblivion asked, as Grandis merely laughed.

"I am your replacement, in the future not promised to you, my dear uninvited guest." Grandis replied, mirroring the words of his younger self, as he look as to his entire army around him all in one place. It was here Grandis had declared a change for the better, and they would start by violating the very rule that lead to Oblivion being in charge in the first place; the invasion of other universes that surround this one, which from this day forward is known as Ultimoria. The legion of Gods all chanted Grandis's name in pride and glory, and Grandis placed Oblivion's freezing container down, before they had all left together to begin their first invasion efforts in the ultimate goal of conquest, and leaving Oblivion to simply watch helpless as his so called order abandons him.

Conquest and Bounties

VS Kyubey

Grandis decided that the first way to showcase to the other universes the power of the Ultimorians was to construct a "Psycho for Hire" service, in which one could hire the Ultimorian Deities to kill off very specific targets. An unknown client had payed a substantial amount to Grandis or him to specifically eliminate Kyubey from Madoka Magica, to which Grandis responded for the client to ensure that no innocents get in the way, as Grandis had developed a new weapon to ensure this mission did not fail; to say Kyubey was notorious for escaping death's grasp was an understatement.

When Grandis arrived in the universe, he made his entrance behind Kyubey as he was about to approach Madoka, laughing as he did, before yelling "Terminate!" out of nowhere, as he drew out his Arm Cannon, and it was armed with a special ammo, one that would consistently create a Black Hole wherever a being respawns to revive itself, progressively getting stronger the more times the body count of the target continues to increase. Due to Kyubey's method of regeneration, this would very quickly accumulate into a constant loop from which Kyubey could not escape. Firing a mock shot to scare off Madoka so that she doesn't interfere, Grandis yells "Obliterate!" towards Kyubey as he scores a successful hit with the Black Hole Spawner on Kyubey. His initial body dies, but as Kyubey tries to arrive an eat it, his second body is absorbed by a growing black hole, which after several failed attempts to eat his prior corpse, he soon realizes that if he so much as avoids this, his own body will explode with a black hole if he stays still, and even if he moves, he'll only accelerate the process depending on the distance he moves at.

Effectively making it impossible for Kyubey to escape without "wasting energy" as Kyubey's own nature is against, Kyubey is quickly surrounded in a four way intersection by 100 different Grandis Elite Corps robots, who at the time look practically identical to Grandis himself due to the mouth plate they're all wearing. With Kyubey having nowhere to flee to, and being surrounded by 100 robots and Grandis himself, his adversaries all open fire with their own Black Hole Spawner weapons, which, no pun intended, obliterate Kyubey after many others have failed to properly kill the bastard. Some time later, a good full two years later in fact, Kyubey is never heard of again until a wish is made to properly revive Kyubey back to life. However, Kyubey is on high alert, as another client approached Grandis with a new target, and now it's the entire Incubator race from which Kyubey is from that's to be given the ax...

VS Sugou/Invasion of the SAO Universe

With this particular individual, Grandis had all the time in the world on this. Why he had received a task to wipe out Sugou was unusual, since he had already made plans for the Ultimorian Deities to completely wreck the Sword Art Online universe to begin with, so instead of accepting any fee he was given, he denied it and said the execution would be carried out. Ordering his fellow Ultimorian Deities to slay and slaughter everybody else, they were ordered to leave Sugou to him. When Grandis confronted Sugou in the real world, in his debut appearance, Grandis, like how he did with Kyubey, made his entry by floating in the air, laughing maniacally, before again yelling "Terminate!" towards Sugou, as Sugou was quick to evacuate the hospital building, as an Elite Corps Drone hacked into Asuna's nerve gear and forced her to log out of ALFheim, freeing her from the game without any trouble. Once her status was confirmed, Grandis knocked the about to leave Kazuto back into the hospital towards Asuna's room as he landed in his way, also directly behind the fleeing Sugou, before promptly yelling "Obliterate!" and charging towards Sugou with his Frigid Sword, but what happened next did not appear to have been planned out of usual orders...

Sugou wake up, still alive, but with a hole in his chest, and restrained by frigid steel on a table, as Grandis, along with a BLU Medic, appeared towards Sugou from the shadows of the room, revealing to Sugou how he's helpless in this situation, and when Sugou asks where he is, Grandis states that technically speaking, Sugou is already dead, but Grandis had brought Sugou to Ultimoria for some "fun" since apparently Grandis had a lot of personal problems he heavily associated with Sugou, who he believed was the living embodiment of what made humanity so disgusting towards Grandis and even the other Ultimorian Deities. With a syringe filled with Inland Taipen venom, Grandis forces Sugou's eye open, as the Medic promptly stabs Sugou's eyes with the syringe and injects the venom, as the both of them simply stood and watched as Sugou's veins began to boil all over his body from his eye, as Sugou began panting and screaming in absolute agony, as Sugou, like with Oblivion, asked who the hell Grandis is. Grandis responded with a long quote as Sugou was dying before his very eyes.

Who am I? More like what am I, to be honest. I am something you yourself had claimed yourself to be. I AM A GOD, the King of the Deities of Ultimoria, and I will not have my past human self be allowed to awaken emotionally so long as you continue to live!! You have been a thorn to my side mentally from the very moment I had became a God myself, and I swore from that day forward, I would have the honor of slaying your, stuffing your beheaded corpse to display in my Kingdom in a museum, and RELISH in the terror that'll follow once my generals glass your home world into nothing but an inhospitable desert!!
~ Grandis's rant against Sugou as the latter dies

Once the Inland Taipen venom took full effect, Sugou's mouth foamed and he swiftly flat lined on the monitor, as Grandis paid BLU Medic his own personal cut before promptly returning back to his own universe. After the invasion of the Sword Art Online universe was a success, Grandis did exactly as he had told Sugou he would do; his dead corpse was promptly beheaded and stuffed for public display in one of Ultimoria's museums, as Grandis personally kept Sugou's head as a traditional trophy mount on his bedroom's wall, completely satisfied with his job having been done. The exact fate of the protagonist characters from the SAO Universe is unclear, as Grandis had ordered for them to be spared so long as they actually deserved to be, which may mean Kazuto and Asuna could've been part of the death count that was given once the invasion had been completed. However, this was later debunked, but oddly at the same time, Sugou had "vanished" across all alternate universes of the SAO Multiverse, and every other villain in the series (Including Accel World) seemed to have been outright destroyed before they even got the chance to become villains in the first place.

Interestingly, there are reports that a giant Kaiju of sorts was witnessed during the time of the invasion, but the Ultimorian Deities seem to be heavily covering up what exactly had been sighted in those witness accounts, which perhaps means that the Ultimorian Deities are hiding one of their own to the point even this odd individual is a threat to everyone in existence...

VS Kagugora (Unknown Dimension)

When news of the discovery of Dragora's ancient incarnation came to be from Captain Sirryu, neither Ultima nor Grandis believed him... until Dragora began acting increasingly violent compared to his usual self that he emitted a constant energy field that was lethal to almost everything, to the point Ultima nearly died until he teleported Dragora away to another universe. The only one who didn't appear to even flinch when Dragora approached the three was Grandis, so Ultima specifically ordered Grandis to "take care of Dragora" since none of the deities seemed capable of dealing with Dragora at all given how Ultima alone was no match for that energy field, but that Grandis was not effected by it. Grandis, stating Dragora's new ability would simply increase tenfold as time passes, began to work on a heavily upgraded version of his normal armor that gives him a majority of the abilities he has, and dubs it "The Megalo Suit".

After tracking Dragora down to an unknown universe, Grandis lost all connection with the outside since Dragora's energy field had grown so strong that Grandis was the only thing within range of it that could survive, but his communication system was completely blacked out by it in return, leaving Grandis by himself when dealing with Dragora. When the two found each other, they were on an asteroid with crystallized gamma radiation, and Dragora went under an odd transformation that changed him into Kagugora, and the ensuing fight nearly cost Grandis his life as Kagugora's attacks were actually capable of hurting Grandis severely. Ultimately, Grandis succeeded in slaying Kagugora, thus reverting the Hyperdeity into his Ultima Gem form, and thus returning him back to Dragora in the process.

As the Ultima Gem now lies within Spicivore storage, Grandis and Ultima begin to question just how much they really know about Dragora, and what other secrets his mysterious origins may lie under their noses...

VS The Thing (The Thing)

When news of Hydriska breaking into an alternate universe of the Parasite Eve multiverse broke out from Captain Sirryu, Grandis was at first dismissive of it... until he learned of Hydriska's next target being the infamous parasite known simply as "The Thing", which was once a threat to Ultimoria in the ancient past, but Ultima and Dragora effectively caused an entire extinction event to completely obliterate it and rebuild all of Ultimorian life so that the Parasite would damage nothing from Ultimoria. Cap didn't understand why Hydriska was so violently going after it, but Grandis knew that Hydriska had a severe hatred of parasites, so he forced Captain Sirryu to chase down Hydriska, while he himself would join in to aide the massive predatory deity in permanently rendering the Parasite extinct.

When arriving on Antarctica, Grandis leveled all of Outpost 31 with a demonstration of his head no longer being organic, and hiding an extremely powerful breath cannon that expelled an explosive fire breath that melted and incinerated everything in range, though Grandis did end up slaying the entire cast as known from the movie in the process, as he wanted to ensure no survivors existed as to ensure the Parasite got nowhere, so he deliberately burned down every trace of life within miles of range like a rampaging Kaiju spamming it's breath weapon. With everything in miles up in flames, Grandis seemed to be in a trance that's causing him to become violent, but snaps out of it once Hydriska corners the Malamute that the Thing tried to escape the chaos with, and activated his new Supernova Mode and completely obliterated the entire Solar System.

Once Hydriska was finished, Cap used what little data he got from the Parasite and activated his species eradicator beam and using the gasoline he acquired to forcefully ignite every cell of the creature as to ensure it stays dead. Captain Sirryu later approached Grandis saying Hydriska could be a very dangerous deity if left uncontrolled with his new behavior, but Grandis assured Cap that Hydriska was the least of their worries...

Listen well, Cap, I don't believe you seem to know the full story here. Hydriska is bad, we all know that. Kagugora was the worst thing any multiverse had to experience as of this time. Then there's me. Now then, that's a whole new story altogether to put it bluntly. Let's just say I know a secret that none of you don't know and if I reveal that secret I will ensure that your very empire will be the next thing to become extinct while I'm in charge around here.
~ Grandis, detailing to Captain Sirryu that Grandis is hiding a secret of his own


Magnus, the Destroyer of Worlds
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Magnus, the legendary secret that Grandis kept hidden from the others for a long time. Magnus was once thought of as mere myth until very recently when a mysterious deity threatened Grandis with take over of Ultimoria, and freed Oblivion and amplified his power just to do so. Grandis, however, would not allow that to happen. Equipping his Megalo armor set, Grandis set off to face the supercharged Oblivion and was apparently destroyed... until it became clear over the next few days that Grandis had intended on that to happen, and that this newcomer has no experience as a deity whatsoever if he claimed he could actually defeat him. He had no body to prove his claim of killing Grandis, and thus the beings of Ultimoria began to act increasingly odd in behavior to the point they sounded like possessed individuals. Even the higher ups seemed to act the same way. Ultima recognized a familiar feeling of dread, as Ultima, in addition to Captain Sirryu, are picking up the same exact energy signature they briefly detected when Grandis was invading the SAO multiverse, which the signal was cut off by the fact all connections with that multiverse were lost and never heard from again.

Then came the realization to Ultima that somehow whatever had appeared there flat out decided to destroy that multiverse to make an example of it became clear. However, Ultima knew something else; the only deity present in that universe was Grandis, and his signal disappeared the exact same moment this new signal appeared. Then almost every warning system in Ultimoria went off, and the entire universe began to quake under the extreme rage of some previously unknown, Kaiju sized god. Dragora, as an emergency measure, activated his Kagugora form to counteract this new threat, but was told to stand down by the new "leader" saying that he no longer needs such power since Grandis is dead...

...How wrong he was...

Massive, clawed gauntlet of some unidentified deity pierced the darkness of the room, and completely mauled Kagugora like nobody's business, as the false ruler claimed it was merely Hydriska, but seen enough the false god noticed every Deity except Oblivion became possessed and had their powers and weapons aimed directly at him, all of them beginning to chant as to the supreme rule of the only true leader of Ultimoria; Grandis, as they also chant about his glorious return from his absence, and how he never actually left them, but rather decided to humiliate their so called usurper, and that is when Magnus decided to reveal himself. Oblivion, acting on instinct, tried to use a powerful blast of energy to destroy Magnus... only for the gauntlets to not only absorb the blast, but gain the elemental attribute that Oblivion solely had access to. Magnus, declaring Oblivion is now obsolete, wastes no time in flat out destroying Oblivion now that the only reason he was kept alive to begin with was no longer present, and the false ruler trembled with absolute fear as Ultima and Kagugora double teamed the wannabe in a massive beat down before both of them sent the faker flying straight into Magnus's jaws, where he was crushed to death with pressures exceeding those of Kagugora's full powered energy field, and was effectively erased from existence in the process.

Finally back in power, Magnus reverted back into Grandis, as every Ultimorian Deity in existence now chanted Grandis's name in worship and glory, and Grandis was now the permanent ruler of them all ever since this fateful day. Ultimoria, from this point forward, would enter a new era in which Grandis reigned supreme, and nobody dared questioned his rule lest they all faced the exact same fate as Oblivion did. Oblivion, thought to be indestructible given how Grandis originally disposed of him, was but a mere test subject to showcase WHY Grandis had every capability to rule Ultimoria, and whenever Magnus was utilized, nobody was laughing against Grandis, as they would fight by his side into battle and destroy everything in their path so long as Grandis led them into such battles.


In a currently ongoing video game project, Grandis serves the role of the strongest boss character in the game. After a sidestory which partially begins as early as Chapter 1, the player characters challenges various Ultimorians, a former Ultimorian Deity called Thingaros, Dragora, and then finally Grandis when in their fused state of Genesis. Grandis is legitimately taken by surprise that Genesis had managed to storm his entire way through Gaia Snowfield just to challenge him, and the two of them battled with great might, although Genesis did have some back-up. Grandis, actually losing the fight, offers for Genesis and his allies to join the rank of the Ultimorian Deities. Genesis's components, initially thinking Grandis will kill off everyone from their own world, are given a test to see if they actually would go through with it, and all four of them argue against it towards Grandis. With this, Grandis accepts all of them into the Ultimorian Deity ranks, but they are to remain on a low profile, since Grandis is plotting many things at the moment, and wants to avoid having his newfound strongest warrior or his own allies caught in the crossfire. In exchange, Grandis sends several of his drone minions to keep the peace in Genesis's homeworld, which is outside of Ultimoria, until they ultimately fail to function 10,000 years later, due to becoming obsolete by that time frame.

Ultima and Hydriska do not appear in this game, but instead, both of them appear in 10K Guardian Beast as side characters, with Ultima being an unlockable player character. Captain Sirryu, in this series, goes by the name "Overlord Yamamoto" due to conflictions with the character names that would otherwise exist.

Dogma's Damnation

When the Eldritch Abomination called Dogma awoke from ancient slumber, Grandis and Ultima were the first to realize what Dogma's intentions were; to destroy all Ultimorians and wipe the planes of existence clean of their own ilk, meaning Ultimoria as it currently is will not exist anymore. Grandis, out of declaring that Ultimoria will be absolute regardless of whether or not Dogma succeeds in destroying them or not, transforms into Magnus and pounces Dogma, but is immediately put to an end by Dogma's Infinity Burn laser strike, which despite the fact Grandis is the first of the Ultimorian Deities to fall, his death is honorable to his fellow Ultimorians since Grandis had always said he would never send them on missions or invasions he wasn't perfectly willing to do himself on his own, and that Grandis being the first of them to openly attack Dogma outright showed just how defiant and noble of an Ultimorian he was, despite it costing him his life in the aftermath...

...or... did it? 7 Trillion years, Grandis would be reincarnated as a human yet again, but his intelligence far surpassed that of an ordinary human, and he became a genius inventor who would found Shiramu Inc. in the Neo Ultimorian Universe, and when he founded Shiramu Inc., he revived his fellow Ultimorian Deities, created his own Ultron incarnation to serve as a head of security, and as his Neo Reincarnation, is actually a Good aligned being, despite the fact Grandis retains his own insanely trigger happy moments which leads to him outright gunning down an entire armada of enemies the moment he first reacquires his fabled fusion cannon from his original incarnation, and the fact Grandis, despite being good aligned in this incarnation, more verges on Chaotic Neutral since he is a master to both hero and villain alike with his reformed company of Neo Shiramu Inc..

Out with Mal-Grandis, return again Mal-Martin, fuse together: Mal-Martin and NUC-Grandis!

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HEART Teaser

The two most prominent characters of this side-story; Mal-Grandis and Chronicler. Due to how insanely long it has been since the Malevolent Era, Mal-Grandis is in an extreme state of disrepair and his fully robotic nature compared to other incarnations of Grandis is no longer hidden.

Eons have passed since Mal-Grandis' death at the hands of Dogma, and he was thought to never appear again ever since that day. Once Grandis was reborn, he showed none of his former self's ways or habits. Indeed, he even went out of the way to isolate himself and avoid getting into trouble, and only served as guidance to the reborn Ultima. However, when Chronicler ended up first taking refuge at Shiramu Inc., Grandis begins exhibiting... unusual behavior. Grandis is more often seen outside of his old armor, and is eager to socialize with Chronicler whereas all of the other Ultimorian Deities are in worry; he has never been this happy about anything beforehand. Even the reborn Dragora found this incredibly odd and wondered who the new "kid" was to Shiramu Inc.. After Grandis refers to Chronicler as his son, all of the Ultimorian Deities in the room are speechless; this particular Grandis never had a love interest... or so they all would've assumed judging by past behavior.

When Chronicler goes into denial about he himself, just a materialized A.I. who only emerged in the real world with many odds against him, is questioning as to why exactly Grandis is making up such lies about the two of them. Chronicler, however, is too harsh on Grandis and fails to realize Grandis had been neglecting to wear his signature armor chest piece, and almost kills Grandis by mistake. Due to the fact he got injured in such a way, Grandis feels distraught and silently speaks that nobody truly wanted him around from the start; Ultima was already the new leader anyways, and he deliberately never fought to avoid becoming too heavily relied on, and Grandis had ultimately found himself with little purpose. Grandis says each day he had hoped to see at least some kind of proof that existence does care about him, especially considering he was reborn in place of Ultima first in this particular era. Silently leaving for his own quarters to be alone, days pass and the Ultimorian Deities are all giving Chronicler rather distraught glances.

Mirror M is near hostile to Chronicler, having stayed in his Phase 4 form at all times since. Ultima moves into another room whenever Chronicler approaches him, and deliberately ignores him while being too busy looking for something. Centauri is often seen crying next to Mirror M, as to both avoid her lover from snapping too easily and to keep herself in check regarding her emotions. Dragora, though, seems to simply gaze upon Chronicler from afar, making slight gestures for him to approach. Dragora, speaking in a voice different from his usual self, informs for Chronicler on where to find Grandis at, as he believes Chronicler has important business to attend to with finding Grandis on his own; Grandis had fled to Gaia Snowfield, his traditional hideout from ages past, with the intent of dying alone.

Chronicler, shocked to learn of Grandis' fate, doesn't know how to respond but still behaves bitterly about what Grandis had told him. Chronicle-King, normally constantly having a smiling face, is frowning with despair as he motions Chronicler into a secret room in Shiramu Inc.; Grandis' old bedroom. In this room, Chronicler finds logs about how exactly Chronicler came to be, and who Grandis' prior love is. According to the logs, his prior love had "died at Gaia Snowfield along with his former self", and that Chronicler came to be by a unison of both of their own wishes that have since been fragmented apart and thus caused Chronicler's initial creation as an A.I. that "mysteriously appeared" within Network with no memories of who he was or where he came from.

After seeing a photograph of Grandis without his armor and the scratched out face of his beloved, and their young son together, Chronicler begins to realize how guilty he is for this whole ordeal. After seeing further images from Dragora telling how Grandis' beloved met a tragic end due to a "monstrous robot", and how "Grandis was absorbed into this robot and never seen again", Chronicler realizes that the only place he knows where to save Grandis is Gaia Snowfield, but specifically, an old, worn down house at Gaia Snowfield that had once belonged to Grandis.

Arriving in Gaia Snowfield all on his own, without any of his weaponry present, Chronicler tries to find Grandis; he succeeds... but it's the wrong Grandis. Mal-Grandis, seemingly alive and in pieces, is kicking a dying NUC-Grandis into the snow, before finally setting sights on Chronicler. Slowly moving up to Chronicler to ask why he is here, and that Chronicler's "holy presence" disturbs him, Chronicler does not immediately respond but is seen on the verge of tears just a little. Realizing that despite how heavily malfunctioning Mal-Grandis is, both physically and mentally, Chronicler moves fast to dodge incoming projectiles headed his way. Mal-Grandis briefly pauses to say something with each wave of attacks he lashes out with, leading to the combined speech below:

... What are you doing here, - S e r a p h i m ...?
... Do you not see? Neither of us belong here...! I am only finishing the job...
Why do you care so much for this reborn impostor? He has power, but he doesn't use it. Why does he matter?
(After Chronicler informs Mal on who he is)Oh? He's your father, huh? Sorry... - I - d o n ' t - l i s t e n - t o - b a s t a r d s . . .
So you're saying there's a mother too, huh? What happened to her? Did she lay another man over him due to his ugly frame? Was she unsatisfied with who had cared for her the most...? Well too bad; - i t ' s - a l l - h e r - f a u l t . . .
(After several waves of dodged attacks) Did Martin ever tell you of my secret weapon? The Black Hole Launcher? Well... now that I still seem to have access to it... - T R Y - A N D - D O D G E - T H I S ! ! !
(silent for a few uses of the Black Hole Launcher) ... You are not fighting back, Seraphim... Where is thou's sword? Your staff? Any weapon from which to try and strike me down! You shouldn't have just forgotten them like that... - t h e y - w o u l d - e n d - t h i s - s o o n e r . . .
(sees Chronicler reveal the Temporal Staff) Well... how about that... - t h e - w o l f - s t i l l - h a s - t e e t h . . . Not that it matters, though; I lack a heart to land a killing blow on... - b u t - g o - a h e a d . . . - s u r p r i s e - m e ! ! !
~ Mal-Grandis' mid-battle dialogue

Still not swayed by Mal-Grandis' movements and attacks, Chronicler is near his breaking point by this point, so he throws the Temporal Staff straight passed Mal-Grandis, before suddenly slamming himself into him in an embrace-like stance before allowing himself to take part of the blow as Mal-Grandis gets impaled in his weakest backside armor with Chronicler stabbed through the chest where his heart would normally be on any other human. Mal-Grandis, noticing Chronicler's lack of a heart, at first simply laughs at how Chronicler must've turned out just like he himself; a monstrous entity with nothing to redeem himself with. Mal-Grandis goes on about how he had repeatedly denied redemption even after his demise to Dogma, leaving him trapped in Gaia Snowfield as a form of limbo. However, Mal-Grandis notices something off... he's not getting a single response from Chronicler.

At first, Mal-Grandis simply assumes Chronicler had died from the injury itself, as Mal-Grandis already knows he too will die as well not long after the staff is removed from its current place. When both of their souls meet in the "Domain of Uncertainty", Chronicler and Mal-Grandis both find themselves in the presence of Aesir (Dogma) and Zenith, on opposite ends of the giant room at totems. Mal-Grandis immediately assumes he's to go towards Zenith, and begins to walk towards Zenith's domain; Zenith roars at him and diverts his gaze towards Aesir's totem. Mal-Grandis, assuming Zenith has no interest in Chronicler, casually dumps Chronicler aside at Aesir's totem, only to find Aesir suddenly roaring at him as he does. When Mal-Grandis moves to leave towards Zenith's totem, Zenith again roars, this time leaving Mal-Grandis absolutely confused.

Zenith, outright refusing to accept Mal-Grandis into the Infernal Void, tells off Mal-Grandis for having been a "pathetic, overpowered villain with no true motivation", and that Zenith only desires "actual villains". Mal-Grandis, stating his own argument against Zenith, soon finds himself waking back in Gaia Snowfield; he appeared to have forced himself to continue to actually live... but Chronicler is nowhere to be seen, meaning the only being that Mal-Grandis had to truly talk to was gone. Mal-Grandis, at first, simply proceeds to limp off to try and find spare parts to rebuild his fractured body with... but Chronicler's own voice begins to speak out, referring to Mal-Grandis as "dad" in a repeated tone, all the while Mal-Grandis grows increasingly frustrated before roaring at Chronicler's voice to get him to shut up... until he hears the word "Asvero" uttered to him.

Mal-Grandis suddenly freezes in place, and asks how exactly Chronicler learned of that name. Chronicler tells him him that Asvero is the name of his late mother, who he tells him was murdered by a "metallic monster who had stolen her husband from her". Mal-Grandis is even further stunned, not at the first two words, but the fact Chronicler refers to his specific incarnation as Mal-Grandis and his original, human self as two completely different beings altogether; whatever anyone else might think, Chronicler doesn't see a Complete Monster outright upon looking at Mal-Grandis; he simply sees his own dad being possessed by one.

As Chronicler's body reappears on the ground, the stab wound still present, Mal-Grandis begins visibly breaking down... in multiple different ways. Mal-Grandis' fractured body begins to glow a wispy flame, before his eyes suddenly darken into emptiness... all the while the soul of a human separates from the body as the body disperses peacefully into snow and dust. With the original, Pre-Malevolent Era Grandis freed of his demonic armor and promise because of his own will to ensure his own son, regardless of whose incarnation Chronicler belongs to, Mal-Grandis as the monster he is "vanished" into an eternal slumber, unseen by any other entity ever again. As Mal-Martin comforts and tries to revive both Chronicler and NUC-Grandis, only a distant robotic part of Mal-Grandis remains intact; the Black Hole Launcher.

As Aesir and Zenith's totems appear before the weapon of Mal-Grandis, since it's the only part of him at all that even remotely remains, both of the Primordial Deities exchange glances with each other in deep thought as to what to do. Zenith contemplates taking Mal-Grandis back, but believes his original reasoning still applies but at the same time that Mal-Grandis was never a true "separate" entity from Mal-Martin to begin with; just a machine that corrupted his mind from within no thanks to a certain God. Zenith, questioning if Mal-Martin was ever an actual good person at all outside of his days as Mal-Grandis, is not met with a response right away; after NUC-Grandis and Chronicler are revitalized and leave Gaia Snowfield, Aesir prompts Zenith to simply claim the weapon left behind by Mal-Grandis, and that Aesir will claim Mal-Martin for himself.

Zenith, initially about to bring up his original reason, realizes the stupidity of doing so once he recalls, again, the only actual remnant of Mal-Grandis as a villain is the weapon that he had designed in the first place. With Zenith leaving with the Black Hole Launcher, Aesir doesn't immediately leave with Mal-Martin and has NUC-Grandis arrive on the scene. NUC-Grandis, knowing full well what needs to be done, offers a proposition to Mal-Martin and the two different incarnations permanently fuse with each other with NUC-Grandis in full control, but having some of the memories of Mal-Martin in the end. Mal-Grandis never appears again, and the current Grandis as a whole state he "finally feels whole for once".

Trivia (new)

  • Grandis' consideration of being "overpowered" was not entirely true based off of what Zenith had said alone; Zenith has no knowledge that Kagugora even exists, and thus does not know that Mal-Grandis actually did have a true challenger at hand. Even so, Zenith also failed to acknowledge Chronicler very much due to the fact Chronicler only tried once to actually harm Mal-Grandis; had Chronicler truly wanted to harm Mal-Grandis, Mal-Grandis would've been obliterated outright due to the sheer difference in power the two actually had in contrast, with much more power in favor of Chronicler here. Mal-Grandis also failed to realize Chronicler's true power sans the "Seraphim" comment, but aside from that, Mal-Grandis' disrepair meant he wouldn't have been able to fight well regardless.
  • Alternatively, it could be seen as an In-Joke by Zenith considering Aesir was introduced into the continuity with no actual rivals in terms of power for a good while, as a means of attempting to start an argument with Aesir. Aesir, naturally, acknowledges the fact Zenith seems to be referring to him in this line... but also note Aesir takes things very literally at times so didn't know otherwise that the jab was aimed towards Mal-Grandis.
  • Mal-Grandis returning in the Neo Ultimorian Canon was always questioned as a possibility, but ultimately discarded due to how weak Mal-Grandis would've been in the present day. Instead, a redemption arc for Mal-Grandis' FORMER self was set into motion, with Mal-Grandis as the robotic destroyer of worlds being a mere obstacle towards the corrupted Mal-Martin's trapped soul that Chronicler had to get past.
  • Mal-Martin's fusion with NUC-Martin is due to the fact that, until interrupted by Chronicler's arrival, Grandis had actually been tracking down his former, allegedly diseased incarnations and absorbing them into himself as a means of acknowledging his past sins and not hiding the truth about it to his friends within the Ultimorian Deities or elsewhere any further. Just prior to Mal-Martin's absorption, GR0-Martin, the first incarnation to utilize the MegaloGrandis form, was just absorbed by NUC-Martin, and thus is indirectly the cause for the entire side-story.
  • The totems of Aesir and Zenith that appear to both of them is a means of allowing both characters to be drawn without involving both of their respective, overly complicated and detailed true forms. It also gives the ability to better emote both characters and add some attempts at humor in the story with their oddly designed totem forms and motionless frames as these forms.
  • The story, obviously, features the last true appearance of Mal-Grandis in any point in the continuity as a whole; never again does he appear, and only Mal-Martin is ever mentioned, as if Mal-Grandis suddenly no longer truly existed for some odd reason...
  • Mal-Grandis, in his state of disrepair, developed a verbal tic that's very familiar and oddly ironic considering who he is talking to...

Trivia (old)

  • Grandis's lack of sympathy for (Most) humans is generally because his past life as a human was generally a curse for him to live through, and as a result, most humans who have the "honor" of facing Grandis personally don't leave the fight alive. However, there do appear to be specific exceptions to who Grandis will spare, as noted with Madoka, and several female characters who Grandis labels as "innocent" in nature to the point that Grandis will immediately try and murder anybody who tries to harm them any further, and before they even have the chance to. Human males, majority of the time, tend not to benefit from Grandis's rampage.
  • Grandis's lack of originality is odd in the case of both himself and his fellow Ultimorian Deities, who he had created without even knowing it initially. Some designs (Such as Dragora, Ultima, and Oblivion) specifically have their own distinct flare to them that makes them unique, whereas other times, Grandis's creations tend to have a more bland or generic flare to them by comparison. The more unique looks to his deities tend to effect solely the higher ranks for specific reasons, as they are meant to be individuals rather than an entire species in most cases. Sometimes, though, for specific reasons Grandis will deliberately have had a hand in creating a Deity that heavily resembles a being from another universe to simply showcase his respect for those worlds.
  • Grandis's Black Hole Spawner ammo type have a side effect that make them efficient for killing Incubators; according to official sources, Kyubey regenerates via usage of surrounding mana. These Black Holes generated by Kyubey's regenerations cause him to destroy mana and replace it with a much more volatile substance called "Anti-Mana", which if utilized to the same degree as Mana, can permanently destroy any user not properly capable of utilizing it. This weapon was powerful enough in nature to Perma-Death Kyubey for a solid two years, until somebody had wished him back to life AND gave him the ability to properly use Anti-Mana to regenerate with. Needless to say, Grandis didn't mind so much, for the Black Hole Spawner was a prototype ammunition for the Matter Destroyer Pulse ammunition, which is effectively like erasing something from a data file, and everything can be called a victim to it's blast radius.
  • Grandis's hatred towards Sugou was a much more special case compared to Kyubey. Compared to Kyubey, who is an alien species, and thus much less likely to suffer the same degree of violence as a human would from Grandis, Sugou had just about pushed EVERY berserk button that Grandis had to label him as a target. To put it in retrospective, if a villain attempts rape against a female character, and somehow isn't killed by the end of his/it's story, then Grandis will be sure to put that universe on his invasion list, and he will be the one to personally execute the rapist in front of everybody, and makes absolute that everybody is aware of the punishment you will face as from Grandis by trying to piss him off so greatly. Apparently Grandis's hatred towards Sugou is enough to trigger outright hostility not normally seen in Grandis, to the point Grandis will actually consider flat out obliteration of an entire multiverse to ensure a character remains dead.
  • Grandis's drones apparently DO have sentience to a minor degree, as shown during the invasion of the SAO Universe where one frees Asuna from her prison without any difficulty. At the same time this emphasizes their ability to hack into and manipulate man-made devices and completely dismantle them from the inside out if they so chose to. This particular drone had been labelled ahead of time by Grandis as apparently having gone rogue in nature, as this is the only drone that doesn't normally act like the others.
  • In terms of Fairy Tale Motifs, Grandis seems to be associating himself with Knights in Shining Armor on several occasions. This was among some of the phrases heard throughout the vicinity of the hospital prior to Grandis's full scale attack on Sugou;
Let me show you something, Fairy... Your kind are all just outright Monsters... Waiting to be slain... Slain... By the blades of my own sword... Your blood spilled across the dimensional floor through my cannon... Your corpses stuffed and put on public display... Your very beheading witnessed by all... Every vein of your body boiling from the grasps of death... Your eyes watering and on fire from the sword of the slayer... I will assure you... You claim to be villains, or even heroes... Yet you do nothing to actually shape yourself into perfection... You claim to be gods, but you have no proof... There... There is no slayer but me...
~ Grandis
  • In terms of the above line, however, there seems to be a heavy implication that Grandis's hatred towards Sugou is much deeper than one would realize, to the point that Sugou is perhaps the very being that both allowed Grandis to become a god in the first place, and who Grandis ultimately blames for Sophia's demise.
  • Grandis is often the least active of Clan Ultimoria, specifically because he's typically too powerful for most situations, so he has other Ultimorian Deities fill in for him instead. However, specific situations will be enough to force Grandis to take part in an invasion if necessary, and sometimes Grandis has a tendency to team up with Captain Sirryu even if there is no actual attempt at an invasion, but rather Cap's sadistic means of studying and experimenting on powerful lifeforms, including Hydriska, who has recently proven that it's apparently hiding more about itself than what Grandis and Cap know...
  • In addition to the Author admits he may either be partially Bi or an asexual, he deliberately chose to completely abandon all attempts at a romantic relationship around the time this page was created. He admits that getting involved in romance ruined his schedule, or left so much emotional trauma on his mind that it kept him from properly getting all kinds of chores and work done, and that he would not allow the past romances in his life put him down from playing online games like his second ex girlfriend had almost done. As a result, Grandis's own celibate villain status has led to Grandis having his own words on the subject that sums up both the author and Grandis's own mental suffering.
Love... Romance... The joy and happiness it can bring to two individuals of any gender... And the painful memories and scars it can brutally bring to a young individual who can barely grasp the full concepts of it... The pained, empty gap in your heart that leaves you desperate to see your beloved at least one more time in your life... Those are the memories I experienced prior to realizing who I truly am... I admit, even in the past, I had some interest in the same sex, but that was mainly due to my naivety not being fully informed of what the definition of homosexual meant, or how it worked and how far it goes... It was as short cycle, but it wasn't permanent, mainly because it suddenly makes me feel incredibly uneasy when I remember the past where males have shared the same bed with me, one of which who probably could've done who knows what during my time in middle school, and that was the straw that broke the camels back... At the time for about two years, I despised homosexuals of either gender, but I grew out of that phase when I realized it was inevitable for humans to freely act this way, and that they were not the only species in existence to experience such emotions...

When I first acquired a girlfriend of my own, it was a long distance relationship through an online game, and our break up had me crying for so long that it had been a very long time since the last time I had such a fit crying so hard... Lies from her friends did not help matters... Then came my second girlfriend, who I met from the same online game, and our relationship was slowly building up until she asked if she liked me... One time we met, I was in love with her own in-game avatar from her new hairstyle, and I was infatuated with her even more with this girl... Then nearly a year had passed until I would see her again, and I was happy as can be... Until the reveal that she has a new boyfriend... Those words shattered my heart and left me in eternal depression for nearly two, long, painful years of sorrow... My third girlfriend had a much larger impact on me... Why?

Because she actually went to the same High School I went to during my Senior Year... We met by sheer accident, and almost immediately I was attracted to her, and just in time as well... Prom was coming up soon, and since I was soon to graduate, I decided to see if my feelings for her were genuine enough, and then ask her out to prom... We went to prom, had a fun night together, and we shared many interests that me and my prior two girlfriends didn't share at all... Our chemistry was near perfect... Emphasis on the near part... Two and a half years later, we lived a happy relationship with each other, until a fateful phone call from her had broke my heart into internal damnation, and her phone call to break up with me had effectively sent my own soul into eternal damnation and wrath, since I could not get over her like I did the other two whose names I could barely remember by that point... I never saw her in person again after that event, and I had actually intended on hanging out with her that same day she called... To say my spirit and soul were restless was an understatement...

My family went through many issues over the course of September and October, and with my father having been fired from his job in early November, my own holidays were not so joyful despite trying to legitimately be happy... I had a severe breakdown like no other to say the least during late December... After Christmas came and went, I had emotionally snapped as my personality and behavior had become much more mean spirited than I was like before, and when nearly all of humanity became extinct as I was promoted to godhood, I realized my Creator apparently programmed his own memories into my human avatar, and that fueled the final bit of my absolute fury and rage against romance and love... From that day forward, I would no longer be interested in love, romance, or sexual relationships... Not a single person would convince me otherwise... The humanity I had shattered when I revealed my status as a god to my former girlfriend that lasted 2 and a half years with me... I asked one final time, killing her new boyfriend in the process, to join me by my side, and that I would spare her of this chaos...

She rejected me just as I had expected her to... She showed me that all of my former love interests had been lying to me just so that I can could receive a fake sense of happiness in my otherwise empty, soulless heart... I killed her out of sheer spite without even a hesitant thought, and her soul now lies buried deep with the Black Void... I have no regrets, no doubts, that my future life will be so much happier as long as nobody even bothers to try and enter a romantic or sexual relationship with my new form of a God of Ultimoria... The KING of Ultimoria... I shall rightfully be here in all of Ultimoria's existence for trillions of years... I had felled Oblivion from his lazy throne... I had claimed my rightful rule over the other Ultimorian Deities... The point is clear, however, that I am actually much kinder to foes who are in a relationship with each other, but those who attempt to ruin the romance between the two I observe... Their fates are that of absolute annihilation from the plane of existence itself, and their souls trapped within the Black Void just as all my former lovers had been trapped to... Thy name is Grandis, for I am the lone King and ruler of Ultimoria... No Queen... Not a Queer King... Not even an Assexual lifeform... Shall share the power of this throne with me... Those days of my past life are long since over... Pray for mercy that you fall for somebody else instead of me, for if you fall for me...

...Your soul shall be sent to eternal imprisonment directly into the Black Void... A place where emotions die and mental thoughts become increasingly insane with each second you spend there.... No exceptions...

~ Grandis